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MONDAY JOBS POSTING / The newest jaw crusher explores unknown world
« on: March 23, 2019, 02:50:07 AM »
The newest jaw crusher manufactured by SBM is designed to explore the unknown world, such as mining exploration and crushing city building wastes.  The newest jaw crusher not only has the coolest appearance, but shoulders the important responsibility of uncovering the biggest mystery in the world. The pew jaw crusher is all equipped with a wedge-shaped nidificant adjusting device which is a simple, safe adjustment device with high speed.  The big eccentric shaft adopts forging stock for processing which make the PE series jaw crusher have outstanding reliability.
Jaw crusher plays an irreplaceable role in the rock crushing production, but at times, when the operational workers operate the jaw crusher, the machine is often difficult to start because there is starting dead angle for this crushing machine and it needs external force to drive the flywheel and turns the dead angle so that it can be started.  In this way, the smooth production of the crusher equipment will be affected.  As a result, how to eliminate the starting dead angle of jaw crusher becomes a major problem waiting to be solved.
On the other hand, in order to solve the practical problems in traditional jaw crusher, such as the environmental pollution and resources waste, the engineers and technicians of SBM make the base and the green-base as the research and development idea, thus significantly reducing the energy consumption and environmental pollution.  Seen from the current situation of jaw crusher, the weight of the machine manufactured by domestic companies is higher than that manufactured by foreign companies and the design of jaw crusher still focuses on peoples experience.

The high strength grinding machine as a new type of grinding equipment has been appreciated by users from all fields because of their energy saving feature. In the past, the high strength grinding machines are mainly used in the cement production line while at present they start to march into the metal mine industry.  Although some mining companies are using the high strength china grinding mill in the real production, we cant ignore that the promotion speed of the equipment in the metal mine industry is not so high.
Through the investigation and analysis of our experts, we find that the main reason resulting in the slow growth of the high strength grinding machine in the metal mine industry is the short service life of the grinders roller surface. We all know that there are many kinds of metallic ores with strong hardness and corrosive property which make the roller surface easy to be worn.  Once the roller surface is worn, its annoying for users to frequently maintain and fix the roller.  This case not only decreases the working efficiency but also increases the production cost.
Aiming to solve the above problems, the grinder research and development institute of our company has tried many ways to improve the working life of the grinders roller and to reduce the time of fixing and changing the wear parts. Our experts will speed up the pace of promoting the high strength grinding machines in the metal mine industry and we believe that the innovation will be the best way to change the current situation.

In the industrial fields of our country, the disposal of many types of raw materials and the recycling of industrial waste need ballast crushing machine, for this reason, crusher has very important position.  With the constant development of infrastructure construction and the constant acceleration of social development, the market demands for construction materials will increase, which will promote the fast development of the crusher industry.  Here the experts from our company will give an introduction to the influencing factors of the crushing effect of a crushing machine.
According to the introduction of the experts of our company, in the production process of a crusher, there are many factors influencing the crushing ability of the crushing accessories.  Besides human manipulation and the quality of the equipment itself, the property of the stone materials to be crushed is also one of the factors influencing the crushing ability of the crushing accessories.
1.  The hardness of the stone materials.  It is known to all that it is more difficult to crush hard ores, and the abrasion to the crushing accessories will be more serious.  Many crushers crush the stone materials through constantly abrading its accessories.
2.  The humidity and stickiness of the stone materials.  Generally speaking, the drier the stone is, the easier the crushing process will be which is why there is hot air used for drying the water in the materials in the grinding mill.  In the meantime, the materials with high water content and big stickiness will block the machine in the crushing and transportation process, which will reduce the crushing efficiency of the equipment.
3.  The discharging granularity of the stone materials.  Sand particles with high fineness needs longer time of crushing.
4.  The elementary composition of the stone materials, which mainly refers to the fineness of the stone materials.  If there are many impurities in the stone materials, the quality of the final products and the crushing capacity of the equipment will be influenced.
5.  The abrasion resistance of the quick-wear parts.  The higher the quick-wear parts are, the higher the crushing capacity of the crushing equipment will be.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / The design requirements of crushing plant
« on: March 20, 2019, 09:17:18 AM »
If the crusher needs to work indoors instead of outdoors, in this case the crushing plant has to meet the required standard, generally considering from several aspects as following.
1.  The Ore Processing Capacity
The ore processing capacity is one of the important indicators of crushing plant.  Sufficient ore reserves make sure an effective and constant crushing work.  It provides the quartz grinding plant with ores of qualified particle size and sufficient amount, which ensures the normal conduct of crushing.  Plenty of ore reserves can reduce the idle of equipment and get the best economic benefits within the same time.
2.  The Final Product Particle Size
The particle size of the finished products is another important indicator of the crushing plant.  If the particle size doesn't meet the corresponding requirements, it not only affects the economic benefits of this step, but also has a direct influence on the next phase of grinding.  If the final particle size is bigger, it would increase the cost of grinding.  Therefore the crushing strength must be controlled in a reasonable range, both to ensure the crushing efficiency, and make a good preparation for the next step of grinding.
3.  The Consumption of Sand Processing Plant
In addition to the consumption of the main equipment for example the crushers, there still exist other auxiliary consumption, such as electric power, steel , lubricating oil, water and so on.  These kinds of consumption differ as the change of ore particle size, mineral composition, types and hardness.  Among them, the consumption of electricity is in the most prominent.
We should take energy consumption into consideration in addition to guaranteeing the normal work of crusher machines, and try our best to reduce energy consumption, which is an effective way to save costs, and improve economic benefits.

