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INTERNET / what is your adsense earning
« on: October 09, 2010, 08:37:59 PM »
I have made atleast 50euro today, what about you?
Can I get a suggestion on facebook cpc advertisement for Nigeria.  Wanna pay so low.   ;D

« on: October 07, 2010, 07:17:01 PM »
Hello forumites,
                  I am giving away 2 ebooks free.  These books are worth 100$ but its yours free, check out on google what blogging to the bank is and how much its sold and adsense black hat edition is a rare gem.
What is my gain, I simply need people to follow my how to make money blog on network blogs.  This will not take you more than 2mins to do, is that simple.  Go to my site www. alwaysme2u. com and scroll down to network blogs and follow it. 
Then send me your facebook name, it must correspond with what you have on network blogs.  This will not cost you anything.  I am doing this simply to promote my blog to your friends.  I will use the facebook name to confirm if you have atleast 20 friends.  Then I will send you either blogging to the bank or adsense black hat edition, please do not forget to indicate the ebook you want, it must be one.

You can start now.

Blogging to the bank.  The blueprint of a millionaire.

INTERNET / Zenith Bank Nigeria websurfer card and Facebook advert
« on: September 30, 2010, 08:53:33 PM »
Hello folks,
  A friend of mine asked me if its possible that a zenith bank web surfer card can be used to pay for advertisement on facebook? I need answers pls

INTERNET / Dropshipping for $$$$$$$$$$$$
« on: September 17, 2010, 01:33:03 PM »
Another way you can sell physical products on Craigslist for a profit, without ever actually stocking any items, is to Dropship them!
First, let's talk a little bit about what dropshipping is in case you have never done it or even heard of it.  Basically what you do is sell a product online at a price you choose, usually somewhere around the suggested retail price of the item.  Then, after someone buys the item, and you get the payment for it, you go and place an order for the product you just sold and have it shipped to the person.
The dropshipper usually charges you wholesale price for the item and ships it directly to your customer.  You keep the difference between the wholesale price you pay for the item and retail price you sold it for.  As I stated above, this is great because you have no inventory to stock, no shipping hassles, or really anything else to deal with.  You just have to be the middle man between the company and the customer, and collect your profits.
There are plenty of places that will Dropship their products for you but they aren't always easy to find.  I've also found that searching for lists of places that Dropship tends to lead you to a bunch of places that require you to pay for the list.
Here is one place I have found that gives you a free list of dropshippers in many different categories:

hxxp: wholesalecentral. com/dropshippers. html
I have sold and dropshipped items from various companies found on wholesalecentral and they have all gone very smoothly without any problems.
Now, how do you use Craigslist to make profits by dropshipping? Well, there are a few ways but my best recommendation is to use the good old eBay + Craigslist combination again.
You can find products to Dropship using the website above or anywhere else you can find them.  Then put them up as individual auctions on eBay and place ads on Craigslist to help drive traffic to your auctions.
Or you can open up an eBay Store and sell many items at once.
One thing you do want to be sure of before you go wasting any of your precious time doing this is that the products you are selling are actually profitable.  You must find products that will not only sell, but sell at a high enough mark-up beyond wholesale price for you to make money off them.
One good way to do this is to use eBay itself for your research.  If there are other items that are the same or similar selling well then you are probably good to go.  If there are the same or similar items listed but none of them are selling then it may not be the best item to sell.
And if you don't even find any of that particular item being sold on eBay then you might be on to something.  Or there may be a good reason nobody is selling that item.  Check the eBay rules and make sure it's not a prohibited item for some reason.  If it's not, put up a couple test auctions for that item and see how they go.  If the auctions go well then keep on selling that item.  If not, scrap it and find a better one.
This method probably requires the most time and effort of all the Craigslist profits methods listed in this report but it's not exactly brain surgery and it can be quite profitable.

