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WEDNESDAY JOBS POSTING / Female Secretary Needed Urgently.
« on: July 02, 2008, 08:27:47 AM »
A Female Secretary is needed to begin work Urgently in a Growing Network Company Based in Ibadan, Oyo State.  She must reside in Oyo State or its environs.

Requirements: OND holder, 20-25 Years Old, Fluent in Yoruba and English Language

Renumeration: Very Attractive.

Come with your C. V to S7/613 Felele Layout, HOUSE 14, Odukoya Close,Felele, Challenge, Oyo State. 

Successful Applicant will begin work Immediately after Interview.


Let me Explain Basically How it works. But get the complete information in the Members Manual which you will get on joining and you can read it at your space and time to fully understand the Program. 

Basically let me explain.  With your membership you join the Financial Exchange Network, which  is a Trade Exchange Network that specialize in the Barter System.  As our member base currently is increasing, Members with Business that offer products and/or services can easily now have access to a large customer base that they wouldnt have access to without the Financial Exchange Network.  Members submits and register their products and services, and subscribe for periodic memberships. 

In this regard, our Reward System thrives.  You will understand from the manual that even as a Member in the first Category who does absolutely nothing earn N7,500 in his first week and continously earn payments every week.  As you choose your Membership Category, your earning goes up.  Member Categories are from Member 1-7.

There are even more benefits, but you can only get them as a Member. . .

or You can continue in your state and forget about this. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Register Go straight to hxxp: www. richernigeria. com/index. php?pr=Financial_Package.


Do before your Neighbour shows you the News.

See You at the Top


Are you interested? send me an email stating your interest: financialpackageprogram at gmail dot com


Hello Achiever,

I appreciate your enquiry about Financial Package Program. . .  All you need to know about FPP has been sent to your email address: futurerebellegend@gmail.  com.

I urge you to grab the opportunity of Joining the Train of Financial Freedom while her membership fee is still a total of N15,000 or it might be late for you after 20th June, 2008.  Thereafter, you will have to pay a total of N35,000 to be part of the Financial Achievers.

Once again, you are welcome on Board


Thanks for the welcome.

Hi everyone interested in starting a new business with only N15,000 capital
and No-Risk.    I am about to Reveal an Amazing Package Program to everyone who
is reading my post now.   

Wahoo? I mean a Unique Package that elevate poverty, A Package that will
increase your currently financial Status, A Package that will make you Rich in 5 business months, I mean Rich.   .   .    By just doing less or even Nothing at All.   .   .    Guess you are surprise hearing this!

The Information I am about to Reveal here is NOT FREE.   .   .    It cost so much money wise but for as many of my visitors/Nigerians stumbling on this post today, I must confess: you are lucky to get it FREE.   .   .   

Congratulation! Anyway, even if you get this Package Revelation FREE and you
do not ACT Immediately, it will be a waste to you.    You might obviously, continue to be in that financial crisis/situation you have always been but definitely you will soon see and hear the testimonies of many of your Friends and Nigerians who will have Benefited Greatly, from this FINANCIAL PACKAGE PROGRAM.   

Maybe before you then decide to join.    What your friends will have ACHIEVED would be so great that you cannot GET TOGETHER or COMPREHEND.    However, the choice is yours.   .   .    GOOD LUCK!

In FINANCIAL PACKAGE PROGRAM, I will reveal to you and also fix you in the train of Financial Freedom, I mean you will discover from me how you can Turn N15, 000 [I mean N15, 000 only] into N438,600 in 5 business months! without doing any work At all And with 100% Legal Money Back Guaranteed, if you don't earn 3 times your capital after 30 business days.   

I would like to say more about the business here.    But I don't want my message
to be seen as spam or moved to advert section.    If you are interested in starting this business you can kindly forward an email to financialpackageprogram @ gmail .    com (join the spaces)

To Your Success.  

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