Crushing and grinding technology plays an important role in the development of the national economy, and also it plays a significant role in promoting the development of the society. Crushing and grinding of material is the necessary link of the solid mineral process, it is the first step of producing industrial raw materials.  With the large number of mineral resources exploitation, colored, black and metallurgical mineral resources are increasingly becoming depleted, the amount of mining is greatly increasing, and the amount of needed gravel is rising, which makes marble quarry equipment operation become more and more important.
According to statistics, by the end of 2010, the total mineral resources of China has proved accounts for about 12% of the world, it ranked the second place in the world, and 171 kinds of minerals have been found.  In addition, the steel production, coal production, non-ferrous metal production and cement production in 2009 ranked the first place in the world; this is the tremendous achievements that China has got in the part of mineral resources exploration, development and processing.
Comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, technology and industrys rapid development, not only provide a broad space for the crushing and talc grinding mill, likehammer crusher,jaw crusher, and so on, but also put forward higher requirements to them. Because the bonanza amount continues to reduce, but the lean ore is increasing, which makes the crushing difficulty of materials increased.  How effectively separate the useful minerals, reduce energy consumption and improve the performance and production efficiency of mining machinery equipment, all these are the common problems that companies is facing.
Take jaw crusher for an example, it is the oldest equipment, its development is obvious.  The technological advance of the jaw crusher is mainly reflected in four aspects: structure, cavity type, parameters, and institutions.  Through the improvement of the above aspects, they make the key performance parameters of the crusher greatly improved, so the future development of it is also unstoppable.

Jaw crusher is often used for crushing limestone.  Limestone is an important kind of ore, which is widely applied to the industrial production and daily life.  In the mining machinery industry, the most powerful limestone crushing equipment is jaw crusher.  As the earliest quarry crushing machine, the working principle and structure of jaw crusher are the most simple and convenient to operate.  The appearance of jaw crusher has lays a solid foundation for research and development of cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher and single stage crusher, which provides the reference for the later development of crushing equipment.
From the appearance to the promotion, jaw crusher has been integrated into the production of various industries, which has brought different changes for the development of industrial processing.  At present, jaw crusher not only got the recognition of each industry, but also provides convenience and benefits to the customers.  Jaw crusher is the hot product of Fote Machinery, which has great superiority in processing of limestone.  Fote jaw crusher can significantly improve the work efficiency and overcome the traditional shortcomings of crushing equipment, which plays an important role in driving the rapid development of the limestone industry.  Jaw crusher has big crushing particle size of 1000*1200mm in crushing limestone, after the initial crushing, it can be crushed into the required granularity, which can replace the traditional second stage crushing.  It is professional for improving limestone crushing efficiency and simplifying the production process, which greatly saves the construction investment and production cost at the same time.  In addition, jaw crusher effectively solves the supply shortage of original limestone, which plays an important role in the limestone production line.
As experts analyze, for investors, the future crusher equipment in the international market is optimistic about the direction of the future, and the basalt crushing machine will also develop in the green environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency in the trend.  Later, crushing machine industry in China will usher in a major development tide.  The jaw crusher produced by Fote Machinery has many types, for example PE jaw crusher, single toggle jaw crusher, double toggle jaw crusher, small crusher and so on.  Fote jaw crusher has advanced structure, reliable quality and preferential price.  If you are interested, please chat with us online to get our latest quotation.