INTERNET / Blogging to the Bank. The Blueprint of a Blogging Millionaire
« on: September 15, 2010, 04:26:47 PM »
The Million Dollar Blogger is back with another edition of Blogging to the Bank.  This time it?s 3. 0 and the system has been tested and tweaked, techniques and methods have been added and others have been deleted.  Since it?s launch in 2006 Blogging to the Bank versions 1 and 2. 0 have sold over 20,000 copies and there?s been thousands of success stories from people making anything from a couple of hundred dollar extra to people now running seven figure businesses.
If you have the other editions of Blogging to the Bank then a couple of things will be familiar with you and you?ll have no problem flying through the system and creating highly profitable blogs that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars.
However? If you?re new to Blogging to the Bank then first let me introduce myself.  My name is Rob Benwell and I live in the north of the UK.  I?m 24 years old and have been blogging since I was 20 making over a million dollars in the process.
Now you?ve discovered my latest blueprint for creating successful blogs as well as advanced blogging techniques that you can put to use to turbo charge your blogs.  I?ve split the techniques into two part (the simple blueprint and advanced techniques) to make it as easy as possible for new bloggers to get started and also for serious bloggers who know some of the blueprint steps to get their teeth into the advanced methods without having to read every word of this ebook.
The main thing you need to remember when reading this eye opening information is that you absolutely must take some action after you have read this.  It doesn?t matter if it?s 3 in the morning and you?re alarm will be going off in a few hours.  By just starting and taking a small step it will make it so much easier to continue and build up on.
So let?s get started?

The 3 Big Changes in Big Money Blogging
Almost 4 years since I started blogging and just short of 3 years since the original Blogging to the Bank ebook was released.
It seems like a lifetime has gone by with all the changes in the blogging world over the last few years.  I totally overhauled my entire system and business model which was revealed in Blogging to the Bank 2. 0 but again in the last 18 months some big changes have happened.  However? I haven?t had to completely change my system like before? It?s just needed some additions, fine tuning and unproductive techniques stripping away.  This is what you?re about to read? My million dollar blueprint that has been tested and tweaked for the last 18 months.
First, here?s the 3 big changes I?ve seen in the couple of years that if you?ve missed you need to know about in order to maximise your blogs potential.
1) Blog Advertising is becoming big business? Blog advertising is set to become one of the largest forms of advertising on the web only surpassed by PayPerClick marketing.  This is amazing news for bloggers like us as small companies through to large corporations will be throwing money into the blogging world and it?s yours for the taking.  Blogging is set to keep the rate of growth it?s seeing and as a student of the Blogging to the Bank system you?ll be perfectly positioned to make money from blog advertising as well as using blogs for affiliate marketing.
2) Free Blogs Are Dead? Using blogging services like Blogger or the free WordPress. com version won?t make you the big money like me and other serious bloggers are seeing.  It?s crucial that you actually own your blog including the domain name and are in control of it by having your own hosting rather than free hosting and a sub-domain like Blogger provides.  Now if you have started a free blog you?ll be able to follow along and take that blog
and turn it into a money making blog using this system.

The 5 Blogging Commandments For 2009

1) Personality! Make sure your blog has some as you?ll want to engage your reads and make them relate to you or the character you create.  By having a likable personality when writing it will be more interesting that a dull and boring blog.  You can engage the reader through competitions, questions/asking for comments and by just writing about interesting stories, techniques and ideas.

2) Make It Sticky ? Your blog should have people coming back to it and reading it again and again.  Make sure you include RSS reader buttons so visitors can subscribe to the feed.  Also opt-in newsletters that offer more than just updates are a good idea but the number one way to get people to come back is to offer excellent likable content.

3) Maximise Your Blogs Revenue ? By making sure your blog earns every penny it can it will mean less work creating new blogs to increase your revenue.  Since Blogging to the Bank 2. 0 there?s been a few new ways to maximise your revenue and I?ll be sharing them inside? So you?ll be able to turn your existing blogs revenue into much more.

4) Don?t Give Up ? I get emails every week from people ready to quit because of various reasons including? They can?t set their blog up, Google dropped their PageRank, Earnings are slumping and even because they?re earning too much and work is piling up.  There will be hard times on your journey but you must not give up.  I?ve come close to giving up many times but always remember that I shouldn?t because for every bad day I?ll have 20 good days where I?ll be amazed at how much money is been made and how much fun it all is.  Stick to it and you?ll have success.

5) Don?t let your blog die.  Flip it instead ? I?ve seen huge differences in blogs that are kept updated and offers that don?t get new posts.  You don?t have to post every day or even every week but make sure you don?t just set them up and forget about them because they will die off and lose traffic? If you are having problems managing all you blogs.  Keep your best ones and sell the others.  You should always be looking to sell some of your blogs for the right amount as this will increase your income and wealth.



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