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The Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE), Delta State, Nigeria was established in March 2007 under a Federal Government of Nigeria initiative to build a specialized University to produce unique high level manpower and relevant expertise for the Oil and Gas Sector in Nigeria and worldwide.

FUPRE is the first of its kind in Africa and it is destined to be the premier international institution-of-choice with state-of-the-art facilities to provide the petroleum and allied sectors, world-class education, training, research, consultancy and extension services.

Applications are hereby invited from qualified, innovative, versatile and proactive professionals of any nationality to occupy the positions listed below.


A. Positions

i. Professor
iii.Senior Lecturer
iv.Lecturer I
v.Lecturer II
vi.Assistant Lecturer
vii.Graduate Assistant

B. Departments

i.Chemical Engineering
ii.Electrical I Electronic Engineering
iii.Marine Engineering
iv.Mechanical Engineering
v.Petroleum Engineering

A. Positions

i. Professor
iii.Senior Lecturer
iv.Lecturer I
v.Lecturer II
vi.Assistant Lecturer
vii.Graduate Assistant

B. Departments

ii.Earth Science
iii.Environmental Science
iv.Mathematics & Computer Science

C. General Studies & Entrepreneurship Unit
i.Senior Lecturer

Qualifications & Requirements
i). Professor

    Candidates must be holders ofa PhD degree from a reputable university with specialization in the relevant discipline, with not less than 12 years post doctoral teaching, research and professional I industrial post -doctoral experience in the university system.

The candidate should:

    Show evidence of distinguished contribution to scholarship
    Show evidence of significant research record and a reasonable number of publications in relevant, reputable national and international journals.
    Have significant evidence of teaching ability, capability to initiate and carry out independent research as well as ability to supervise students' research work.
    Possess remarkable administrative skills and show evidence of significant participation in administration within the university system.

ii). Associate Professor/Reader

    Same as for Professor but with at least 9 years post-doctoral relevant teaching and research experience in the university system.

iii). Senior Lecturer

    Same as for Reader but with not less than 6 years post-doctoral relevant teaching and research experience in the University system.

iv). Lecturer I

    Candidates should be holders of a Ph.D in relevant engineering disciplines from reputable university and must possess COREN registration.

v). Lecturer II

    Candidates should be holders of a Masters in Engineering in relevant disciplines with COREN plus clear evidence of registration for a Ph.D programme.

vi). Lecturer I

    Candidates should be holders of a Ph.D in relevant disciplines with at least 3 yrs post-doctoral teaching and research experience in a university with evidence of scholarly publications in learned journals.

vii). Lecturer II

    Candidates should be holders of Ph.D with evidence of scholarly publications in learned journals.

viii). Assistant Lecturer

    Candidates should possess a M.Sc. Degree in relevant fields. Clear evidence of having reached an advanced stage of completing a Ph.D. degree programme is mandatory.

ix). Graduate Assistant

    Candidates should possess First Class Division or Second Class Upper Division degree in the relevant field.
    In all cases, candidates are required to possess appropriate skills and orientation in their respective disciplines in addition to teaching ability with adequate research experience.

General Studies & Entrepreneurship Unit
i). Senior Lecturer

    Same as with Reader above, but, with 6 years post-doctoral relevant teaching and research experience in the University system.
    Areas of Specialization in the General Studies Unit:

a.) Business Administration / Management with specialization in business development and management.
b.) Peace and Conflict Management.

Salary Scale
i.) Professor: CONUASS II 7 (N4, 580,349 x N6, 020,163)
ii.) Reader: CONUASS II 6 (N3, 768,221 x N5, 004,750)
iii.) Senior Lecturer: CONUASS II 5 (N3, 091, 505 x N4, 455,508)
iv.) Lecturer I: CONUASS II 4 (N2, 079,995 x N2, 684,101)
v.) Lecturer II: CONUASS II 3 (N1, 649,509 x N1, 979,640)
vi.) Assistant Lecturer: CONUASS II 2 (N1,451.071 xN1, 754,902)
vii.) Graduate Assistant: CONUASS II 1 (N1,263,373 x N1, 447,767)

Deputy Liberian (CONUASS 06)


    Applicants must possess a good University degree in library Science and a higher degree preferably a Ph.D. with at least 15 years relevant experience.
    Applicant must also have contributed to knowledge through research and publications in reputable journals.

Librarian I (CONUAS 03)

    Candidates must be holders of a good honours degree in any discipline with a professional qualification or a higher academic degree in librarianship plus 3 yrs post qualification experience..


(i). Vice-Chancellor's Office
Academic Planning Unit

Chief Academic Planning Officer (CONTISS 13)

    A good degree in Economics, Mathematics or Statistics from a recognized institution plus 10 years cognate experience.
    A higher degree in Educational Planning will be an added advantage.

Principal Academic Planning Officer (CONTISS 11)

    Candidates shall possess a good degree in mathematics/statistics or higher degree in Educational Planning plus 8 years cognate experience.

Senior Academic Planning Officer (CONTISS 9)

    Candidates shall possess same qualification as above, plus 5 years cognate experience. A relevant higher degree will be an advantage.

Academic Planning Officer I (CONTISS 8)

    Candidates shall possess same qualification as above plus 3 years cognate experience.

Academic Planning Officer II (CONTSS 7)

    Candidates shall possess a good degree in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics or Educational Planning.

Chief Legal Officer (CONTISS 14)

    Candidates must possess LL.B., BL and NYSC discharge certificate or exemption plus a minimum of 15 years post-NYSC experience OR LL.M, BL and 12 years post-NYSC experience.

Assistant Chief Legal Officer (CONTlSS 13)

    Candidates must possess LL.B., BL and NYSC discharge certificate or exemption plus a minimum of 13 years post-NYSC experience OR LL.M, BL and 6 years post-NYSC experience.

Principal Legal Officer I (CONTlSS 12)

    Candidates must possess LL.B., BL and NYSC discharge certificate or exemption plus a minimum of 9 years post-NYSC experience OR LL.M, BL and 6 years post NYSC experience.

Principal Legal Officer II (CONTISS 11)

    Candidates must possess LL.B., BL and NYSC discharge certificate or exemption plus a minimum of 6 years post-NYSC experience OR LL.M, BL and 4 years post NYSC experience.

Senior Legal Officer (CONTISS 09)

    Candidates must possess LL.B., BL and NYSC discharge certificate or exemption plus a minimum of 3 year post-NYSC experience OR LL.M, BL.

Legal Officer (CONTISS 08)

    Candidates must possess LL.B., BL and NYSC discharge or exemption certificate.

Assistant Chief Security Officer (CONTISS 12)

    Candidates shall possess a good honours degree from recognized University with 15 year cognate experience. Specialized security training will be an added advantage.

Principal Security Officer (CONTISS 11)

    Assistant Superintendent of Police II or equivalent qualification in the Armed forces and related services plus 10 year experience with at least 5 credits in WASC/GCE/SSCE/NECO including English Language.
    A good honours degree from a recognized University with 6 years cognate experience with Polio / Armed Forces training.

Senior Security Officer (CONTISS 9)

    Inspector of police with at least 4 years cognate experience and WASC/GCE/SSCE/NECO with at least 5 credits.
    A good honours degree from recognized University with 6 year cognate experience with Police / Armed Forces training.

