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BUSINESS and ECONOMY / Marketing Strategy for business in Nigeria
« on: August 20, 2017, 03:57:34 PM »
Hi guys,

I came across this inforgraphic and thought of sharing it here.   This is a good infographic information for people looking for ways to market their products and services. 

Are you a website owner, to you blog or use facebook or use forums? If you do, you can make cool cash in Naira (₦) paid in Naira.  Many people uses the said facilities (social networks) for fun, to make friends, to chat and many more but not knowing that while they do all those things, they can actually be making money.
 We have now created in Nigeria the kind of system for Nigerians to make extra cash online.  These system are use by people in America U. S. A, United Kingdom (UK) and many other advanced country.  Also, the system will not ask you to make payment when you register (Registration is FREE).
 ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS: Register at MAKING MONEY ONLINE.  After the registration, our system will provide you with a unique membership ID.
 What to do next:-
 1.  Log into your membership area, you will see some code in the ads area;
 2.  Copy the code and paste it into your facebook wall or twitter or blogs, or forums or sent as emails;
 3.  These code has our banners and/or links in them
 4.  That is it.
 What will happen:
 1.  If anybody of company see your pasted banners or links and click on them;
 2.  This will take them to our website and ask them to register their company;
 3.  If they become a paid customer, we will pay you ₦2,500. 00 for every customer that comes through you.
 4.  There is NO LIMIT to the amount of customers you can bring.
 5.  You can monitor the amount of visitors you send to us through your membership area at hxxp: www. nigerianbusinesslinks. com/affiliate
 6.  All payment will be paid to you in Naira by any choice you choose (Cheque or Bank transfer).
 If you invite a friend to be OUR affiliate, you will also get ₦1,000. 00 when your friend get us a registered paying customer.  So this is a WIN WIN situation for you and your friend.
 What this mean is that when your friend bring a customer to us, we will pay your friend ₦2,500. 00 and we will pay you ₦1,000. 00.
 So what should be stopping from making money online? answer is NOTHING should be stopping you.
 The code to invite your friends is also in your membership area when you register.
For more information, please visite ? Making Money online in Nigeria 

REAL ESTATES / Paper adverts or Free Online advert for real estate
« on: November 25, 2011, 01:28:37 PM »
I believe that 'If we Nigerian embrace the advancement of Internet technology, doing business will be easier'.  With latest internet technology and Nigeria Business Directory, it will make doing Business with one another fast and easier. 
All over the world, I have seen a very sharp rise in online advertisement especially in the real estate sector.  but why is it that we Nigerians are a little bit lay back when it comes to internet advertisement.
I can guaranty everyone of us that more deals are place online even on Nigeria websites than the paper advertisement.  In other countries, more enphasis are laid on online advertisements and this is making their business grow.
I will urge everyone of us to promote online businesses.  Thanks

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / New Job vacancies available
« on: October 15, 2011, 04:47:34 PM »
Skoybus Services Limited is looking to recruit for various marketing and sales positions. 

Job Description:
The Marketers will work closely with the Head of Marketing to define, implement and execute network marketing strategy.  The successful candidates will be central to the future growth of subscription revenues and lead generation through the all business channels, and will use his/her experience to drive intelligence, expertise and best practice into BMIs marketing.
Key Responsibilities:
1.  Be able to market our products and services to clients;
2.  Lead and own specific projects around marketing channels;
3.  Report and communicate with market project coordinator on a regular basis
Required Skills:

1.  The candidates will be degree educated with a minimum of a years experience in marketing, ideally from a B2B background or digital agency;
2.  Self starter with strong commercial awareness and drive to succeed;
3.  Excellent prioritisation and organisation skills, able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines;


Interested applicants should visit hxxp: www. nigerianbusinesslinks. com/marketing-jobs/
Note: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.  Kindly ensure that your e-mail address and telephone numbers are valid and active

DEADLINE: 26-10-2011

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