There is one new phenomenon appearing in the field of mining machinery, that is that more and more manufacturers begin to pay more attention to the following aspects: market boosting, brand building, culture establishing.  A lot of manufacturers choose the open type development tactics in order to realize the expansion of image and brand improving by enhancing the advertising strength on mining equipment market.  That is to say, who can grasp the market tendency can achieve the customers resources in this new developing period.
Our crusher manufacturing industry develops quickly in recent years, and the industry size also is becoming bigger and bigger, so those manufacturers begin to transfer their market to the overseas.  We all know that there must be some advantages on price, quality, service if we want to occupy one higher percentage in the whole international market, which can help us realize the expansion on the international market space.  That is the reason why our national crusher manufacturers still should insist on expanding the homemade demanding, continuously improving the technological percentage on the products, and learning the advanced manufacturing craftsmanship at the same time in order to compete with those strong rivals by those excellent products.
The only thing that our national crusher manufacturers should try their best to enlarge the strength on the researching and development on new products, to improve the production efficiency, to develop the automatic equipment, and then reach the international standards, which can greatly help us increase the market occupation of our national crushing equipment.

The current situation in the sand and stone material industry in our country is that the artificial sand maker technology in the market is still relatively backward, as a result of which, large quantities of stone and sand material plants cannot provide finished sand with high quality.  For this reason, even the mixing equipment has excellent performance; the mixed concrete is low in quality.  This problem is very serious, as it will directly influence the overall service life of the buildings in our country.  To change this situation, it is imperative to improve the overall innovative level of sand maker technology and at the same time, sand plants should pay attention to the technical strength of the production company when choosing sand maker brand.
To improve the quality of sand aggregate, we have to do a good homework in the technology of sand maker.  At present, the technical level of the sand maker manufacturing companies is different, for this reason, to improve the overall technical level of sand maker in the future, domestic companies need to further increase the investment in technology research and development and applied technology of the equipment.
The improvement of sand maker technology needs unremitting innovation.  Through constant innovation, our company has grasped world advanced sand maker technology.  The new generation of VSI5X sand maker researched and developed by our company represents the most latest artificial sand making technology in domestic market.  Our VSI5X series of vertical shaft impact crusher has passed the test of national mining machinery quality supervision test.  The technical level of sand maker directly influences the quality of sand aggregates.  Faced with future development, the sand maker manufacturing companies in China are required to make innovations, only by this can we gain more development opportunities and go further.

The developing history of jaw crusher is so long beyond our imagination, and the structure of crushing machine in such a long time gets more and more improving and perfecting.  Even though the application of jaw crusher function is so wide, there are some defects existing in the mining machine, and that is the reason why the mining experts are trying to improve the working efficiency of jaw crusher and its performance characteristic in order to satisfy the various demanding on the crushing results of the customers.  And then some advanced jaw crushers appears in the presence of the human beings.
There is one designing institute, which ever researched one jaw crusher with the dual chamber and compound pendulum, and the design can help to reach the two purposes, one is to improve the working efficiency, and the other is to decrease the load on the crushing machine by relying on the light weight of this machine.
The researching on the various jaw crushers of mining experts has achieving much progress at this right minute, which can make a difference to the whole development of mining machinery and to boost the speed of mining progress, but which cannot be applied in such a wide scope, and the reason can be rested on the shoulders of the mining customers who still choose to use the traditional jaw crusher.  The only road for the whole national mining machinery is to innovate and update the mining sand maker as soon as possible in order to occupy the big market share of mining area.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / The existing problems of the quarry
« on: February 28, 2019, 03:33:36 AM »
The mining of the deposit includes two categories: underground operationor open-air operation.  The operation that there is no natural lightingand works in the underground is called the underground operation and thequarry is also called underground quarry.  The quarrying equipment in the naturallight is known as the outdoor quarry.
The sources of the ecological damage of the quarry can be divided intotwo categories: human destruction and natural destruction.  Both thehuman destruction and natural destruction will eventually lead to thedestruction of vegetation, the bareness of the land, soil erosion anddeterioration of the ecological environment and the natural landscapewill suffer the destruction and a series of serious ecological andenvironmental problems.
In the entire mining process of the quarry, when it rains, it will makethe soil that has lost the vegetation protection and soil conservationbe further eroded by rain, causing soil erosion.  If it encounters theheavy rain and poor weather conditions, it is most likely to cause themudslide, leading to the serious soil erosion and deterioration of theecological environment.

