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Slag belongs to extremely high hardness and strong corrosive material, which contains strong acidic substances.  Therefore, the crushing and disposal of slag must choose strong corrosion resistance and specific hard material resistance crusher.  The engineers of zenith have developed a new type of compound crusher through in-depth study of slag material characteristics and combined with the crushing principle form home and abroad.  You can choose the type of crushing chamber according to different crushing requirements to conduct coarse crushing, fine crushing and aggregate processing of slag according to the feed particle size and product specifications.
Compound crusher is a kind of small rock crusher, which is suitable for crushing limestone, clinker, coal and other minerals in building materials industry, mining, metallurgy and chemical industry.  Because it has reliable parts material selection and reasonable structure design, so the service life of the crusher is long and the crushing machine size is uniform, which have reduced the cycle load.  For the large-sized crusher, it has a hydraulic cavity clearing system to reduce its downtime, and each kind of specifications have different crushing chambers, customers can choose different cavity types according to their different needs, so as to be better adapt to the needs of users.  Compound crusher is sealed by the sealing grease to avoid the water supply and drainage system blocked ills and pumping water easily mixed defects.  Spring safety system is the overload protection device, which can make the impurities and iron go through smoothly without damage to the crushing chamber.
As a typical kind of small stone crusher machine, compound crusher has incomparable performance during its production process.  Our compound crusher price is the most favorable with the same quality.

With domestic and foreign experts for deep research of jaw crusher, people have a high demand on performance of jaw crusher, which makes jaw crusher perfect in structure and reasonable in parameter match.  As the jaw crusher is widely used in many industries, such as metallurgy, coal, mining, it becomes common equipment in crushing industry.  When the pendulum jaw crusher manufacturer replaced simple jaw crusher gradually, some new types of crushing equipment are designed, such as deep cavity jaw crusher, double jaw crusher, and fine crusher.  However, the jaw crusher designed by our country haw a great deal difference in the advanced world levels.  For example, we still produced linear cavity shape of jaw crusher.
At present, many domestic manufacturers design products by experience or reference the design parameters of foreign jaw crusher, which don't form their own design principle.  Compared with foreign crushing equipment, our equipment exist a great gap in simulating dynamic run.  New type uniformly swinging external silica sand washing adopts dynamic design, restores the real working condition and simulates working performance in limited condition, which can optimize jaw crusher based on the simulating results.  The dynamic design makes jaw crusher into a three-dimensional model, which has a very importance in applying and strategy.  Hongxing experts adopt three-dimensional model for jaw crusher by parametric function
Technology provides the applying basis for sustainable development of traditional crushing equipment.  In CAD technology, there is a basic feature that combines parametric modeling with physical model we use parametric function to achieve design method for the toothed plate of pendulum jaw crusher . The method can change the structure of toothed plate by adjusting parameters, which is beneficial to deep research of toothed plate.

Inertia cone crushers fall into two types according to the nature of work: the coarse crushing type and the medium and fine crushing type.  Basing on the structure and function, the inertia slag crusher is divided into the suspension type, the shaft type and the vibrating type.
Take the rotary crushers for coarse crushing as an example, the operating mechanism consists of movable cone and fixed cone.  The to-be-crushed ores in the crushing cavity will be pressed down to the fixed cone from the movable cone.  Though the volume and floor space are large, the production and efficiency are high.  Consequently, it is mainly applied for first crushing.  The movable cone gear plate is the wear part.  Therefore, the discharge port adjustment and the liners replacement are relatively inconvenient.  As a result, it is of necessity to configurate automatic discharge port adjustment device.  Thus, the coal processing plant comes into existence as required.  The remarkable difference lies in that the hydraulic cylinder is installed on back-up ring at the main shaft suspension point or at the bottom of the main shaft for supporting the main shaft.  The discharge port adjustment is relatively convenient for the hydraulic rotary cone crushers owing to the controllable cylinder pressure.
The inertia cone crusher is designed and manufactured by introducing advanced technology from abroad and considering the actual application conditions at home.  The equipment belongs to the high efficiency energy saving tertial crusher type with high crushing ratio and production efficiency.  Compared with the traditional cone crushers, it is outstanding due to many features.  Firstly, it achieves material layer crushing, which reduces power consumption for unit crushing ratio; secondly, it realizes flexible granularity adjustment, improving the product quality; thirdly, it simplifies the process with the optimized structural design; fourthly, it is capable of getting rid of hard materials, ensuring the reliable operation of the process and holding the equipment in a safe and steady state.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Analyses on jaw crusher crushing technology
« on: January 07, 2019, 03:26:41 AM »
Jaw crusher is the earliest crushing equipment in domestic, adopts upper and lower jaw board to crush stone multiply.  The discharging granularity is adjustable.  Jaw crusher has strong applicability, simple production process, high grinding efficiency and even discharging granularity, and it is the most widely used coal crushing plant in domestic mining, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other departments.
Jaw crusher together with vibrating feeder , impact crusher, and vibrating screen, forms a complete set of professional rock crushing equipment, with reasonable configuration, less investment, advanced control system, which can realize automatic production.  The finished products produced meet the standard of building materials.
The finished stone aggregate produced by comprehensive aggregate processing plant has high quality and excellent particle size.  This jaw crushing plant improves the crushing efficiency, simplifies the technological process and promotes product quality.  Stone aggregate production has become the trend of development, with the construction of railway, high-speed rail and highway.  The current domestic aggregate industry is still in a rapid developing stage, and the crusher manufacturers should constantly improve their quality to win the market.
Zenith is specialized in producing stone production line, sand production line, rock crushing equipment, powder making equipment, etc.  The crushing and screening joint design covers an small area, has high yield and good investment benefits, at the same time, it is equipped with advanced electric operation controlling system, to ensure the entire process with smooth discharging, stable running, convenient operation, high efficiency and low energy consumption!