Security Officer I (CONTISS 8)

    Ex - Inspector of Police or equivalent rank in the Armed forces with at least 11 year cognate experience with WASC/GCE/SSCE/NECO at least 5 credits in not more than two sitting including English language.
    Direct employment with good honours degree from a recognized University.

Security Officer II (CONTISS 7)

    Ex - Inspector of Police or equivalent rank in the Armed forces with at least 8 year cognate experience with WASC/GCE/SSCE/
    NECO at least 5 credits in not more than two sitting including English Language.
    Direct employment with good honours degree from a recognized University.

Assistant Security Officer (CONTISS 6)

    Serving Supervisor with at least 3 year experience with WASC/GCE/SSCE/NECO at least 5 credits including English language.
    Ex - Inspector of Police or equivalent rank in the Armed forces and 5 year cognate experience including the above educational qualification with WASC/SSCE/NECO.

Senior Protocol Officer (CONTISS II 9)

Qualifications / Experience

    Candidates must possess a good honours degree from a recognized university. In addition, candidates must be a registered
    member of recognized and appropriate professional bodies.
    A postgraduate degree will be an added advantage.
    Candidates must have acquired not less than five (5) years' experience in Public Relations or Journalism (Preferably broadcasting)

Sports Unit
Director of Sports (CONTISS 15)

    Candidates must have a record of outstanding performance with a minimum of 15 years cognate experience in sports administration.
    Candidates must possess higher degree in Sports Administration from a recognized university.
    In addition candidate must be a member of relevant professional bodies.
    Candidates shall possess degree in Physical Education plus coaching certificate from the Nigerian Institute of Sports or other recognised sports institutes.

Sports Coach II (CONTISS 7)

    Candidates shall possess degree in Physical Education plus coaching certificate from the Nigerian Institute of Sports or other recognised sports institutes plus 3 years cognate experience

Deputy Registrar (CONTlSS 14)

    Candidates must possess a good honours degree from a recognized University plus at least fifteen (15) years post qualification cognate experience.
    A substantial part of the post -qualification experience must have been in the University.
    Candidate must be a member of relevant professional bodies.
    A good knowledge of lCT is required.

Principal Assistant Registrar (CONTISS II 13)

    Candidate shall possess a good honours degree from a recognized University with a minimum of 12 years post-qualification experience on the job in the University System.
    Possession of a higher degree and membership of professional bodies will be added advantage.
    A good knowledge of ICT is mandatory.

Senior Assistant Registrar I (CONTlSS II 11)

    Candidates shall possess a good honours degree from a recognized University with a minimum of 10 years post-qualification
    experience on the job in the University System.
    Possession of a higher degree and membership of professional bodies will be an added advantage.

Senior Assistant Registrar II (CQNTlSS II 11)

    Candidates shall possess a good honours degree from a recognized University with a minimum of 8 years post-qualification
    experience on the job in the University System.
    Possession of a higher degree and membership of professional bodies will be an added advantage.

Assistant Registrar (CONTISS II 9)

    Applicants must have good honours degree from a reputable university plus 5 years relevant administrative experience in a University.
    Possession of higher degree will be an advantage.

Admin Officer: I (CONTISS 8)

    Applicants must have good honours degree from a reputable University plus 3 years relevant administrative experience in a University.

Admin Officer: II (CONTlSS 7)

    Applicants must have good honours degree from a reputable University.

Higher Executive Officer (Admin.) (CONTISS 7)

    Candidates shall be holders of ND with at least 3 years cognate experience or HND in the relevant field with at least a lower credit from a reputable institution.

Executive Officer (Admln) (CONTlSS 6)

    Candidates shall possess ND with at least a lower credit in relevant field.

Chief Confidential Secretary (CONTlSS 13)

    Applicants shall be holders of B.Sc.IHND Secretarial Studies plus 120/50 wpm in shorthand, and typewriting with 14 years experience in the University system.

Senior Confidential Secretary (CONTlSS II 11)

    Candidates should be holders of Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Studies with evidence of word-processing skills or 120/50 wpm in Shorthand and typewriting speed with at least 3 year post-qualification experience in similar system.
    A good knowledge of ICT is mandatory.

Confidential Secretary I (CONTISS II 7)

    Candidates should be holders of Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Studies with evidence of word-processing skills or 120/50 wpm in Shorthand and typewriting speed.
    A good knowledge of ICT is mandatory.

Confidential Secretary II: (CONTISS II 6)

    Candidates shall be holders of Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Studies with at least lower credit or first degree in Secretarial Administration.
    100/50 wpm in shorthand and typewriting speed with Certificate in Word processing.


Deputy Bursar (CONTISS 14)

    Candidates shall possess B.Sc degree in Accounting and ACA, ICAN, CPA, ANAN, ACCA. plus 15 years post-qualification experience in a University system.

Chief Accountant (CONTlSS 13)

    Candidates shall possesses B.Sc degree in Accounting plus 12 years cognate experience. or ACA. ICAN, CPA, ANAN, ACCA, plus 8 years post-qualification experience in a University system.

Principal Accountant (CONTlSS 11)

    Candidates shall possesses B.Sc degree in Accounting plus 9 years cognate experience, or ACA, ICAN, CPA, ANAN. ACCA, plus 4 years post-qualification experience in a University system.

Senior Accountant (CONTISS II 9)

    Candidates shall possess a good honours degree in Accounting from recognized University with a minimum of six (6) years post-qualification experience on the job, preferably in a University or other tertiary institutions. OR Candidates shall also possess the Final Certificate of any of the following professional Accountancy Bodies such as ICAN, ACCA, ANAN, CPA, CNA with a minimum of two (2) years relevant post- qualification experience on the job, preferably in a university or other tertiary institution.
    Computer literacy in Excel and Microsoft Word is essential.

AccountantI/II (CONTISS II 8/7)

    Candidates shall possess a good honours degree in Accounting from a recognized university.
    Computer literacy in Excel and Microsoft Word is essential.

Higher Executive Officer (Accounts) (CONTISS II 7)

    Candidates shall possessesB.Sc / Higher National Diploma (Accounting) plus a minimum of two (2) year experience in an educational institution.
    Computer literacy in Excel and Microsoft Word is essential.

Executive Officer (Accounts) (CONTISS II 6)

    Candidates shall possesses BSc.lHND (Accounting) plus NYSC Certificate. Computer literacy in Excel and Microsoft Word is essential.

(N698, 251 - N1, 062, 683)


Chief Intemal Auditor (CONTISS II 13)

    Candidates shall possess a good honours degree in Accounting from a recognized University with a minimum of 12 years post-
    qualification experience in Internal AUditing, preferably in a University or other tertiary institutions.
    A professional qualification ICAN, ACCA, ANAN, CPA or CNA is also necessary.
    Computer is essential.
    A Masters degree will be an added advantage.

Principal Internal Auditor (CONTISS II 11)

    Candidates shall possess a good honours degree in Accounting from it recognized University with a minimum of Nine (9) years post-qualification experience in Intemal Auditing, preferably in a University or other tertiary institutions.
    A professional qualification ICAN, ACCA, ANAN, CPA or CNA is also necessary.
    Computer literacy is essential.


