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BUSINESS and ECONOMY / Top Secrets Of Nigerian Internet Millonaires
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:54:41 PM »


This is a package compiled by Henry Omenogor, Nigeria's foremost internet revenue expert.  He is regarded as the internet whizkid by the respected City People Magazine.

Internet Wealth E-Code is one package that contains many other packages that guarantees your success online.

Below are some of the things you will get in this package.

Blueprint of Henry Omenogor's online success.
This reveals how he started and made it online.  You will learn  from this package the necessary tools needed to create an unstoppable income stream online and how to build on your success.  Here, you will find the marketing formular required to make it big online.  This package solves the mistery of how you can begin and become rich online.

Domain Brokerage Business.
Here, you will learn and be exposed to the great goldmine of how you can register domain names with as low as $14 or less and resell globally for above $4,000.  Not only can you register and sell domains profitably, you can also register to make money daily from them.  You will also be exposed to the dos and don'ts in selecting domain names to register.

Demystification Of Payment Solution.
In this section, you would be exposed to how to own online payment account to make and receive payment.  Also, how to set up VISA CARD to make purchases online and make money setting it up for people.  This solves the problem arising from easy money transfers online.

Creation Of Ultimate Information Products.
In this section, Henry Omenogor outlines the steps necessary for the creation of information products that sell globally, thus turning into an online money making machine.  Here, you will learn how to get content for any topic you decide to create a product on.  This section solves the problem arising from how to create, how to market and how to deliver your information product.
Online Job Opportunities.
Have you been wondering how you can start working for different companies online from the comfort of your home as a freelance worker? This section will interest you.  Here, you will be exposed to the steps necessary to find and secure employment online.

Blog/Website Advertisement For Free.
This section will show you how to advertise your blog and website for free through the free for all links, other websites as well as your own free link submission service.

Google Adwords Made Easy And Profitable.
This gives a very simple, step by step roadmap to google adword success.  It is important to note that the goal of any adword is to have a high click through rate (C T R)  and low cost per click ( C P C);  you will be showed how to use the features google provides such as exact match, phrase match etc to achieve your best return on investment  (R O I).  Plus the tips and tricks of google adwords.

Ad Payer.
Here, you will be exposed to several advertising programs that pay well including Google Adsense.  It will surprise you how much you can earn advertising for companies using your website.  This section solves the mystery of online advertising and google adsense on your website that can earn you lots of cash.

These and others are the things you will find in this one package: Internet Wealth E-Code


1.   How To Write Money Making Reports: This exposes secrets the experts use in writing reports that sell globally and earn them lots of cash.
 2.  How To Identify Internet Scams Before You Lose Your Money Plus How to Start Your Internet Business: This report equips you with the knowledge required to avoid internet scams plus steps required to start your internet business.

You might wonder how much this package will cost.  If I tell you $50 or #6,000, is justifiable bearing in mind the knowledge you will get from it and the lots of money this knowledge will bring to you.
The bonuses alone are worth over $30 or #4000, not to mention the package itself.  But we want you to learn and equip yourself online that?s why we are selling this wonderful package at the price of $30 or #3000.

Take the bold step to order for this package, its effect on your internet revenue will marvel you.
To order for Internet Wealth E-code,  go to the HOW TO ORDER SECTION of successpointers. com


EDUCATION / Re: Top Secrets Of First Class Students Package.
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:46:58 PM »
I have been receiving requests  of the amount of this package and mode of payment through my email. I reduced the price for the sake of students who really need this package. In my website,successpointers. com ,is sold for N1,500. 00.  Already ,I have sold many copies. But for the sake of the nigerianbestforum members, SHOCKINGLY is N1,000. 00.  Don't miss this great opportunity to get this package.

You will get all you need such as payment mode,contact detail on my website,successpointers. com.  Take charge and hope to hear from you. Cheers!