While the inside of a mill seems to be a very baffling maze of tanks, pipes, pumps, conveyors, motors, chemicals, pulps and solutions to the visitor, this seeming confusion is actually a carefully designed system constructed for only one objective and purpose - to recover the valuable minerals which are locked up in the ore. Digging ore from the earth is only half the battle.  The coal crusher plant of the ore is often just as challenging and expensive, which takes place in refineries, smelters and mills.
All milling and concentrating processes begin with a grinding and crushing stage, which most of the time represents most of the total cost of processing the ore. Ore minerals are generally found within and among grains of other minerals of ore or relatively gangue minerals which are worthless.  This fact makes the silica sand plant of some ores more complicated than others. For example, to the metallurgical engineer, a complex sulphide ore containing microscopic particles of sphalerite within small blebs of galena or other sulphides presents a special challenge, in other words, to design a milling process that will liberate these different constituents from each other as economically and cleanly as possible so that each may be recovered.
During the ore processing flow, the primary crusher is most of the time a jaw crusher.  The ore falls into the opening between a couple of metal jaws at the top and is crushed by the short, quick, motion of the one jaw which is movable process which is very similar to that of an animal using its jaws to chew its food. A secondary crusher is very often needed when the product from the primary crusher is too large for appropriate grinding.  The main type which is used North America is the cone crusher.  It is a close relative of the gyratory crusher, even though the speed of the cone crusher is faster and it is designed to handle smaller pieces of rock.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Analyzing the causes for cone crusher processing
« on: December 29, 2018, 03:12:10 AM »
For sandstone plants, the most important virtue for crusher is high productivity.  The reduction on processing capacity is a very serious matter for sandstone plants.  Today our company will analyze the causes for aggregate processing plant. If stockpile occurs on cone crusher, it will cause processing capacity lower down.  If you want to understand the causes for cone crusher stocking materials, you must first make clear the conditions for cone crusher stable running.
When cone crusher operating, the axis of the crushing cone does conical surface motion referring to the centerline of cone crusher body, with the cone top as the spherical bearing center.  The central point keeps static in the process of crushing cone motion.  Besides, when the cone crusher is in operation, the main axis of crushing cone must intersect with the centerline of the cone crusher body in the center of the sphere.  Otherwise, it will disturb the normal work of the gypsum processing plant.  Accordingly, during the motion of the cone, the focus where the dynamic cone axis intersects the center line of the frame must be overlap the spherical center, which is a prerequisite for normal operation of the dynamic cone.
In addition, in order to ensure the dynamic cone not to overturn, in maintenance, we must make two-thirds of the whole spherical bearing contact area on the outer ring, with the left on the inner ring not in contact.  After running a period of time, it can achieve the whole area contacting uniformly.
If the eccentric axis position is not correct or offsets when manufacturing the eccentric shaft sleeve, we can increase or decrease the gaskets between the bowl tile and the bowl tile support to adjust relative position of the bowl tile and the eccentric shaft sleeve.  If the the eccentric axis is significantly different or , the eccentric angle is not correct, only to change the eccentric axis angle and replace a new shaft sleeve with correct axis position. If there is something wrong with the crushing cavity shape, first to check the fixed cone and the dynamic cone to find out the root, next to replace spare parts.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Best dolomite crushing plant for sale price
« on: December 28, 2018, 02:53:53 AM »
Crushing plant is the new type of stone crushing equipment which is designed and optimized by SBM This machine improved greatly on the coarse crushing field.  Its design principle is that regard eliminating the barrier caused by the crushing job site and environment as the first important case and supplying the high-efficiency and low-cost hardware facilities.  Construction sand and stone quarry plant mainly including crushing equipment, stone grinding machine, mobile crusher, conveyor equipment, screening equipment and so on. .  These mobile crushers(mobile jaw crusher, portable impact crusher, portable cone crusher) provide a new field of business opportunities for contractors, quarry operators, recycling and mining applications.  Construction sand and gravel crushing plant offers high efficient and low cost plan without environment limit for the client.
Raw dolomite is sent to jaw stone crusher for dolomite primary crushing by vibrating feeder, then primary crushed dolomite are fed into impact stone crusher for secondary fine crushing, vibrating screen is selected to separate the crushed dolomite, then we will get suitable products.  If we have special requirements on the size of final dolomite products, we can process dolomite in the next stage: tertiary dolomite crushing stage.  With cone crushers as the tertiary crushers, dolomite is finally processed into powder size particles.
In order to meet the users requirements, the silica sand plant is designed with different type of equipment configurations.  So far, our dolomite crushers, dolomite feeder, dolomite vibrating screen, complete dolomite crushing plant with high wear-resistant stone crusher spare parts have been widely exported to India, the Philippines, Ghana ,India, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, USA, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, UK, UAE and so on.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Mill meets high standard of processing fluorite
« on: December 26, 2018, 03:30:11 AM »
With the fast development of China's economy, the management force of the scare mineral resources in our country has been intensifying.  As one of the national strategic reserve resources, the reserve and production ratio of the fluorite in recent years has been keeping decreasing.  With the wider and wider application of fluorine, the application value of fluorite will become more and more important.  Then the government in our country begins to intensify the protection force of the fluorite minerals and the crushing and the fluorite and the powder grinding and aggregate processing plant will be influenced in the large-scale integration process.  For this reason, improving the market application ability of such products as the fluorite crusher and grinding machine is a new lesson that is put forward to the fluorite processing equipment manufacturing companies.
So far, the production capacity of the equipment manufactured the companies in our country, and they do not have any scale advantages, and what is more, the situation that the excessive exploitation in the inland areas leading resources waste is very serious so that the resources utilization rate is not high.  The fluorite field has internal requirement for resources integration.  At present, these resources are concentrated in the private enterprises and because the export regulation is not standard, the export amount every year is very huge.  For this reason, in order to effectively control the export of this mineral, the resources in the future have the trend of being integrated by large sized companies.  The coal processing plant will be larger, more environmentally friendly and more intelligent.  For this reason, our company made technological upgrading on the basis of the original Raymond mill, the main machine and the reduction box adopt elastic sleeve dowel pin shaft coupling which effectively prevent the easy-breaking phenomenon and promotes the reliability of the machine.  The analytical engine adopts high density leaves and frequency control which is able to improve the powder dressing fineness and production capacity.  Compared with the common powder collector, by-path powder collector has little damage on pressure and high powder collecting efficiency which is beneficial to collect the micro powders and particles that is difficult for the common one to collect so that it has the advantages of protecting the environment.
This material is a common processing material.  The fluorite powders that are processed by the fluorite ball mill can be widely applied in such industries as chemical industry, rubber, ceramic, construction, building materials.  The super fine powders have even wider application and have been widely used in high-tech industry such as military project and electric cable, fibre transmission and high-precision metallurgy industry.  Our company has been adhering to the concept of 'people-oriented, customer supremacy, development and innovation'.  We are able to provide our customers not only the highest quality products at the most favorable price, but also the most reasonable suggestion of equipment, optimum process configuration, and a full range of technical support.  In pursuit of bringing customers the most benefits with minimal investment, we have been trying our best to help customers in any case!