A. Positions

(i) Senior Technical officer I/II (CONTISS 9/8)
(ii) Higher Technical officer (CONTISS 7)

B. Departments

    i.Chemical Engineering
    ii.Electrical I Electronic Engineering
    iii.Mechanical Engineering

(i) Senior Technical officer I/II (CONTlSS 9/8)

    Candidates shall possess HND or (NISLT) in relevant discipline with minimum of 3 years post qualificationexperience. OR
    A good HND with same discip)ine; OR OND plus a minimum of 6 years post qualification experience.

(ii) Higher Technical officer (CONTISS 7)
Candidates shall possess HND or (NISLT) in relevant discipline not below lower credit.

A. Positions

(i) Senior Technologist II (CONTISS 09)
(ii) Technologist I (CONTISS 08)
(iii) Technologist II (CONTlSS 07)

B. Departments

i. Chemistry
ii. Earth Science
iii. Environmental Science
iv. Mathematics & Computer Science
v. Physics

(i) Senior Technologist II (CONTISS 09)

    Candidates shall possess HND/(NISLT) or other recognized equivalent qualification in relevant discipline plus 6 years post qualification experience.
    OR Other recognize equivalent professional qualification plus a minimum of 12 years post qualification experience.
    OR HND plus M.Tech in the same discipline with a minimum of 3 years post qualification experience

(ii) TechnologIst I (CONTISS 08)

    Candidates shall possesses five credit passes (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) including English Language and Mathematics and a good HND in relevant discipline not below Lower Credit level.
    Or Other recognized professional qualifications plus at least minimum of six (6) years post qualification experience Or HND plus M.Tech degree in the same discpline

(iii) Technologist II (CONTlSS 07)

    Candidates shall possesses five credit passes (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) including English language and mathematics and a good HND in relevant discipline, not below lower credit level.

Director of Health (CONTISS II 15)

    The Director of Health Services is a management position in the University and responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day to day administration and Management of Health facilities in the University.
    The candidate shall possess MBBS with 15 years post registration experience, and must possess Fellowship of a recognised College of speciality.

Principal Medical Officer (CONTISS II 13)

    MBBS with a minimum of 9 years experience and be a registered medical practitioner with the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria.

Senior Medical Officer (CONTISS II 11)

    Candidates shall possess MBBS plus 6 years post housemanship experience and be registered with Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria(MDCN).


    Candidates shall possess MBBS with current registration with Nigerian Medical & Dental Council (MDCN).

Pharmacy: Pharmacists (CONTlSS 09)

    A university degree in Pharmacy and registration with Pharmacist Council of Nigeria.

Staff Nurse ( CONTISS II )

    Candidates must be holders of RN or RN/RM with 2 yrs post registration experience

Pharmacy Technlcian (CONTlSS 06)

    Pharmacy technician certificate from school of health technology.

Medical Laboratory Scientists: (CONTISS 08)

    Candidates shall possesses a B.Sc. in Basic Medical Lab. Science and must be registered with Medical Lab. Science Council of Nigeria with 3 years cognate experience.

Health Records Officer (CONTISS 7)

    Candidates shall possesses HND/BSc in Health Records from a reputable university

Nursing Officer II (CONTISS 07)

    Candidates must be holders of a degree in Nursing Sciences from a reputable university and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria


Engineer I (Civil/ Electrical I Mechanical) (CONTISS II 09)

    Candidates must be holders of a good honours degree registered with COREN plus 3 years relevant post-qualification experience.

Chief Technical Officer HORTICULTURE (CONTlSS 13)

    Candidates must possess a B.Sc. or HND in Agricultural HorticulturelLandscaping (Not Animal) plus minimum of 10 years post qualification experience.

Senior/Principal Technical Officer-Estate/ Landscape(CONTISS 8/9)

    B.Sc in relevant area plus 3/6 years working experience depending on level of entry.


LIbrary Officer II (CONTISS II 7)

    Candidates must possess a good honours degree in Library Studies
    Or ND in Library Studies plus 6 years cognate experience.


Chief System Programmer/Chief System Analyst (CONTISS 13)

    Candidates must possessHND or B.Sc. degree in computer science/ computer engineering plus 15 years post-qualification experience, much of which should be in University ICT management.

Conditions of Service
FUPRE offers similar remuneration package with what obtain in Federal Govemment of Nigeria owned Universities.

Application Closing Date
2nd July, 2013

Method of Application
Candidates should forward twenty (20) word-processed applications and detailed Curriculum Vitae with copies of credentials. The Curriculum Vitae should, among other information, include and follow this order:

    Full Names:
    Place and Date of Birth;
    Permanent Home Address; Current Postal Address;
    Cell Phone Number; E-mail Address;
    State of Origin; LGA;
    Marital Status; Number of Children;
    Educational Institutions Attended with Dates; Academic Qualifications with Dates;
    Professional Qualifications; Honours; List of Publications;
    Employment Records; Statement of Experience;
    Service to the Nation / Immediate community;
    Names and Addresses of Three Referees, etc.
    Candidates should request their referees to forward reports under confidential cover direct to the Registrar.
    Candidates with university degrees or equivalent should have completed the National Youth Service Corps programme or have an evidence of exemption from the programme.

All applications should be addressed to:



    Only shortlisted candidates would be contacted.
    All successful candidates should be prepared to reside within the immediate environment of the university.

« on: January 16, 2013, 09:40:49 AM »
2013 -by Bayo Akinloye

Staring but not seeing...

Are there clairvoyant eyes

Peeking into Nostradamus' cauldron

Of concocted tomorrows

I behold twenty colours of confusion

And thirteen of convolution


Isn't 2013 a magical era

Fireworks, tongues of fire heralding it

Billions keeping vigil just for a sight

While eternity passes us by


At twenty why are we still acting like a blasphemous thirteen?

« on: January 16, 2013, 09:37:45 AM »
2014 -by Bayo Akinloye
In the passion of my impatience
I am conjuring your future presence
2013 is to me a past tense
Do bear with my incorrigible defiance

Unfold the depth of your essence
Do abide by my insistence
As I behold your fences
In the faraway borders of limitlessness
Enshroud in sworn silence

Grant me the licence
Oh dear tomorrow, please
Come to me in your silence
Before they begin to burn incense
At your feet, meaningless rites
Signposting endless strifes

Am I pointless?
I am helpless
Am I hopeless
In your distant absence?
I grope for your presence
In my cluelessness
I may find your peace...

Anybody Asking for More States is a Lunatic ? Sagay
Professor Itse Sagay, a constitutional lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, sallies out at the heart of leadership issues hurting Nigeria in this interview with Gbenga Ogundare and Tayo Olanipekun

Why does the National Assembly prefer patching the Nigerian Constitution rather than re-writing another one through a Sovereign National Conference?
What you have actually fingered touches on the Nigerian national character, which implies that anything the man in public office does must be for the purpose of multiplying his powers. That is the objective of people in power, everywhere, from the executive, that is the Presidency to the National Assembly.  If we say there should be a wholesale review of the constitution, then you?re going beyond what the constitution expects them to do.  And their attitude is: if it is outside the scope of the National Assembly, then it cannot be done because we want to be in charge. To do anything on a grand scope like that, you?re reducing our powers. And our powers must never be reduced even if Nigeria suffers, even if the future of the country is mortgaged. It is that bad.