EDUCATION / Top Secrets Of First Class Students Package.
« on: August 30, 2008, 07:22:59 PM »
Dear Friends,
How often do you ask yourself questions like "what stops me from graduating
with a degree I would be proud of?" "why can't I make a first
class honours/distinction in undergraduate or graduate school with all this
hardwork?" Why must I study long hours and still have poor grades?"

Honestly,I once asked myself the same questions. I was very enthusiastic about
my studies- that made me expect the best from myself. I studied the traditional
way like everyone else,especially studying long hours and sleeping less. With all
the hardwork,I got a slightly average result. I wondered what the problems
were. It was really a frustrating experience.

One evening,a thought came to me. Why not find out the cause of the
in expectation. Why not meet these first class students and have a one on one
talk with them.
That was the turning point to my astonishing discovery of the top secrets of
first class

It was an exciting and especially an expository experience . As I found out that
first class
students are intriguing individuals who understand themselves and properly
apply their
abilities to achieve their goals.

Contrary to the general believe that these are individuals with exceptional
abilities,first class students are individuals who know their strengths and
weaknesses thus
using it to their advantage. Simply put, they understand what they have,thus
adequately use it to get what they want.

My discovery was an eye opener and as soon as I applied them,my story
changed. My grades improved outstandingly. I started seeing the effect in a couple
of weeks. It worked like magic. My friends asked what my secret was. When I told
them what to do and how to do it,they were surprised to see the remarkable
improvements in their grades. Since then,I have been helping students achieve
their academic goals and graduate with the grades they desire,especially through
Success Roundtable - a weekly article series on academic success.

All these led to my great work in e-book form titled "Top Secrets Of First
Class Students".
This is where I carefully wrote down the WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO of a
guaranteed academic success. The secrets as well as the steps to take are written
in the easiest possible way to ensure proper application by its users. It is
packaged in such a way as it serves as a resource to consult whenever you have
any academic challenge. The importance of knowing and thus applying what the best
students do cannot be overemphasized.

Why must you study long hours,sleep less and still get poor grades when others
who don't
are making the excellent grades. Do you think is their exceptional brains that
is the reason?It's not!They know and do the simple things that lead them to
their goals while you know and do the difficult things that lead you close to
your goals.

I have to point out that your personal knowledge is the bedrock of anything you
to achieve. The knowledge you have and you gain is what distinguishes you from
everybody else. You must recognize that first class students who score excellent
grades and 10 times higher marks than you are not 10 times smarter and don't
study 10 times harder,they
just know more;they know the rules of academic excellence. And they are always
willing to
learn more. So don't be surprised if I tell you that some first class
students will still
be the first to order for this package. This is because they still want to know
more. So ask
yourself these questions; "how powerful is your knowledge?" and
"how much is this knowledge worth to you?" Let me ask you this - how
important will knowing what the winning numbers of the next lottery will be to
you? This is how important knowing these secrets is to your academic success and
self fulfillment.

If you are a student who wants a positive change to your grades by doing simple
things in
one direction,this e-book is a "must have" for you. It is ideal for
students,education administrators,parents and anyone who cares for the academic
goals of a loved one.

Top secrets of First Class Students is well researched and expected to move you
to your
academic goals at the shortest possible time.

Examination Preparation And Success Strategies.
This will ensure that you not only study the way first class students study,but
also prepare the way they prepare for guaranteed success. With these
strategies,you do not have any choice than to excel in whatever academic pursuit
you might have. The way is only forward with it.

The benefits of this package cannot be overemphasized as it has already led
very poor
students to their academic goals and thus, your case will not be an exception.
It is my desire to share these top secrets and mind blowing thoughts with you
but is up to
you to make the decision to either stay where you are or to move higher

Take the bold step to order for this package and you will never regret doing
so. Don't
forget that greatness is for people of action.

Send your orders by sending me a message here or at johniphie@yahoo. com
Hope to hear from you all.   

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