The quality of crushing and grindingequipment determines the economic benefits of the dressing plants to somedegree and also influences the technical index of the dressing plants.  For thisreason, the workers of gypsum production plant should take good care of the crushingand grinding procedures and equipment and minimize the investment cost of crushingand grinding equipment.
The equipment investment and productionfees of crushing and grinding work account for the large proportion, and afterabsorbing the domestic and foreign advanced experience and optimizing thedesigning, our company produces jaw crusher, impact crusher, stone crusher, cone crusher, vibrating feeder,vibrating screen, belt conveyor, industrial grinding mill and otherprofessional mining machines.
Due to constant efforts of our company, theproduct quality has become high in the mining industry and reachedinternational leading level.  In the production of mining machinery, our companypays attention to the details and emphasizes the standard and has strict requirementfrom the purchase of raw materials to the final production of products, so thatour products have been sold to many countries and areas and they all enjoy highpopularity among the customers.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Top three factors to buy stone equipments
« on: February 26, 2019, 03:27:21 AM »
With the recent new TCC Group have started construction sand and gravel production line in Guizhou, Sichuan, more and more customers to consult the general contracting project of our company gravel consulted a number of customers for the recentopen field use of medium-sized stone crusher equipment, with more than ten years of aggregate production line equipment and production process configuration experience sand and gravel project Department given the following recommendations:
1.  Choose rich experience with the configuration of equipment manufacturers
Generally sred staring, the configuration of the sand and gravel production line, mainly composed of feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, conveyor belts, round vibrating screen and other equipment, and specific production process manufacturers rich device configuration experience in order to develop, because the configuration of the production process to consider many factors, such as material properties, topography, production capacity, angle and length of the belt conveyor, and many years of complete sets of sandstone aggregate production equipment configuration experience in the production process in the late will appear broken equipment capacity cannot take full advantage of the lack of transmission capacity, feed to plug a series of questions.
2, field trips related to aggregate production line.
All have many years experience of the manufacturers of aggregate production line configuration must have already built the production line, the choice of the quarry mining equipment, better go to the manufacturers of construction sand and gravel production line to visit, especially in production and material and similar sand production line, on the one hand, to choose their own devices have a reference, on the other hand on broken equipment manufacturers will want to select the configuration of the production line quality checks.
3, focusing on the choice of energy saving equipment and production processes
Energy saving and environmental protection equipment will become a major trend for the future, while the majority of our companies are still using the traditional sand and gravel production line operations, which will soon have been stopped due to serious environmental protection and pollution and other factors, Zhengzhou red star engineering the company already has a fully enclosed operating a loader of sand and gravel production line configuration capability, new TCC two sand and gravel production line is still under construction, but this is not only the future direction of development, is a shortcut to save the post-investment.

The upgrading and innovation of the national mining machinery is confronting the most urgent situation at this right minute, so we must come up with some measures to improve the output and working efficiency of the marble processing machine machinery, which has become the processing target of the whole behavior of us.  Recently, because of the continuously developing speed of the new building construction and demolition project, a lot of manufacturers make a series of improvement on the raw materials used in the industry of building construction and the hammer crusher which is one crushing machine.  The performance characteristics and processing craftsmanship have attracted a lot of attention of the customers according to the reason that the crushing machine is the basic and the key equipment in the industry of basic project.
SBM puts its attention to the innovation and updating of the mining machines in order to service perfectly for the building industry and the national construction of the city, so that is the reason why we put our attention to the machines such as high efficiency impact crusher, spiral cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, sand maker and vibrating screen.  And at the same time, our company also specially designs the production line for the different customers according to the different raw materials and the complicated requirements coming from the customers such as the sand production line and the stone production line.  The mobile crushing machine produced by our company can make a big difference to the handling of the rubbish, which can process the rubbish according to the simple procedures such as the crushing, grinding and screening, and we can get the recycling aggregate from the rubbish, which can help us to save the cost and decrease the waste of the energy, which can help to improve the working efficiency and to create enormous profit at the same time.
Because of the comprehensive rapid development of the industry, the requirement for the mining machinery is becoming higher and higher, which can be focused on the energy saving, environmental protection and the high efficiency.  we always adheres to the principles of self-improvement and innovation on the basis of the strategy of improving the quality of the products made by us in order to realize the advantages of the energy saving and high efficiency.