When we are arranging the raymond mill for grinding the ores or rocks, we should take the designing of the whole ore beneficiation process into consideration because these operations are connected with each other.  For example, the granularity of the products in the ore grinding stage of the raymond mill has a big influence on the operation of flotation separation, for this reason, we should pay attention to the adjustment of the granularity of ore grinding.
During the flotation separation process, the over coarse ore particles (larger than 0. 1mm) and super fine ore particles smaller than 0. 006mm cannot be floated well, so that the collecting rate will be low.  If the granularity of the products ground by the large-sized raymond mill is over too coarse, when they are floated, due to large weight, the dropping force needed by the ore particles will have to increase.  Then we will need this:
1.  Use sufficient and the most effective collectors;
2.  Increase the air inflation of the pulp in order to get bigger bubble and increase the amount of the micro bubbles separated in the water;
3.  Make the mixing strength of the pulp proper;
4.  Properly increase the density of the pulp;
5.  When the scraper blade is used for scraping the bubble, the workers should do it fast and in a stable way.
When floating the super fine ore particles: A.  since the quality of the slurry is quite small so that it is easy to stick onto the surface of the coarse particles, the floatability of the coarse particles will reduce.  B.  Since the specific surface of the slurry is relatively big, it will absorb large quantity of flotation reagents inside the pulp, thus reducing the reagents density inside the pulp, damaging the normal flotation process and reducing the flotation index. Since the superficial area of the slurry is large, the surface activity is increased, so that it is easy to react with the reagents and difficult to be separated.  It will cause difficult to the concentration, reduce the quality of the concentrate and reduce the flowability of the bubble products and the concentration efficiency.

