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Yes oh! Welcome the Darkangel's Hosting Co-operation.

Haha! Are you tired of using free domain names as your server for IWP because almost all hosting don't agree with it?

Tired of free hosting adverts? And limited liabilities of free domains.

Right now, I bring you freedom with my cheap service where I will buy you a . com, . mobi, . org, . ng, etc.  domains and also I'll update your nameservers, DNS, etc anytime you need it.

Also we sell IWP servers for one year when many people are just selling for one month, we sell for one full year, unlimited bandwith from Russia, U. S, Netherlands.

You can choose any country if you want, and also we sell cPanel (for those building sites).  And also Web Host Manager that builds cPanels.  Infact, we rock Naija with our service.

This is how it goes.


1 year . com/. net/. org domain= $6
2 years . com/. net/. org domain= $10
3 years . com/. net/. org domain= $15

===cPanel/Hosting Plans===

1 full year of unlimited bandwidth, you'll need to pay just $17


===IWP Server===

You'll pay $10 for 1 year unlimited bandwidth and you'll have the right to choose the country you want.

I see people paying up to 2,500 naira for just one month, but here, I'm helping you guys in order to enjoy browsing.

===Web Host Manger===

1 Full year you'll pay= $65


All payments should be made via Liberty Reserve.

My Liberty Reserve account number: U2208559

My phone number is- 07030282494

Call me anytime after payment of what you want to buy and I'll set up your plan in just 1/2 hour(s).

My E-mail- folarin. femi@gmail. com

My facebook- lightangel247@yahoo. com

In anyway you can get in contact with me, I'll show up.

Any questions bring 'em now.

Hello there, it's me again Folarin Femi.  I'm giving you guys some Christmas bonus of how you can earn N4,000+ in just few minutes of work.


First TUT-

====||Earn $10 In 3 Minutes||====

First sign up here

hxxp: prizelive. com/r/lightangel

Then go to daily surveys, and click on each once at a time.  In the URL there will be something like ptid=19, change that to ptid=23.  Then exit out of the survey, hit submit, clear cookies and move to the next daily survey.

hxxp: img704. images....... us/img704/6918/mkkkayss. jpg

Also, if you know how to use Cheat Engine, you can freeze the basketball game gaining A LOT of points.


Second TUT-

====||Earn $10 In 7 Minutes||====

1) Sign up at- hxxp: www. prizeboxy. com/sig/gen. png?username=darkangel - Time Taken 30 Seconds

2) Log in to PrizeBoxy. com and go to the "Earn Cash" page - Time Taken 20 Seconds

3) Complete 10 - 15 offers - Time Taken 5 - 10 minutes

4) Request a cashout - Time Taken In Total 11 Minutes Max!

5) Get $10 - Completed.


Also, you must use an U. S based IP before you can complete offers.

Get U. S IPs here-

hxxp: nntime. com/proxy-country/United-States-01. htm

How to Set UP the IPs-

hxxp: www. freeproxy. ru/en/free_proxy/howuse. htm


Also here are some useful sites you can use in earning from completing offers.

hxxp: www. cashlagoon. com/?ref=226651

hxxp: www. ayuwage. com/?reg=13243

hxxp: www. spaceptc. com/index. php?ref=naijabase

hxxp: cashlagoon. com/?ref=226651

hxxp: www. cloudcrowd. com/i/qkj5ns


Latest News; I'm still selling the WSO method of how you can earn N160,000 in less than 1 week.

Note: 16 copies have been sold and I'm only having 14 copies for 14 people left.

You just need N1,500 and you'll make huge money with which you could use for Christmas.

This is where I bought the book- hxxp: www. warriorforum. com/warrior-special-offers-forum/298066-1-000-days-48-hours-less-easy-setup-newbie-friendly-make-money-guaranteed. html


Payment procedure.

Bank Name: Fidelity Bank

Account Name: Folarin Femi

Account Number: 083601010059732


After payment, send me a text with 'Name on the teller' and your Email Address, I'd send the file 20 minutes after confirmation to your E-Mail address.

Send the text to- 07030282494


Please, if you've any problem relating to Internet Marketing or you'd want to receive special lectures on how you'd make money with anything you do online.

Then add me on Facebook- lightangel247@yahoo. com


Fell Free to call me anything, even late hours on 07030282494


Also, if you don't know what you're doing by buying this book then you're in dip shit.

I have had 12 people now who're testifying about this book, they've been following the instructions in the book and have been making huge profit.

Some people will steal, kill, etc for little money.  But now, you can make money with your PC/Cafe's PC.


Am always online.  Feel free to hit me on my inbox here, add me or give me a call at- 07030282494.

~Folarin Femi

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« on: December 05, 2009, 03:30:25 PM »

guys if u want free browsing tricks just follow these three likns pls this is not scam its real

hxxp: sharemobile. ro/file. php?id=423107

hxxp: sharemobile. ro/file. php?id=423082

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