Is that why the NASS has to review the constitution twice in two years?
There?s nothing wrong in reviewing the constitution. It is an imperfect document and it was done by the military, advised by a few selected civilians. There?s nothing wrong with that, but the reviews they have done so far has no relationship with the problems with the constitution. Not at all. They leave the main problems and go after irrelevant, petty, meaningless issues that have no impacts on the lives of Nigerians. Usually, they will talk of how to increase in relevance and power. They will talk about how INEC can?t conduct even LG elections. Everybody knows what they problem is. We all know the problem has to do with centralism, lack of federalism. That is the main problem.

Strong advocates of SNC are in recent times backing off. Why the sudden change?
You are the one telling me some are backing off. I?m not aware.

Wole Soyinka, for example. Many have also fallen silent about it. Is anything inherently wrong?
I earlier said those in power and authority will never accept a situation in which that power will be reduced by one inch. When Obasanjo was there for eight years, he was vehemently against the SNC. Why? It is not that he finds anything wrong. But if we have an SNC there will be transfer of power and resources to the state. He could have reasoned: I, Obasanjo, will preside over the liquidation of my empire? Never! Now he?s gone forever. No legacy has been left. Goodluck may soon be gone too, at the most, after 2015. For the rest of his life, he will have no such power again. So, his clinging to this plenary, multitude of powers he has now and he will not negotiate circumstance under which he allows it to be reduced so that the country can be stable and develop. In other words, for the four years he went cling to power, he?s sacrificing eternity of stability for Nigeria.

Some also think the recent waves of regional sentiments could spell the end of the Nigeria nation. What is your view on this?
The parasites are saying so. Those who are really surviving by sucking the blood of others, who don?t want to work, who just want to sit down and eat from the labour of other parts of the country, are the ones saying so. Because once you regionalize, it means that you control your resources and contribute to the centre. You have to produce resources before you can control. I won?t mention names, but there are parts of the country who are so used to collecting the proceeds of the labour and resources of others, and are not interested in developing as long as they can get allocations. We will never develop as long as we have 36 states the Federal Government controls their resources. The only way we develop is to denude the Federal Government of these powers and resources and then let the regions develop themselves.
The Niger Delta oil and Lagos State BAT have killed Nigeria because now money comes. Everybody is a thief, the oil companies are thieves: they take away majority of the products and account for very little. The NNPC, the National Assembly and all are taking their shares. Nigeria is an environmental disaster in terms of social development. The North used to be a productive region and they were number one in agriculture. They exported groundnut, cotton, hides and skin, and were not looking anywhere for their survival.  They used to be the most independent zone in the country that we, in fact, had to beg them during the 1950 Ibadan National Conference, February 1950, to remain with Nigeria. But once they tasted oil proceeds, they became addicted to the Niger-Delta oil. They stopped all their productive activities and all they wait for now is monthly allocation from the Niger-Delta oil. They share it, they enjoy themselves, and the north remains the least developed part of the country.  The north is a rich place. If we have a good leader like Ahmadu Bello now, give it 10 years, with no oil the north will over-take the rest of the country. Look at the cattle that they have; what do they do with it? Argentina does not have more cows than the north. Nigeria should have been the centre of exportation of chilled beef all over the world if only those people would not keep to stone-age facts of existence. All the north needs is good leadership, but they don?t have it. May I say also that the south does not have good leaders either. Maybe we are seeing them emerging in the south-west. We have the Fasholas, the Fayemis, and the Tinubus. Of course Tinubu is a leader.  You see they are doing this economic integration. Give them five years, even with the strangled type of federalism that we have, they will make progress. And the rest of the country will be embarrassed.

There is an agitation in some parts of the country that people want more states...
That?s crazy. Anybody who wants more states is a lunatic. He?s saying it either to please people from whom he wants things or to create another centre of demand where more money would be drawn from the centre to be shared by elites without any developmental effects. We should be talking of merging. I?m proposing eight zones. The North East should be split into two. Let Yobe and Borno for a region because they have the same characteristic, ethnicity and everything is the same. Then in the south, there should be mid-west states. That is, Delta and Edo states to form a region, as it was in 1966. Then the rest, the east, Ibo states should form a region; the rest of the south-south get a region. The west should include Offa, part of Kwara and the Yoruba part of Kogi. So, there will be ethnic integrity. And, the present Anioma should form a state in the Ibo region to make the sixth state. Anioma in Delta should form a state. Once you do that you?ll have integrity - regional integrity.  Rules of competition has started. Let us revert to the way we used to do during the first republic. Then every state contributed 20 per cent of what they produced in the region to the Federal Government. And then limit their responsibilities So that they?re not overstretched. Leave the rest to the zones. In ten years, they will not recognize the zones. Nobody would tell these northern people who are doing nothing now before they would start building factories and manufacturing, corned beef, shipping of chilled beef. In fact, they will feed the whole of West Africa.

Between constitutional review and political will: Which do you think is more important for good governance?
Both are important. You can have political will and use it to do bad thing. If there?s solidarity and determination to manage that constitution in the best possible manner, that will be done. If I were the Federal Government, I will practically tell the states to generate their own electricity and supply their people. What happens now is that they will force them to generate and transmit it to Oshogbo. So the Federal Government collects it and promises that they will bring it back in addition to what the state have, but they will never do that. Instead they will send it to other parts. So you?re spending money generating, sending to them only for them to send same to those that never take the troubles to generate electricity.

If President Jonathan contests and wins 2015 election, he will take the oath of office three times as president. Does that matter in the constitution?
No, it doesn?t. Is anyone saying that Jonathan doesn?t have the right for a second term? The first time, he didn?t contest as a president. He merely used the remaining part of Yar?adua?s tenure and the constitution allows him to do that. So technically he?s running his first term so he?s entitled to a second term. It?s a different thing. But if you say, during his first term, he did not perform well, and you are not satisfied and you want to oppose his second term, you?re entitled to do that. But you can?t give him a technical knockout by trying to distort the constitution.

Boko Haram is asking for compensation for its fighters killed by the Joint Task Force. What?s your thought?
The question I asked is: in recent times the Chief of Army Staff announced that Boko Haram has so far killed 3,000 innocent citizens. All right. What?s the Federal Government going to do for the families of those people? First, you go and compensate the murderers and the terrorists. Meanwhile, the victims? families are lying there in anguish and pain for totally undeserved loss of their loved ones. It didn?t make sense to me when I heard it.

What about a roundtable with the terrorists?
There?s nothing wrong with dialogue. If they want to dialogue, in order to lay down their arms ? all right, provided it?s genuine; provided it doesn?t have unreasonable terms like saying that they?re going to Saudi Arabia, which is nonsense. If they want to dialogue, they can?t dictate terms. We shouldn?t close door to dialogue to bring an end to this scourge which has destroyed the north. There?s nothing going on in those areas now.