The main engine of the stone crusher relies on the electromagnetism adjustable-speed motor for power supply, and through the belt wheel and the cylindrical gear reducer, the power is transmitted to the driving shaft through the rod pin coupling.  The driving shaft and the driven shaft are ensured to run synchronously through exposed gear.  There is hydraulic equipment behind the driven bearing pedestal.
The material feeding part of the crusher machine is to realize quantitative feeding to make sure the materials evenly go into the space between the rollers.  The spiral feeder is driven by the electromagnetism adjustable-speed motor, and with the rotation of the belt wheel and the cylindrical gear reducer, the materials to be pressed are forced to the main feeding mouth.  Due to the constant torque property of the electromagnetism adjustable-speed motor, when the material pressing amount of the spiral feeder and the needed material amount by the main engine is the same, stable feeding pressure can be ensured to stabilize the quality of the balls.  If the material feeding amount is too high, the electricity of the feeding device will overload; if the material feeding amount is too low, the balls cannot be pressed.  For this reason, skillful operation is an important condition to ensure the normal work of the ball press machine.
The molding part of the grinding machine mainly refers to the main engine part and the core part is roller.  If there are too many materials between the two rollers or metal block goes into the space, the hydraulic cylinder piston will be pressed and have overload, and the hydraulic pump will stop working and the energy accumulator will have a bugger action on the pressure changes, the overflow valve will open oil return and the piston rod will shift to increase the gap between the two rollers to let the hard materials go through the rollers, and then the system will be back to normal, thus protecting the rollers from being damaged.  This machine can be adjusted the pressure according to the requirement of the ball pressing density, so that the production process is flexible.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Getting profits from mobile construction station
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Nowadays, energy saving and environmental protection has become the theme of national development, which provides opportunities for industrial development of garbage disposal.  The whole world can produce 490 million tons of waste each year, and China produces nearly 150 million tons of municipal solid waste each year.  Under the pressure of garbage, recycling of construction waste resource is an effective way to solve the problem.  Therefore, construction waste crusher came into being.
In order to better serve the city construction waste, China construction waste processing equipment manufacturers, on the basis of research and development of crushing and sand making production line equipment, launched mobile crushing machine or mobile construction station.  mobile construction station is based on the integrated units, which can conveniently and quickly realize the processing of building waste, greatly reduce the costs of transport materials, as well as improve production efficiency.  From the perspective of clients, mobile construction station is more in line with customers wishes.
The mobile crusher produced by our company is the most popular and welcomed construction waste crushing plant in Central China, with the handling capacity more than 4 million tons/year.  The recycled aggregate produced by mobile construction station from construction waste can be processed into a variety of eco-friendly building materials after being processed by sand maker , which can greatly reduce the removal costs of construction waste and reduce environmental pollution.  According to reports, the advantage of fixed maximum reuse of construction waste resource is that a great deal of environmental work has been done, and large amounts of harmful substances in construction waste can be removed after several stages of screening.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / The popularity of quarry crusher on mining market
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We all know that mining machinery is one rapidly developed industry with the continuous application and development of our national economy, which requires a lot of equipments to help in the process.  The production craftsmanship and production equipment are decided by the raw materials, and every kind of materials must have one suitable technological machine, so that is the reason why the prosperity of mining equipment is because the usage of new type material such as quarry crusher whose popularity is because of the continuous mining on pebble.
The quarry crusher is suitable for the secondary crushing, which takes the layer crushing principle, and can be perfectly used to crush pebble with high hardness and highly improve the working efficiency of production line.  That is the reason why more enterprises would rather choose quarry crusher with higher cost, which is one indirect way to prove the stability of performance characteristics, and to lower the comprehensive cost at last.
As one professional manufacturer producing quarry crusher, Hongxing mining machinery has winned the great praise of mining market by relying on the higher performance characteristics and perfect crushing efficiency.  quarry crusher can be divided into various types, so the customers can choose different chamber according to the difference of discharging size.