The function of stone crushing machine with a long history is constantly being optimized to enhance the service life.  The so-called 'Act with restraint on the base of a large accumulation' means that after many years of development, you can imagine the glory of stone crushing machine.  The hardness of building stones usually lower than the degree of medium hardness, which is the most common condition in crushing machine manufacturer industry.  This laid a solid foundation for the extensive application of stone crushing machine.  The working principle of stone crushing machine determines the product granularity and convenient use.  The principle of stone crushing machine is impact grinding, discharging granularity can meet the common requirements of building material and road materials.
The major things for an enterprise are products and service.  Only by virtue of products approved by the customers and meeting customer satisfaction, the enterprise is not afraid that their business is not successful.  Having realized this point clearly, our company closely centers on products and services with many policies.  The establishment of we quality is the oath and guarantee of our company for stone crushing machine quality.  we closely follows the latest scientific research and technology development.  At present, we possess a high brand awareness and customer acceptance.  As we all know that market is changing all the same, crusher plant manufacturer closely follows government and market and seek comparative advantages by taking advantages of opportunities.  However, product quality and service are the foundation for becoming stronger itself.
To this day, in the manufacturing of mining machinery, sand making machine and cement machine, the competition among the industry is so fierce that the survival skills in stone crushing machine is very cruel.  How to survive and occupy a position in the future market competition are the urgent issues in domestic stone crushing industry.  To survive in the industry and occupy a dominant competition status is to low-cost marketing, reduction of administration cost and market cost.  In addition, the most important thing is to solve the most concern of customers.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Crushing machine is the best choice
« on: February 23, 2019, 04:14:54 AM »
The reform firstly must take the production line as the first procedure, because the crushing production is the original step in the process, which also is the key step in it, so the quality and speed of the production are directly influenced by the quality of the material crushed.  That is the reason why one ballast crushing machine with advanced technology is indispensible and necessary in the mining machinery. 
The popularity of real estate can have the ability to bring the development of cement industry, but more and more shortcomings also have appeared in the presence of the human being.  The cement industry has to dump those machines with outdated technology and low output according to the fast developing situation and the pressing demand of the market, which is one opportunity for the companies manufacturing the mining machines, if we could grasp the chance very well, which can help us to expend our actual strength, if not, we have to tolerate the miserable result that it brings to us.
There is one old saying: you have to sacrifice something if you want to own something, so one big innovation and revolution on the technology is necessary and indispensible according to those matters appearing in the industry of mining machinery.  The cement industry is one industry with characteristic of high consumption of energy and high emission, which forces us to abandon the old and traditional equipment in order to protect the society and environment, which can make a big difference to the sustainable development of the society.
Our crushing machines such as impact crusher and jaw crusher are the best products during those crushing machines, which can crush the material one time to satisfy the need of the customers with those advantages of low cost, human resource consumption and short time consumption.  our company has put its attention to the innovation and research of the technology, which can guarantee the nearly perfect performance characteristics of crushing machine which is also the brand of our company, we believe that one machine with advantages of energy saved and low cost is the best choice for every customer.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / The crushing principle of metal crusher
« on: February 22, 2019, 09:22:37 AM »
Metal crusher is the core part of the metal crushing production line and its research and development and manufacturing has great important to the improvement of the utilization level and quality of waste steel and realization of upgrading and updating of metal recycling and processing equipment. As SBM eco crusher production line has advanced technology, wide processing range, high production capacity and it can separate non-ferrous metals and remove the non-metallic foreign matters and process high-quality steel with high purity, and what is more, the machine has little environment pollution in the crushing process, it is honored as the most advanced waste steel processing equipment.
The crushing principle of metal crusher is making use of the hitting of the hammers.  The waste steel sent by chain scraper conveyor falls into the metal feeder, and after the push-and-pull of the feeding roll and the extrusion moulding of the reshaping roll, it will go into the metal crusher.
Driven by the high-speed large torque, the rotor of the metal crusher makes the hammers axially distributed on the circle hit the waste steel that goes into the crushing chamber in turns.  Inside the space form be the lining board and the hammers, the steel is crushed to the size conforming to the design requirement.  The crushed waste steel gets kinetic energy from the hammers and rush to the grating bar or the rest waste steel with high speed; and the steel smaller than the gap of the grating bar will be discharged from the gap onto the vibrating conveyer, and the steel bigger than the gap will be impacted by the hammers and rub with the rest steel and then be crushed, and finally will be discharged from the gap of the grating bar after reaching the qualified granularity.  While crushing the waste steel, the iron rust and paint on the surface of the waste steel will be separated and the powder dust will be gathered and processed by the dust collecting system on the top of the crusher.

