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STOCK and FOREX EXCHANGE / Tifia Daily Market Analytics
« on: March 14, 2017, 09:05:05 AM »
There is analytics and trading recommendations from the company
Tifia in this thread.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
And we'll be glad to share our opinion about the Forex market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You are our best motivation for further development.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Everything we do, we do it in your interests!
Thanks and welcome!
WTI: the price has reached the zone of important support levels

Participants in the oil market are concerned about the escalation of trade confrontation between China and the United States and the slowdown in global economic growth.    The International Energy Agency (IEA) on Wednesday lowered its forecast for global oil demand growth in 2019 by 90,000 barrels per day to 1.   3 million barrels per day.    These are negative fundamental factors for oil prices.    At 14:30 (GMT), the Energy Information Administration of the US Department of Energy will publish its regular weekly report, according to which, reserves are expected to grow by 2.   984 million barrels.    If the forecast is confirmed, oil prices may resume their decline.   
At the beginning of the European session on Wednesday, WTI crude oil is trading near the 61.   10 mark, through which there is a strong support level (ЕМА50 and the lower line of the ascending channel on the daily chart).    In case of a breakdown of this level, the price will fall to support levels of 59.   90 (ЕМА200 on the daily chart) and 59.   50 (Fibonacci level 50% of the upward correction to a fall from the highs of the last few years near the 76.   80 mark to the support level near the 42.   14 mark).    Above these levels, a long-term upward trend is maintained.   
If China and the United States nevertheless succeed in reaching an agreement, while negotiations between the representatives of the two countries continue, it is likely that oil prices will rise again.   
The signal for the resumption of purchases will be the breakdown of the short-term resistance level of 61.   85 (ЕМА200 on the 1-hour and 4-hour charts).    In this case, the price will go to the recent highs near the 66.   50 mark and further, to the 70.   00 mark, through which the upper line of the ascending channel passes on the daily chart.   
 The alternative scenario will be associated with the breakdown of the support level of 59.   50 and a decrease to the support level of 57.   00 (EMA200 on the weekly chart).    Breakdown of support levels 57.   00, 55.   40 (Fibonacci 38.   2%) will revive the bearish trend.   
Support Levels: 61.   10, 59.   90, 59.   50, 57.   00, 55.   40
Resistance Levels: 61.   85, 63.   50, 64.   40, 66.   50, 68.   00, 70.   00

Trading Scenarios

Sell Stop 60.   60.    Stop Loss 62.   10.    Take-Profit 59.   90, 59.   50, 57.   00, 55.   40
Buy Stop 62.   10.    Stop Loss 60.   60.    Take-Profit 63.   50, 64.   40, 66.   50, 68.   00, 70.   00

*) For up-to-date and detailed analytics and news on the forex market visit Tifia Forex Broker website tifia.   com

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GBP/USD: Current Dynamics

The pound continues to fall.   The situation around Brexit has remained the main driver of the pound since mid-2016, when a Brexit referendum was held.   At this time, the pound falls on information from the fact that the Prime Minister may lose his post, and his place will be taken by a supporter of tough Brexit. 
Theresa May was unable to advance in negotiations with the opposition Labor Party to support the Brexit agreement.   And even among the members of her Conservative Party, there are more and more of her opponents. 
Having broken through the key support levels of 1.  3045 (ЕМА200 on the daily chart), 1.  3020 (ЕМА144 on the daily chart), on Thursday the GBP / USD pair has been falling for 9 days in a row and is trading on Thursday at the beginning of the European session, near the 1.  2830 mark. 
Indicators OsMA and Stochastic on the 4-hour, daily, weekly charts recommend short positions. 
A further weakening of the pound will lead to a decline in GBP / USD to support levels of 1.  2700 (lows of October and August 2018), 1.  2600. 
Purchases will be possible only after GBP / USD returns to the zone above the short-term resistance level of 1.  2960 (ЕМА200 on the 1-hour chart) with growth targets at resistance levels of 1.  3045, 1.  3210 (Fibonacci level 23.  6% of the correction to the decline of GBP / USD in the wave, started in July 2014 near the level of 1.  7200), 1.  3370 (March and year highs), 1.  3610 (ЕМА200 on the weekly chart). 
So far, short positions are preferred. 
Support Levels: 1.  2800, 1.  2778, 1.  2700, 1.  2660, 1.  2600
Resistance Levels: 1.  2870, 1.  2960, 1.  3020, 1.  3045, 1.  3100, 1.  3125, 1.  3167, 1.  3210

Trading Scenarios

Sell in the market.   Stop Loss 1.  2880.   Take-Profit 1.  2800, 1.  2778, 1.  2700, 1.  2660, 1.  2600
Buy Stop 1.  2880.   Stop Loss 1.  2820.   Take-Profit 1.  2960, 1.  3020, 1.  3045, 1.  3100, 1.  3125, 1.  3167, 1.  3210

*) For up-to-date and detailed analytics and news on the forex market visit Tifia Forex Broker website tifia.  com

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AUD/USD: Current Dynamics

The US dollar rose on Thursday.  The dollar index DXY, reflecting the value of the dollar against a basket of 6 major currencies, rose by 32 points on Thursday, to 97. 68.  Published US economic data exceeded expectations, which increased investor risk appetite.
According to data released on Thursday, the number of new homes in the United States has increased by 5. 7% in April compared with the previous month and amounted to 1. 235 million units; the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits was 212,000 (compared with the forecast of 220,000 and 228,000 in the previous weekly period).
On Friday, investors will pay attention to the publication (at 14:00 GMT) of the consumer confidence index from the University of Michigan.  The index is an indicator of consumer confidence in economic growth.  High result strengthens USD, low - weakens
The index is expected to rise to 97. 5 in May against 97. 2 in April.  Probably, the US dollar will receive an additional impetus to growth, if the data is confirmed or will be better than the forecast.  The data below the forecast will have a downward pressure on the dollar, but only in the short term.
 Under conditions of uncertainty and escalation of international trade wars, the US dollar looks preferable to other currencies due to the greater stability of the American economy.
On Friday, the USD growth continues, while the DXY dollar index futures traded at the beginning of the European session near the 97. 73 mark.
Meanwhile, the Australian dollar is falling after data came out on Thursday indicating that unemployment was rising in Australia to 5. 2%.  The revised data also indicated that unemployment in March was 5. 1% versus a previous estimate of 5. 0%.
Rising unemployment increases the pressure on the RBA to lower interest rates.  On Tuesday, the RBA Governor will deliver a speech in Brisbane.  It is possible that he will signal the imminent reduction in rates.  Investors estimate the likelihood of the June decline in RBA rates at 40% and 100% in August.
In the current situation, the most likely scenario is a further decrease in AUD / USD with the closest target at 0. 6830 (2016 lows).
Below the key resistance levels of 0. 7130 (EMA144 on the daily chart), 0. 7170 (EMA200 on the daily chart) short positions remain preferable.  A strong negative impulse prevails.
Support Levels: 0. 6830, 0. 6800
Resistance Levels: 0. 6953, 0. 6980, 0. 7030, 0. 7130, 0. 7170

Trading recommendations

Sell in the market.  Stop Loss 0. 6910.  Take-Profit 0. 6830, 0. 6800
Buy Stop 0. 6910.  Stop Loss 0. 6870.  Take-Profit 0. 6953, 0. 6980, 0. 7030, 0. 7130, 0. 7170

*) For up-to-date and detailed analytics and news on the forex market visit Tifia Forex Broker website tifia. com

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