Raymond mill is the fine powder processing equipment with wide application in the industry processing.  Raymond mill has won the client's favor and praise because of its simple structure, less occupied area and low cost.  The regular check and maintenance of SBM grinder is the essential way to guaranty the production and service life, this is exactly what is called maintenance work lies in peacetime?
The maintenance of Raymond mil starts with the selective purchasing by means of choosing the creditworthy Raymond mill manufacturer.  Firstly, there is a guarantee for the quality of Raymond mill in order to save the trouble of repairing the equipment later on for users, if you choose the good Raymond mill, that's to say you have owned a good technical support.
Some customers choose the poor quality Raymond mill because of coveting the cheap or other reasons; there are various problems when using the machine.  It will waste a lot of financial resources and manpower, material.  So when you choosing the Raymond mill, you have to visit site and look for the authentic grinding machine manufacturer.
The key points of Raymond mill maintenance are lubrication and cleaning.  Good seal is the guarantee to improve the operating efficiency.  The result of routine inspection and reinforcement of Raymond mill is made up of the past record, maintenance, changes record and daily record of the appliance and workload in order to analyze, judge and further eliminate the hidden problems and performance handicap of equipment.
Henan Hongxing engineers suggest that if you want to keep the grinding mill service life as long as possible, except for choosing the trustworthy manufacturers, what you have to do is to combine closely the operation and maintenance of the machine.  The person on duty should maintain the normal operation in good condition by carrying out an overall check.

In the coming three years, the rail mileage will remain fast growth, and the investment scale may exceed the plan and the high-speed rail market still has a lot of investment opportunities.  Due to the fast development of high-speed rail construction and large and high buildings, natural sand is in short supply, and the strength of artificial sand is superior to natural sand.  The construction of high-speed rail cannot do with high-quality stone materials, sand material and sand and stone aggregates.  The mobile crusher plant is not only a mobile crushing station, but a mobile stone crushing production line which is widely used in many industries such as railway, highway, building, water conservancy and metallurgy.
Mobile crusher is especially suitable for processing and crushing building rubbish. Mobile crushing station is divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing and makes it the primary solution that eliminate the barrier brought by the crushing site and environment to the crushing work.  It is able to really provide highly efficient and low cost project operation hard facilities and greatly expands the concept of crushing work.
mobile stone crusher is flexible and convenient and has high mobility, so that it will save a lot of infrastructure and address removal fees.  After being processed by the mobile crushing station, the materials can go into the sand making equipment or directly into the mobile sand maker.  The produced artificial sand aggregate can be used as building sand and become indispensable materials in the construction industry.

Construction waste is divided into three categories: the first one is waste scrap that generated in the process of construction; the second one is the building waste that generated during the maintenance process of the construction; the last one is the building waste that generated in the demolition and reconstruction process of construction.  The processing rate of construction waste is very low in the real life and many of the construction waste are directly stored in the open air, which bring serious pollution to the environment.  For companies, this is a great opportunity.  Our company has catch this opportunity, the construction waste crusher that researched by the experts has brought good information to the waste processing industry. 
The number of new construction waste will be a shocking figure.  Therefore, the government departments and the disposal units of building waste are facing the issue that how to handle and utilize the growing number of construction waste.
With the advantages of strong mobility and maneuverability, the mobile crushing station can save much infrastructure and removal cost for the user.  It is especially suitable for the disposal and crush of the construction waste.  It can eliminate the environmental pollution that caused by the construction waste and provide a virtuous cycle road for the urban construction.