Through recent years survey of mining machinery, our company found that crusher is one of the important pillars of mining machinery products, the national foundation for the establishment of an independent industrial system and provide mire high quality, efficient equipment with international advanced level for coal, metal and nonmetal mines, which meet the economic development needs for energy and raw materials.  But overall, there is still a big gap between Chinas crusher industry and abroad, we need to strive to innovate, to shorten the gap.
In recent years, we continued investing in production technology, the cost of new environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment is reducing.  As a traditional business field, reform trend of barite crushing machine industry will inevitably emerge.  Our company through the accumulation of years of production experience, create a generation of excellent performance mechanical crusher.
Currently, with the rapid development of Chinas economy, the government has increased the investment of the machinery industry.  Our company has expanded the scale of production and other industries.  As the growing market demand, the development space become broader.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Grinding machines can produce green calcium powder
« on: January 25, 2019, 03:11:01 AM »
To make calcium powder is one of the most important tasks in the powder making industry as well as the foundation of many other industries such as the cement industry, ore beneficiation industry and metallurgy industry etc. The modern industry focuses much attention on the environmental protection of the industrial products including the calcium powder.  If the grinding machine used to make calcium powder are not environmental friendly, they will cause great damage to the whole industry as well as the whole national economy.  Against the current low carbon economy background, the society gets strict about the requirement of the grinding machines like ball mills.  The domestic machinery enterprises succeed in making the new generation of grinding equipment which can produce green calcium powder that has a wide range of applications as follows:
1.  The plastic industry uses the calcium powder to make new plastic products.  The calcium carbonate plays a supporting role in the plastic products and has a good effect on the stability of the finished products.  The application of the calcium powder will also improve the hardness, surface smoothness and flatness of the plastic products.
2.  The calcium powder can also be used in the oil paint industry in order to make high quality emulsion paint.
3.  The calcium powder plays a key role in the production line of the artificial marbles.
4.  The paper making industry also needs the calcium powder to guarantee the strength and whiteness of the paper products with little cost.
5.  The construction industry uses the calcium powder to make dry mixed mortar and concrete.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Cone crusher used to sand stone making
« on: January 22, 2019, 09:04:17 AM »
When our society and technology is developed, many equipments are updated into a higher working level.  It has a higher crushing efficiency and also widely used compared to the previous ones.  Workers are likely to carry a crusher, for is lighter in weight and used for more applications.  However, with technological innovation is constantly broken equipment processing sector reform, hydraulic cone crusher makes the emergence of sand and gravel aggregate production line efficiency is greatly improved by the sand and gravel industry world wide acclaim.
Sand production line equipment components Generally a combination of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, belt conveyor ect.  Cone crusher is used to crush all kinds of ores and rocks with medium hardness or above-medium hardness in many industries, such as metallurgy, construction, sand stone.  The China Cone Crusher is a machine used for breaking the big rocks into the minor rocks, gravels or rock dusts.  The sand making machine and sand making line need cone crusher to crush sandstone.  Cone crusher is one hydraulic pressure crushing machine with higher crushing ratio, higher output and higher power.
Oriental is the professional crusher machine manufacturer from china.  Our crusher machines include jaw crusher, cone crusher, rock hammer crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher and VSI crusher.  Those crusher can be used to lots of sand stone, mine stone, cone crusher to manufacture sand.  Our customers are around the world, like india, canada, indonesia, philippine, laos, russia ect.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / The coal powder processing workmanship
« on: January 21, 2019, 03:54:03 AM »
Firstly, the wet coal powder are fed into the crusher to be crushed in order not to affect the drying effects inside the dryer.  The crushed materials will be sent to the drying drum where there are many plates.  The spiral materials drives the constant movement of barrel and are crushed again by the supporting wall.  Thus there are full contact between the raised materials and the hot air.  At last, the finished materials will be discharged from the discharging port. 
The comprehensive utilization of coal powder has become one significant technological and economical policy in China economic construction.  It is also the important means to solve the contradiction between the environment pollution and resource scarcity.  The coal processing produced by us has been produced in many provinces and won the favors from customers.
The new type coal powder drying machine produced by us is made up of three parts, namely, heating system, heat-exchange system and dust removal system.  Environment protection and wastes circulation have become the important problems in the production process in each industry.  With the development of high electricity consuming industries in China, the demand for electricity energy increases annually.  Accordingly, the total emissions produced by thermal power plant increases annually.
The heating system of this machine adopts the hot blast stove technology with the features such as sufficient heating power, fine heat transferring effects and simple structure.  The heating system has high heating exchanging efficiency because the raised plates inside the barrel is spiral and the materials can be processed again and again.  Dust removal system is the key system in the whole processing systems.  Because the coal powder is fine in granularity and light in weight, therefore, the dried powder is easy to be taken away by the air flow.