What do you think should be the blueprint to get Nigeria on course?
There are quite a number of things, apart from the federalism I stated. The same disease that Obasanjo suffered is what Jonathan is also going through, by not wanting to lose the quantum of power he has. But apart from that, I think the first thing is to tackle corruption. Look at what happens with every project you want to carry out in this country: roads, refineries, funds for school building or anything else. Once the money is put down those people appointed to execute it will first sit down and share it. And then they leave tiny fraction of it for the work to be done.
Every day you read about corruption in the papers; and it is at every level ? from state to local government. In fact, local government is even the worst. We also need to select people with ideas. The problem we have with energy should be looked into because no country can survive without power. One other amazing thing is that we are the only country exporting crude oil and importing refined oil. It?s never done. If I were the president, within a year, I would build refineries. If it requires borrowing money, I will borrow to build about 10 refineries, end all these stealing by the so-called importer/marketers. And those refineries should be able to pay what they borrow, produce large quantities at low rates that everybody can afford it and use it for their businesses and all that. Then, see the issue of human capital development. One of the richest countries in the world, Japan, does not have any natural resources; all they have is human resources and are highly developed. If we withdraw our doctors from the medical system of the US, it will collapse. All the excellence you hear of in the US has Nigerians playing major roles. So as they say we export what we don?t have that?s human capital and we import what we have that is petroleum products.

Recently, the Chief Justice of the Federation refused to swear-in a judge based on the state of origin. How much can this affect the Affirmative Action?
I don?t even look at it from the Affirmative Action because most of our female judges are sound; they?re there on their merit and not any Action. But what kills the spirit in what that CJ has done is that she raised race and ethnicity to a level of an oppressive deity. If she?s been serving Abia, she?s from Abia State. Period! The constitution talks of residence, there?s nothing like indigene. What the CJ did was very backward, very disappointing. I admire her a lot, I thought she was a progressive person, but I can?t get over the shock. The woman has served Abia and the state has right to sponsor her. Only narrow minded, petty people could petition that after serving you all her life. She deserves to be elevated on the basis of Abia State. I?m very surprised. I hope she makes a reversal in the interest of the nation.

Is all hope lost on the Bakassi boundary dispute?
Yes, all hope is lost. I give credit to the attorney general of the federation for not prosecuting the case. We really lost not in the court because after the 2002 judgement there were steps the Federal Government should have taken. A judgement of the International Court is legal, not automatically enforceable. If the person who loses refuses to abide by it, the other party is obliged to go to the Security Council of the UN. And they are a political body with delicately stated power. There they have a say on the matter being reported to the Security Council. If the Security Council finds it necessary, it may enforce the judgement. So if they say ?may?, that gives you discretion. Number two is that for the security council to enforce that power of ?may? it means unanimity of the five permanent members: the UK, the US, Russia, France and China. I was also consulted when this case arose and I wrote a memorandum that the court judgement, though binding, made a terrible omission which invalidates it in law. But since you cannot revise it, the only thing to do is to go to the Security Council and challenge it. Over the last one hundred years in the history of humanity, no people has been transferred from one sovereignty to another without a plebiscite. The people are indigenes not settlers. The principle of self determination is called jus cogens. It is the highest principle of international law which is superior to all other laws and can always be modified by another principle of the same status. Like crime against humanity, genocide, they are all on the same level. So it is binding on the international court of justice to have ordered that. What we advised was that Nigeria should refuse to obey the judgment, compelling Cameroun to go to the Security Council. Then Nigeria should say we have no quarrel with Cameroun. The issue of self determination has been omitted by the court, we urge the Security Council to order a Plebiscite. And the UN is known for urging a plebiscite. Before southern Cameroun left us, there was a plebiscite, before Adamawa joined us, there was a plebiscite; before eastern part of Togo joined Ghana, there was a plebiscite. Everybody is entitled to it. We also gave them a full back position because that cannot pass through as France and Britain were against us. But if they vetoed the proposal for a plebiscite we should have lobbied China and Russia to also veto any attempt to use force to implement the jugdement. These were written down advice we gave to the Obasanjo government. China and Russia would have done that for us because of the elements of the cold war still there and they would have been glad to have us as one of their clients. But Obasanjo just strutted out to New York to sign the Green Tree Agreement. From that day, Bakassi went and that was the end. Nothing new has happened since then to change the situation.

« on: January 16, 2013, 09:30:39 AM »
Ten Questions for Senator Olorunnimbe Mamora

Senator Mamora takes Tayo  Olanipekun through issues that have plagued the nation for  long stressing that seriousness and sincerity of purpose will go a long way to redeem the nation

Has the nation escaped from the ills that activists such as Gani Fawehinmi fought against?
We?re still very far from the principles and values Gani stood for. If we?re progressing, we won?t be where we are today. We have issues with corruption, injustice, inability to pursue federalism, to even respect the law of the land. We need to remind ourselves we still need to do a lot.
It seems it will be too difficult to have the kind of Nigeria we desire. How best do you think the nation could be moved forward?
There are issues of insincerity and lack of seriousness. We are a people not serious and insincere. You see leaders saying one thing and doing another. Again, we?ve left undone what we should do and we are preoccupied with unnecessary things.

What is your take on federalism as being practiced in Nigeria today?
Since the entity called Nigeria came into existence in 1914, we?ve had so many constitutions. We?ve had so many constitutional conferences. We?ve had the Richard Constitution, Littleton Constitution, Independent Constitution, Republican Constitution, Babangida Constitution, Abacha constitution, all of these and yet we?ve not been able to move forward the way we should. This is because we have not exhibited sincerity and seriousness and have not been able to address the real issues. That?s why we keep on coming back all the times.

What are these core issues?
We talk about the issues of power, fiscal federalism, the state police and all that everytime, all because we have failed to address the fundamental issues.

How do we achieve functional federalism then?
The issue is that the foundation is defective and we want to build an edifice. Rather than keep on deceiving ourselves, we need to go back and restructure the foundation with a view to achieving functional federalism. We do this by restructuring along social, economic and political lines.

What about issues with our currency and its restructuring?
The reservation that I have is that no matter how good a policy appears to be, we must also look at the implications of such a policy on the people because the good of the people according to Cicero, is the supreme law. No matter what we do along this line, to the extent that there is apprehension in the system. The NLC said that if the N5, 000 note was introduced, they would demand for pay rise. Thus, no matter how good a policy may be, to the extent that it could negatively affect the life of people because they are at the centre of governance, at the centre of development are the people. Caution should be applied in pursuing any policy that may be in the interest of the people.

As a former senator, how do you see the criticism of the national assembly as not been active in fighting corruption?
Don?t forget that this is an arm of government whose primary purpose is to make laws. Because it is the laws made by the National Assembly that govern the activities of bodies like the EFCC, ICPC, Code of Conduct Bureau and others. The point is that you can?t correct all the ills through laws alone. There is also the moral that is lacking and that is why the issue of values also becomes critical and important.

So it essentially takes moral and values to tackle corruption?
In a situation that the people concerned either through act of omission or commission or both fail to do what is right, you cannot blame that on the national assembly. It is not the national assembly that will investigate or prosecute. An allegation that is poorly investigated and poorly prosecuted cannot lead to conviction.

Or there is laxity on the part of law enforcement agencies?
It is the duty of the police and other agencies to investigate. I like to take a holistic view of the situation. We must begin to look at issue of thorough investigation and prosecution before we can be talking of conviction. When everything is done thoroughly, you can then deter people if only you sanction them accordingly as a result of infraction of the law.