The mobile crushing station has been invented to solve the problem of construction waste accumulating. The construction waste having been processed by our mobile crusher can be used to make the rough and fine sand aggregate which can be applied in the highway pavement base after the material is added with solidified materials; the waste tiles and bricks can be used to make regeneration bricks, building blocks, and wallboard and floor tiles applied as the building materials.
After years research and development, our mobile crusher and mobile crushing station are welcome in the construction waste handling field because they own many advantages as follows:
1. Mobility: short distance between shafts, small radius of turning circle, and the ability of moving flexibly on the ordinary roads and inside operation area.
2. Reducing the cost of material transportation: the portable crusher plant can do field processing without moving materials away from the operation site, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.
3. Direct operation effect: the integrative series of the mobile crushing plant can be used independently and flexible process configuration is also provided to customers according to different materials and product requirement.
4. Flexible combination and good adaptability: various combinations can realize independent operation and great flexibility.
5. The integrative set of equipment: the integrative set installation pattern avoids the installing steps of the infrastructure of the divided parts of the whole set in complex field, thus reducing both materials and working hours.  The rational and compact spatial arrangement of the whole set increases the flexibility of the site residence.

The occupying ration of the crushing manufacturers on the market is referring to the ratio of the sales amount of the mobile crusher produced by those companies in the whole output of all crushing machines, this number can make us clearly see the demanding for the crushing machine on the national and the international market, and the occupying status of the company in the competitive market.  If the ratio of the crushing company can reach to 74%, that is to say, your company must be the winner no matter whether you have the huge ability to produce the amount crushing machines or not in the reality.  And if the ratio is 42%, we just can say that you cannot be a loser in the fiercer competition of the world.  How unfortunately, if the ratio is just 26%, there must be some difficulties if one company wants to survive from the international competition coming from the home and abroad.  So that is the reason why our company Hongixng invites some experts coming here briefly introduce the solutions when we have to confront something stiff that we don't have the ability to solve in the future.
There are two situations on the marketing ratio of the company; the first is that the sale of the products is slower than the increasing of the sales of the whole crushing industry, which is one reason to influence the marketing ratio.  The rapid speed of the crushing industry means that the demanding for the mining machines are rapidly increasing, which also means that the developing opportunities of one company are becoming more and more.  Once the occupying ratio of one company is decreasing, which asks for the consideration of the objective elements coming from the others aspects such as the rivals, and we must compare with them carefully in order to improve the competitiveness of the crushing machines by relying on the updating the performance characteristics of the sand making machine, which can help us to deprive the embarrassing situation.  The second is that the decreasing speed of the sale is faster that the whole industry, which is one main reason of influencing the marketing ratio, and the decreasing of the whole mining industry, means that the demanding for the crushing machine is becoming less and less, and what we should do for this situation is that we must maintain the stable marketing ratio by relying on the strategies of promoting the capacity of sale and increasing the price of the crushing machines such as the impact crusher and hammer crusher.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Application of tertiary crusher in cement production
« on: November 29, 2018, 03:03:58 AM »
That powder grinding mill is widely used in cement production process has been familiar with use, then how is a portable crusher used in cement production? With this question, we come to the large production base of mining machinery in shanghai Province, our company to consult the experts here, and the experts responsible for the production of powder grinding series products answers this question in detail.
The main task of tertiary crusher in the cement production line is to crush the raw ores to the specification conforming to the feeding size of the grinding plant and make preparation for the next production procedure. In our country, common cement plants all have their own mines and they often choose ore transportation equipment according to the distance between quarry plant and cement processing plant.  Generally speaking, if the distance is within 300-500m, belt conveyor will be used for transportation and within 3km, unloading automobile or small diesel locomotive will be used.
Large stone materials are first coarsely crushed in stone crusher and then they will be further crushed by tertiary crusher.  After stone materials are crushed to the specification conforming to the feeding size of the powder grinding plant, they can be sent to milling machines for grinding.  The crushing of stone materials mainly adopts four methods: crushing, shredding, grinding and splitting.  Limestone is raw material with the highest use in cement production, and due to its big size and high hardness, crushing procedure plays a crucial role in the cement manufacturing process.
Such machines as jaw crusher, tertiary crusher and grinding mills produced by us serve cement production line all the year around and have good public reputation among customers and are indispensable machines in cement production.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Actual operation and wear theory of mobile crusher
« on: November 28, 2018, 09:19:21 AM »
Mobile crushers are very versatile, so it has many different names, so people calling it fine crusher is also very precise.  Since its inception, Our company regards the research and manufacturing work of mobile crusher equipment as one of the most important research and development project, continuous commitment of manpower and material resources expands research and development troop strengths of mobile crusher.  New type mobile crusher equipment produced by our company ranks top level in China in research, manufacturing and the scientific and technological content, so its favored by domestic and foreign customers.  In the future, mobile crusher will usher in a better prospect relying on its scientific and technological content.
The wear theory of mobile crusher is based on the experimental equipment, devices, and methods of development, because it was difficult to understand nature of mobile crusher wear without advanced instruments and equipment, which enables new research methodology to emerge, and thus promotes the development of theoretical study on the abrasion of quarry crusher.  The study of the development and progression of wear, study of mobile Crusher in the role of wear process, study the changes of organization structure, as well as advanced equipment for scientific research applications in wear of mobile Crusher, provides a very good condition for better known the essence of mobile crusher.
However, the work is not enough, partly because the study of wear test device itself is long, laborious and expensive job, and the special nature of these devices are particularly pronounced; on the other hand, users are lack of understanding of the significance on the using of new instruments and equipment, and input power is very limited.  In recent years, the situation of mobile crusher began to change in China, more and more laboratory equipment and research methods came into being, and study on abrasive wear failure mechanism is one of them.