With the healthy development of the domestic economy, mining machinery equipment market is more popular.  The output value of mining machinery can increase about ten billion average annual; the market share in domestic is also higher and higher. For a long period of time, due to the domestic producers have not mastered the technology to design and manufacture concrete crushing machine, the market share of foreign equipment in the domestic market is relatively high.
However, with the more and more emphasis on research and investment in technology in the past few years, the quality of China's mining machinery products has obvious changes.  There have emerged a large number of large scaled and advanced products with the independent intellectual property rights which greatly narrow the technological gap with the advanced countries.  With the accumulated experiences and the support of the national policy, we can compete with the advanced country in the international trade by virtue of the price, service and the quality.  Because of the above reasons, China's mining machinery products have appeared gratifying situation of trade surplus.  The dependence of clay processing equipment of China mining machinery market is more and more small.
In the further development process, the general trend of mining machinery industry is that the exports will further expand, while imports will gradually decrease, the narrowing trend of import and export deficit will become increasingly evident.  But the domestic mining machinery should continuously research the new technology.  If the mining industry wants to narrow the import and export gap, they must do technical innovation, improve the mineral utilization, and change high pollution and high consumption situation of mineral processing.  Only by realizing the qualitative change from the quantitative change can the mining machinery industry remain invincible.

Slag belongs to extremely high hardness and strong corrosive material, which contains strong acidic substances.  Therefore, the crushing and disposal of slag must choose strong corrosion resistance and specific hard material resistance crusher.  The engineers of zenith have developed a new type of compound crusher through in-depth study of slag material characteristics and combined with the crushing principle form home and abroad.  You can choose the type of crushing chamber according to different crushing requirements to conduct coarse crushing, fine crushing and aggregate processing of slag according to the feed particle size and product specifications.
Compound crusher is a kind of small rock crusher, which is suitable for crushing limestone, clinker, coal and other minerals in building materials industry, mining, metallurgy and chemical industry.  Because it has reliable parts material selection and reasonable structure design, so the service life of the crusher is long and the crushing machine size is uniform, which have reduced the cycle load.  For the large-sized crusher, it has a hydraulic cavity clearing system to reduce its downtime, and each kind of specifications have different crushing chambers, customers can choose different cavity types according to their different needs, so as to be better adapt to the needs of users.  Compound crusher is sealed by the sealing grease to avoid the water supply and drainage system blocked ills and pumping water easily mixed defects.  Spring safety system is the overload protection device, which can make the impurities and iron go through smoothly without damage to the crushing chamber.
As a typical kind of small stone crusher machine, compound crusher has incomparable performance during its production process.  Our compound crusher price is the most favorable with the same quality.