Then, the indictment would also be on the judiciary?
Picture the case of a former governor who was accused of over 100 count charges and it was like what the bible says, ? many are the afflictions of the righteous ,God delivereth  him from them all?. He was discharged of all and this is the same person that is imprisoned in the U.K for less than ten-count charge. This means something is wrong with the entire system. It is not just the national assembly.

« on: January 16, 2013, 09:27:48 AM »
TATA MANZA-Art of Style and comfort

 The new Tata Manza is out to prove that an affordable car does not have to be pre owned, and it will surely key in on the desire of the medium income earners

Tayo Olanipekun

With a new styling, advanced technology and comfort features set to make it a leading model in the A-segment, the 2012 all-new Tata Manza is undoubtedly set to entice the emerging Nigerian middle class in need of moderately priced cars. This newer version of the Tata indigo has witnessed tremendous efforts from the makers to make its interiors more stylish and impressive.

The exterior gives an intimidating appearance with sleek body graphics and chrome finish in the door handles and rubs rails while the logo of Tata embossed on the front grille gives the feeling of trust and faith.

The interior, though, shares some similarities with the former model; it however adds end features to give the new model an up market look and a very spacious inside. For instance, the instrument cluster of the new Manza is placed at the conventional right side of the dashboard behind the steering wheel. The steering is also equipped with audio mounted controls, and a larger wheelbase as compared to the existing model.

It also has a centrally mounted MID (Multi Information Display) which is generally offered in the higher end vehicles. The all new Sedan Tata Manza is available in four variants: Aqua, Aura, Aura (ABS) and Aura Plus, all packed with exciting features like Bluetooth connectivity, power outlets for charging laptops and other mobile devices, outdoor temperature sensor and high mounted LED lamps.
The Tata Manza has the petrol variant powered with the 1368cc, 4-cylinder, MPFI, petro engine with Intelligent port resize that can produce 90PS of maximum power at 6000rpm along with a maximum torque of 116 Nm at 4750rpm. Also, the diesel variant is powered by a 1248cc, 4-cylinder, common rail diesel engine that has the competency of delivering high engine performance with excellent fuel efficiency and acceleration.

The engine produces 90PS at 4000rpm of maximum power at 4000rpm and maximum torque capacity of 200 Nm at 1750-3000 rpm; both engines deliver excellent performance with good fuel mileage, and mated to a 5-speed manual engine.

In the area of safety, Tata Manza employs an efficient antilock braking system (ABS) and airbags which enhances safety and quite absent in vehicles of similar segment. This is an art of comfort, adaptability and style that will surely entice any lover of car, any day.

« on: December 14, 2012, 09:06:18 AM »
let's share...

bringing nbf back to its glorious, golden days;
and having a reunion of peeps in its hall of fame

*prince, can you pull that off?

« on: December 12, 2012, 03:17:19 PM »

by Bayo Akinloye

Staring but not seeing...

Are there clairvoyant eyes

Peeking into Nostradamus' cauldron

Of concocted tomorrows

I behold twenty colours of confusion

And thirteen of convolution


Isn't 2013 a magical era

Fireworks, tongues of fire heralding it

Billions keeping vigil just for a sight

While eternity passes us by


At twenty why are we still acting like a blasphemous teen

« on: July 06, 2012, 04:42:20 PM »
3 persons lost their lives while 30 vehicles were burnt when a clash occured between Hausa and Yoruba in Ibese, Yewa North Local Government of Ogun State on Wednesday.

The Chairman of the task force in the affected market, Sikirulah Akinsola, confirmed  that the violence erupted due to a disagreement between two persons over a commercial sex worker.

The violence was said to have later escalated and became an inter-tribal crisis.

About 25 articulated vehicles, three cars and five motorcycles were said to have been destroyed in the violence. Also, almost all the shops in the nearby market were reportedly looted.

Akinsola, who also doubles as the Bada Orile of Ijako Village, a suburb of the town, said more than 200 persons of Yoruba extraction who felt aggrieved by the alleged killing of their kinsman had decided to demonstrate on the streets when the crisis erupted.

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi confirmed the incident, but said no one was killed.

Adejobi, an assistant superintendent of police however said the violence in the town had nothing to do with ethnicity.

He said, ?It was caused by a prostitute and some of the drivers had a problem with some men who claimed to be Ibese indigenes. There was no ethnic colouration. There was no casualty and only 14 vehicles were burnt.?

Armed policemen were deployed in the troubled town to forestall further break down of law and order while an Armoured Personnel Carrier was seen stationed in front of the Dangote Cement Factory located within the community.

« on: July 06, 2012, 04:40:49 PM »

Over 500 dead bodies were washed up from their graves in Jajeri Moslem Cemetery in Maiduguri and Jere Council Area Borno state capital following a heavy downpour that started from Wednesday evening till the early hours of Thursday. A 10-year-old, who was buried two days ago, was also washed up.

Also, over 10,000 residents, were sacked from their homes while property worth millions of naira were  destroyed.

The rainfall was said to be the heaviest in the state since the commencement of the rainy season.

Areas which were affected are: Bullumkutu, Ajillari, Jajeri, London Ciki, Polo, Bolori, Ummarari, Maduganari, Gomari Airport, Gwange and Mary wards of the metropolis. Most of the residents in these areas had to stay indoors. Others were seen evacuating their property and laying the items under the sun and on trees to dry.

Mallam Bukar Maina, a resident, said the affected people have planned to send an SOS to Governor Shettima to come to their aid.

Maina said: ?This is not the first time we have taken our complaint to the governor on the devastating effect of flooding in the area due to our proximity to River Gadambul. But all our cries fell on deaf ears. We hope this time around the governor will listen to us.?

Meanwhile, Borno State Governor, Shettima has said the state government has awarded contracts worth N14 billion for the construction of roads and drainages in Bullumkutu, Dala, Abuja Talaka, Bullumkutu Tsalake, among other wards of the metropolis, to check flooding.

He said there was ongoing planting of over 10 million Arabic trees/seedlings across the 27 council areas of the state.
He said: ?It is unfortunate that apart from some of my valuable documents and property which were destroyed, some section of my only hard-earned two bedroom bungalow was brought down by the flood. I am now totally confused as I have nowhere to go to with my family of 10.?


the signpost of our dim and distant past
the adjective of our adverbial past tense
exhumed from the communion of  our unrestrained cerebration

long-long time ago
when fowls were fouled
in the cesspit of our collective cauldron
no bird flu, bird flight
could deny our munching laughters

before we 'gree
we were unity of disharmony
like a provocative preposition
in obstruction of a seemingly simple sentence

long before the four of them were to be immortals
aha, when a cyber-idol becomes too proud
it's shown from which entrance it should exit

when it was midnight to past tense
the intrusive, obstructive future tense
interrupted the glee of our gang
who didn't know
afternoon wasn't only asking for the morning's head?

despair was the middle name of tomorrow
since hope was dashed in '93
now with umbrella over our hungry heads
brooms in our handicapped hands
rotten corns in our abject baskets
are you telling us there's a present past
in this past participle of pains?

we spoke in simple grammar
now we speak in the future tense
of proverbial obscurity

time and tide wait for no one
right now
with the right click
pressing the vital button here or there
we can pause time in its arrogant stride

we used to be mates
but in the divisiveness of time
we're separated
one from the other...