Gravel is an important building material, and plays an irreplaceable role in building.  Traditional sand is taken from rivers and sea, however, and has a growing impact on the natural environment.  Sand crusher refers to the sand making machine, it could produce mechanical grinding of sand and gravel, pebble, tailing and other raw materials, mining gravel makes it substitute for the original.
In order to meet the needs of machine-made sand, new type mobile crusher and sand maker have made a lot of improvement of structure and can reduce energy consumption.  New mobile crusher and sand maker can fully meet the needs of all types of construction, to reduce sand original system requirements and environmental damage, so as to achieve harmonization of environmental protection and economic efficiency.
The sealing of both ends is necessary in order to prevent ambient air from entering the process.  Air leakage can have different effects on different processes, sometimes it is less efficient, in some cases, it is conditions of insecurity or instability.  mobile crusher and sand maker have to directly contact with refractory, so the shell of mobile crusher and sand maker must be made of refractory materials, so the machine can have longer service life.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / What lead the pendulous crusher price
« on: November 26, 2018, 07:08:08 AM »
There are many factors that affect the price of crusher, such as iron price, mineral price, construction material price, and even the housing price, eventually which affect the quotation of the crusher.  At present, the quarry crusher price is affected mainly by dynamic steel and market.  According to the data, the steel stock market phenomenon is very serious, and the market mentality is realized, which both decide the crusher price.
1. The dynamic steel market.
2. Without confidence to the market.
Last year, mostly traders and steel plants kept seeking proper profits.  So the traders with large amount of stockpile is fewer, so that the traders who seek the potential demand of the market and provide the instant service to make proper profits are more.  Because there are no big changes in main supply and demand, the condition keeps moving on by the market prediction.
The trend of steel iron industry can change the price construction of mineral crushing equipement (Jaw crusher, Cone crusher, Impact crusher, etc. ).  With the rising steel price, the market turnover shrinks, and the future market price trend is not bright.  Therefore in the future, the ultrafine mill will go up affected by the steel price.  Of course, the factors are various and changeable.  It's better to get more and newer price information for purchasing crushers. 

We also know that the application area of kaolin has a high requirement on kaolin technique.  So it as well has a high requirement on its grinding equipment.  To be applied to the industrial production, kaolin must be processed into fine powder before being added to other materials.  In various industrial sectors, they have specific requirements on kaolin particle size and fineness when used for different purposes.  In the production process of kaolin powder, ultrafine mill is the most frequently used equipment.
With the rapid development of science and technology, the application scope of kaolin is becoming more and more wide.  Kaolin is a common material, mainly used in the high-tech fields, such as the space shuttle, spaceship, etc.  Whats more, it can also be used for paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coating, pharmaceutical and other industries.  Nowadays, there is a greater demand and higher requirements for kaolin.
When it comes to its grinding equipment, as is introduced by our company, the micro powder mill is very applicable to the grinding of kaolin.  The vertical roller mill is exactly designed for the ultra fine grinding operations of non-metallic minerals, especially for kaolin powder processing.
The kaolin micro powder mill manufactured by our company.  is a piece of professional powder milling equipment in domestic, with a minimum fineness reaching 3000 mesh, which can greatly extend the application scope of kaolin powder and bring more economic benefits for kaolin powder production enterprises.