With domestic and foreign experts for deep research of jaw crusher, people have a high demand on performance of jaw crusher, which makes jaw crusher perfect in structure and reasonable in parameter match.  As the jaw crusher is widely used in many industries, such as metallurgy, coal, mining, it becomes common equipment in crushing industry.  When the pendulum jaw crusher manufacturer replaced simple jaw crusher gradually, some new types of crushing equipment are designed, such as deep cavity jaw crusher, double jaw crusher, and fine crusher.  However, the jaw crusher designed by our country haw a great deal difference in the advanced world levels.  For example, we still produced linear cavity shape of jaw crusher.
At present, many domestic manufacturers design products by experience or reference the design parameters of foreign jaw crusher, which don't form their own design principle.  Compared with foreign crushing equipment, our equipment exist a great gap in simulating dynamic run.  New type uniformly swinging external silica sand washing adopts dynamic design, restores the real working condition and simulates working performance in limited condition, which can optimize jaw crusher based on the simulating results.  The dynamic design makes jaw crusher into a three-dimensional model, which has a very importance in applying and strategy.  Hongxing experts adopt three-dimensional model for jaw crusher by parametric function
Technology provides the applying basis for sustainable development of traditional crushing equipment.  In CAD technology, there is a basic feature that combines parametric modeling with physical model we use parametric function to achieve design method for the toothed plate of pendulum jaw crusher . The method can change the structure of toothed plate by adjusting parameters, which is beneficial to deep research of toothed plate.

Inertia cone crushers fall into two types according to the nature of work: the coarse crushing type and the medium and fine crushing type.  Basing on the structure and function, the inertia slag crusher is divided into the suspension type, the shaft type and the vibrating type.
Take the rotary crushers for coarse crushing as an example, the operating mechanism consists of movable cone and fixed cone.  The to-be-crushed ores in the crushing cavity will be pressed down to the fixed cone from the movable cone.  Though the volume and floor space are large, the production and efficiency are high.  Consequently, it is mainly applied for first crushing.  The movable cone gear plate is the wear part.  Therefore, the discharge port adjustment and the liners replacement are relatively inconvenient.  As a result, it is of necessity to configurate automatic discharge port adjustment device.  Thus, the coal processing plant comes into existence as required.  The remarkable difference lies in that the hydraulic cylinder is installed on back-up ring at the main shaft suspension point or at the bottom of the main shaft for supporting the main shaft.  The discharge port adjustment is relatively convenient for the hydraulic rotary cone crushers owing to the controllable cylinder pressure.
The inertia cone crusher is designed and manufactured by introducing advanced technology from abroad and considering the actual application conditions at home.  The equipment belongs to the high efficiency energy saving tertial crusher type with high crushing ratio and production efficiency.  Compared with the traditional cone crushers, it is outstanding due to many features.  Firstly, it achieves material layer crushing, which reduces power consumption for unit crushing ratio; secondly, it realizes flexible granularity adjustment, improving the product quality; thirdly, it simplifies the process with the optimized structural design; fourthly, it is capable of getting rid of hard materials, ensuring the reliable operation of the process and holding the equipment in a safe and steady state.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Analyses on jaw crusher crushing technology
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Jaw crusher is the earliest crushing equipment in domestic, adopts upper and lower jaw board to crush stone multiply.  The discharging granularity is adjustable.  Jaw crusher has strong applicability, simple production process, high grinding efficiency and even discharging granularity, and it is the most widely used coal crushing plant in domestic mining, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other departments.
Jaw crusher together with vibrating feeder , impact crusher, and vibrating screen, forms a complete set of professional rock crushing equipment, with reasonable configuration, less investment, advanced control system, which can realize automatic production.  The finished products produced meet the standard of building materials.
The finished stone aggregate produced by comprehensive aggregate processing plant has high quality and excellent particle size.  This jaw crushing plant improves the crushing efficiency, simplifies the technological process and promotes product quality.  Stone aggregate production has become the trend of development, with the construction of railway, high-speed rail and highway.  The current domestic aggregate industry is still in a rapid developing stage, and the crusher manufacturers should constantly improve their quality to win the market.
Zenith is specialized in producing stone production line, sand production line, rock crushing equipment, powder making equipment, etc.  The crushing and screening joint design covers an small area, has high yield and good investment benefits, at the same time, it is equipped with advanced electric operation controlling system, to ensure the entire process with smooth discharging, stable running, convenient operation, high efficiency and low energy consumption!

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