« on: February 14, 2011, 05:15:19 PM »
Most visited Nigerian Sites in January 2011

Deeply sorry for bringing this report to you this late. In Nigeria, the biggest headlines day in day out is now politics as the country countdown to the elections date.

There is no much change in the top-five slot, the top sites are still holding strong even as more sites are making their ways into the top-fifty sites in Nigeria.

Top Ten












Top Movers

    *               44
    *                38
    *                  26
    *    26
    *                23

The Shakers

    *          -19
    *        -22
    *              -13
    *           -11
    *      -5

The most notable of the movers is and, Dealfish most especially has been growing like wildfire of the months. This is no surprise though as the giant behind it, MIH is fully ready to take on the Nigerian market.

As the year progresses, hope to see a new site crack into the top 5 to give the veterans a fight for their monies.

« on: February 14, 2011, 05:09:39 PM »
Top 20 Nigerian websites worth N.66 billion Naira

We have outlined here 20 biggest Nigerian web properties for the half-year 2010. The full report will be available by before the end of July. The revelation we got from this makes me want to share with us what is going on in the Nigerian Internet market.

So I present to you, a list of top Nigerian Web properties for half-year 2010.
Site    Worth (Naira)    Rank    












































*The calculations were enhanced by ( and our internal historical data of Nigerian websites. The worth may not be perfect but it gives us good sense of what they are like. The sites may be worth more than that using another metric or to the company in question.














« on: January 21, 2011, 04:09:47 PM »
About four years ago I was at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja.  Early afternoon, my partner wanted to get her hair done in the saloon and asked me to come with her.  I didn?t want to go but I went only after I saw an opportunity therein to check out the local female talents.  Once there, I was pretending I was reading a newspaper whilst actually checking out everything around me when Atiku busted into the saloon with a large security entourage.  He had come for a pedicure!   


While I was quite circumspect in checking out the local talents, Atiku had no such restraint.  In the end, I had to spend some of my time and energies blocking the man from pushing up on my own woman like an exercise.  I tell you, it wasn?t easy.  Anyway, the man has been in my bad books ever since. 



I vaguely remember Atiku Abubakar?s name during the incidence of the infamous 53 suitcases belonging to one Emir that were allowed into the country after Idiagbon/Buhari had closed the border.  I think Atiku had tried to prevent those suitcases from coming-in but he was overruled by the Army men.  Several years later, thanks to Obasanjo and his politics of compensation, Atiku became Nigeria?s Vice President. 



In December 2006 after Obasanjo put the clampers firmly around him, Atiku dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for another Party, the Action Congress (AC).  Whilst in the AC, this man did absolutely nothing for that Party.  He tried and used the AC as a platform to further his presidential dream but failed so he moved on.  On 6 April 2010, he formally dumped the AC and returned to the PDP.  On that occasion, he said that he had ?decided to embrace the PDP's policy of reconciliation.?  He added that ?the values and ideals of the party (PDP) were deliberately trampled upon by anti-democratic forces?Despite being a founding member, I was treated shabbily and eventually forced out of the party. I had no choice therefore but to team up with others to found the AC.?   This is rich because those anti-democratic forces are still in the PDP actively practicing their trade.  He ended by stating that, ?Sadly, my efforts to help build a strong national opposition party have been frustrated by factionalisation, intrigues and divided loyalties to particular individuals.?  So he returned to the PDP and to his vomit in a clumsy manner.  Political prostitution on a real grand scale. 



Preparatory to all that, back on 19 January 2009, Atiku went all the way to Ota on all fours to beg and reconcile with Obasanjo.  I supposed OBJ must have counselled him to wait for a suitable interregnum before returning to the PDP.  In any event, after his re-admittance to the PDP, the man immediately began acting as if the PDP and Nigeria owe him a presidency or something.  He began practicing a bizarre and unsavoury politics of entitlement.  His campaign theme was exclusively that the PDP had a rotational agreement and that that in fact meant he should be conferred the Party?s presidential ticket.  He neglected to mention that despite this same apparent rotation arrangement, he was the first person to tell Obasanjo back in early 2003 to adopt the ?Mandela option? and not seek a second term as President.  He didn?t just stop there, he then mobilised some corrupt State governors to help him unseat Obasanjo so that he (Atiku) could be President in 2003. 



Atiku's politics of entitlement saw him in Port Harcourt just over a week ago where, as a parting shot, he told the folks there that, ?We are trying to stop the culture of eight year term in the country, but the North is bent on finishing the remaining years of late Umaru Yar?Adua.?  This was after he had reminded the people that the power sharing policy of the PDP made it possible for an Ijawman to be president of Nigeria.  He further remarked that, ?I was telling Bayelsa delegates that do you know that the whole of you are not up to one senatorial district in Kano? Let us be very thoughtful of what we are doing. I was telling some people last night that you want to abandon zoning, not so. You want to abandon zoning. As of today, 61% of PDP delegates are from the North. I don?t need to come here and talk to you.?  Then he added, ?All I need is to mobilise all the northern delegates to vote for me, even if I take 55% of that 61 per cent, I am okay. You have only 31% here in the South. The entire number of delegates from the South-South are not half of that of the North West. Tell me when it comes to numbers how you are going to win this election??  Clearly, arithmetic is not his strong suit.  Just the month before, he was talking about inevitable violent change if peaceful change is unachievable.  I mean, what is all this? 



After all his bravura and bluster, the PDP presidential primary came and the man who is reputed to be very fond of his akamu and akara got a different dish served him in the early hours of January 14.  Atiku only managed to secure 805 votes compared to Jonathan?s 2,736.  He even lost to Jonathan by 31 to 76 votes in Adamawa, his own home State!  In fact, Jonathan beat Atiku in 14 of the 19 northern States and in every State south of the Niger.  A very complete rout and a very needed reminder for Atiku of where he truly slots-in in the scheme of things in Nigeria. 



Even in a gubernatorial tussle in Adamawa, the man who fancies himself the boss up there could not carry his home State.  But he goes to others and reminds them that he doesn?t really need their vote.  Well, they didn?t give it to him.  Look where he is now.I don?t particularly care for the PDP but I admired the way the Party first used Atiku to block Babangida, and then how they drained some of our billions off his pocket before kicking him in the family jewels.



So what was the source of Atiku?s empty arrogance?  I guess he needed to be bent over double for his very public flogging and I was glad he got one.   Lord knows that he has been spoiling for this kind of beating for a while.



Here was a man who has been dying to be firmly put in his place.  A proven political lightweight blessed with an uncanning talent for misjudgement and missteps.  You would think he would have learnt by now, but noooo.  At the start of the PDP primaries he was offered an opportunity to sell himself.  But what did Atiku do?  He only went and dropped another clanger.  He rose up and delivered a completely negative speech that was ungentlemanly, abrasive and lacking in grace.  All he did was mostly push his personal born-to-rule, turn-by-turn agenda and told delegates that voting for him was ?the right thing to do.?  Haba Alhaji?  How so?