The portable crusher plant is a type of mechanical machine that is used for the multiple crushing of large-sized materials and for the screening of the crushed materials according to a certain discharging granularity.  This whole set of crushing and screening equipment can complete the crushing and screening process at one time in such industries as mining, building material, highway, railway and chemistry and produce the materials granularity and output required by the customers.
The portable crusher is composed of primary crushing station, secondary crushing and screening plant and belt conveyor, among which, every level of crushing plant is an independent working unit and can complete the responsibilities it undertakes and the belt conveyor is responsible for the transmission and stacking of materials between the crushing plants.  Our portable crusher is complete in types and specifications so that it can satisfy the specific demands of the customers.
Our quarry crusher has the outstanding features of reasonable configuration, smooth discharging, reliable working condition, convenient operation and high efficiency and energy conservancy.  Especially that it has excellent mobility and can extend together with the place of the raw materials or the crushing site and combined conveniently with other machines to satisfy the crushing needs of different materials.
Our portable crusher is the ideal equipment for asphalt plant project China since it has many advantages that other crushing plants do not.  In addition, Our vertical shaft impact crusher, which is also called sand maker, is integrated with crushing and reshaping and is widely used for the production of sand and stone aggregate in highway, railway and asphalt plant project China.

Due to the high-intensity concrete has a big collapsbillity and high sand percentage and consumes a large amount of cement, therefore, the coarse aggregate has little impact on the cohesiveness and water retention of the mixture, as well as the compactness after vibration molding. Our screening plant can effectively separate fine aggregate from coarse aggregate to guarantee the concrete quality and wisely used in construction industry, mining industry, and many other sectors.
Aggregate refers to the incompact granular materials which acts as the skeleton and filler in concrete.  Aggregate can be divided into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate.  Coarse aggregate includes cobble, gravel, waste slag and so on, and fine aggregate includes fine sand, fly ash, etc.
Aggregate plays an irreplaceable role in the quarry crusher industry.  For example, when mixing the concrete materials, the concrete after mixed with water and stirred will take on a state of thin paste.  If there is no aggregate, concrete will not be shaped up.  So we say that the aggregate is playing the role of skeleton in the construction industry.
In view of today's rapid development in science and technology, the construction industry puts forward higher requirements for concrete, and high-intensity concrete is the development direction in the future.  All in all, the quality of aggregate is a prerequisite for the development of high intensity concrete.
The most commonly used method to measure aggregate intensity is to adopt crushing index.  In concrete structure, coarse aggregate acts as the big skeleton, accounting for more than 60% of the entire volume of the concrete.  The quality and technical index of coarse aggregate not only restrict the strength of high-intensity concrete, but also affects its durability to a certain extent.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / The quality of crusher parts must be strictly
« on: November 12, 2018, 09:26:26 AM »
Crusher is commonly used in gravel production line, also the most popular mine crushing equipment.  Generally, when customers purchase a set of complete stone production line or crushing line equipment they purchase several sets of alternate wear parts of sand washer, including jaw plate, toggle plate, locking cover, bearing, cone, guard board, mesh, etc. However, in the current industry, it cannot be denied that the quality of crusher parts of a small number of manufacturers is not as good as that of the original machine, so the replacement cycle of wear parts is shorter.  Therefore, the production of wear parts of crusher must be strictly.
First, the quality of crusher wear parts has influence on the service life of the device, if the quality of crusher parts is good, the wear and tear of crusher equipment will be less.  For manufacturers, if the quality standard of basalt crusher part is lower, customers will lose confidence in the manufacturers and wont purchase products from such manufacturers.
Second, a production line in local has a range of radiation, and this radiation circle cant be underestimated.  If a customer satisfies your service and products, he is willing to help you to promote, and if your equipment is satisfied by customer, customers also will promote for you in another way.  In view of this, we certainly hope that every customer will be able to deliver positive energy, so we have to produce crusher parts strictly. Crusher equipped with good wear parts is a kind of propaganda for crusher manufacturers, so we have to be strictly in quality control stage.

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