Let us just tell him: That negative sermon was further proof that Atiku is not a bona fide leader and certainly not an astute politician.  In fact, his whole political odyssey is littered with errors and poor decisions.  He comes across as too desperate and that is very off-putting.  He has been harping on about rotational agreement; but for a sitting, powerful and very visible Vice President who apparently understood that power may likely return to his side of town next time around, why did he not diligently serve his principal - the President, the country and his Party.  Rather, he instigated a bunch of governors to help him unseat his principal after just one term in office.  That singular incident irreparably wounded his political career.  Perhaps if he had served faithfully for eight years as a loyal and credible Vice, the PDP?s presidential ticket would have been his for the taking in 2007.  Instead, he took a loaded bazooka to his own greedy foot.  Now he continues to struggle, grope and blame other people for his own shortcomings.  Atiku?s unravelling has been a long time in coming.  It?s turned out that his vaunted political mastery is completely overblown.  Similarly, his crayon-written PR is hugely exaggerated.  Turns out he?s no master of anything at all.  His only national acclamation is that he married women from all nook and cranny of Nigeria.  As for credible leadership credentials; not even close.  I?m not enamoured by OBJ, but like him, me too I dey laugh o.

« on: January 21, 2011, 03:51:18 PM »

advert or madness?

« on: January 21, 2011, 03:45:41 PM »

do you know?











« on: January 21, 2011, 02:13:20 PM »

let's know the merits and demerits of these two types of tyres.

« on: November 26, 2010, 11:33:04 AM »

is fashola a success or

a face of failure

in lagos state?

will you want him to come back as the governor of lagos state; and why? why not?

« on: November 23, 2010, 05:15:05 PM »

lies are like star dust
blindfold that shields our minds
with you stolen kisses are sweetest
at one stray nudge
you set my world on fire
with you sex is...

we both drink from illicit cisterns
our cups are full and always empty
our garden is filled with forbidden fruits
let's eat, let's eat
we have no much time

here lie the litters of our lust
with lascivious lips we smooch the embers
of our burning desires
stolen kisses are sweetest
as they leave us insatiable
let's steal some more
with you sex is...

without you adventure
is a meaningless venture
please tell
were you created for this purpose?
no wife's passion matches yours
no filial feelings fly higher than this

steal me away eternally
from this home drab and dreamless
kidnap me from this clueless half
hijack me from these indulgent kids
and imprison me in your unbounded bosom
feed me
in the saliva of your stolen kisses
with you sex is...

run away
come to our tryst
let him experience the dea(r)th of you
subject him to wintry nights
as we tip-toe our way
up to cloud nine

if you're reading this
it is a terminal note
sex with you is disease
sharing a glittering doom
let's not tell
our clueless halves
neither our helpless kids
life for us is hopeless

sex is sweet
when it's stolen
it's sinful
with you sex is my death.

« on: November 05, 2010, 10:59:38 AM »

« on: November 04, 2010, 04:34:43 PM »
Pension Reforms Act - a critique (III)
by Dimeji Okewale
Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing The Pensions Reform Act 2004, which is the primary statute regulating Pensions and Pensions related matters in Nigeria.
Considering the strategic importance of the welfare of old citizens to National Planning, a wholesome critique of the Pensions Reform Act is only appropriate to ensure that the purpose for which the Act is formulated is not defeated. Below we shall critically examine some areas of the Act and how it affects the citizenry.
Exemption from the scheme
The provision of Section 8(1) allows for the exclusion of those employees with 3 years or less to retirement from the scheme. We find this provision grossly unfair due to the fact that many employees have persevered in order to be entitled to the erstwhile pension scheme which is presently being phased out and which ever way will be short changed. What happens to the man with four years to retirement? Is he now to be short-changed for this new scheme?
A better approach would be to increase the exemption years to 6 years. On the issue of rate of contribution to the scheme which is 7.5 % payable by the employer and the employee to total the sum of 15%. We are of the opinion that the Rates as stipulated for both the employees and employers should be retained for all practical purposes and that to further subject these contribution rates to the approval of the Commission is a misnomer taking into cognizance the possibility of collusion between the commission and the employers and the possibility of an abuse of these powers. The provisions of Section 9 should be amended to correct this aberration.
Taxable voluntary contributions
The Section 7(2) provision of the Pension Reform Act stipulates that withdrawal of voluntary contribution made within 5 years should be taxed at the source of withdrawal. While one believes that at all times the intendment of the Act is to provide future funds for the employee; such taxing voluntary contributions should be actively discouraged.
Transitional provisions
The importance of Section 12(1b) is to transfer and convert the entitlements of employees to an account in the form of Government Bonds which shall be redeemable upon retirement. Section 29 stipulates that an amount equal to 5% of the monthly emolument payable to employees in the public service should be remitted into a Redemption Funds for redeeming the Bonds issued to the employees.
The question to be asked is what happens when that 5% so designated becomes grossly insufficient to offset the Bonds so issued. Perhaps it would be better to suggest that the amount be increased to at least 9% of the total monthly emoluments payable in the public service.
Membership of the commission
Presidential appointment of the members is based on regional and geo-political considerations subject to the Senate's confirmation. This only promotes the Federal Character Principle rather than election or appointment based on merit. This is potentially detrimental to the proper regulation, supervision and effective administration of pension matters in Nigeria and gives rise to other weighed considerations.

It is submitted that competence should not be sacrificed on the altar of sectarian inclusion. See Section 16(3) and Section 17(2). Gifts and donations Power to accept gifts by the Commission from anyone including employers, PFC and PFA could ultimately make the commission compromise on its functions of impartiality in regulating, supervising and administering pensions matters to the benefit of its benefactors. It is suggested that certain categories of donors should be restricted by creating a central pool of gifts for the commission where the donors/benefactors will have to remain Anonymous.
This should not only give the populace peace of mind to trust in the integrity of the members but also remove any trace of feeling beholden to a particular cause on the part of the member of the Commission.

LITERATURE and BOOKS. / THIS IS IT! (but you may not know...)
« on: June 11, 2010, 01:08:40 PM »

you may not know
that the vulture's brain is clairvoyant
that the tortoise's cracked back
is a hard nut to crack
even in the whistling howl of whirlwind
where you play
your mother's voice is rasping

you may not know
till you are gone
that you are nothing but the thick smoke
coming after the bullet of a firing pistol
that the barking dog can sing
especially when its owner has a benevolent hand

you may not know
why would you
how could you
you may not know because you put your heart
too close to your tongue
you may not know because your shelter is in darkness
no ray, no hope - you dwell in the delusion of drowsiness

you may not know
that this space once belonged to you and i
that a live coal will always beget cold, impotent ash
no fire burns for ever except christendom's hellfire
the embers fanned by their unchristlike doctrine

you may not know
and that's why i am here
to raise your hand across your other ear
while you are far away, i am here
true i took a long sabbatical but am back
to let you know things you may not know

you may not know
that the hands that write also writhe
the minds that muse also mourn
but in all these absences
i "tanda-gidigba" like the ancient "iroko"
never mind the empty boast
for when a man is empty
he shouts the most

you may not know
that it's tough, it's troubling
to be away from the green turf
you call home and future
you may not know that a dry throat
can still produce mellifluous melody

you may not know
the kind of log that fuels my fire
but this is it!


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