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Coffin from Berlin
...3 months after, controversy lingers on death of Nigerian in Germany
By Fred Iwenjora
Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chima and family

The outrage that greeted the mysterious and puzzling death of a Nigerian events manager, journalist and IT spe...t, Stanley Chima in Berlin Germany on the night of Sunday August 29, can?t abate yet.

The puzzle came to a solemn climax on Tuesday September 21 as Chima was interred at his home town, Umudim Uzoafor, Isu Njaba, Njaba LGA of Imo State

The eventual burial according to relatives and family members, friends and well wishers was a sad end of a journey of a man who travelled to Germany for a better future about 19 years ago but was brought home in a coffin.

Saturday Sun gathered that Chima had died in circumstances that the entire family, friends and indeed his community view as shrouded in unanswered questions after an encounter with the police in Berlin Germany.
According to Chima?s wife, Mrs. Katya, ?the event of that Sunday evening is one big trauma I will continue to live with all the rest of my life. We were at home when a friend of his called. He had been calling him to help with his computers. That night, he called severally and my husband decided to go and help him out. That was his life; helping people? she said sobbing.

?He drove out of our home at 10:30pm. I assume he was also through with the repairs and was heading home. I understand that he encountered the police after leaving a fuel station. At least, the closed circuit TV reported that he was at a fuel station. Whatever happened after he had bought fuel remains a confusion the family would flive with. I never spoke with my husband again because it was about 12:30pm that a call came to report that my husband has died. I was stunned and could not fathom what was happening. I lost consciousness and was revived later. I was later told that a nurse who was passing by saw his body and alerted the police who eventually called me to report the sad news.

I met him over 17 years ago and we got married 16 years ago. This is a very painful issue for the family because he was a very lovely husband to me and father to his children. He was so honest and truthful to me and was never involved in any troubles. He always gave assistance to whoever needed it. The death of my husband really hurts me so much. Even though it hurts so badly, I will try to actualize all our dreams for the children. He wished his children got the best of education. We brought the body to Nigeria because it was his wish and that of his family.?

Saturday Sun learnt that the cause of death according to authorities is given as cardiac arrest following an autopsy report by forensic experts. It was gathered at the time of writing this report that out of 100% examination, results for 75% had been given while the remaining 25% is still being awaited.
It was also learnt that the late Chima was booked for a traffic offence. He was said to have abandoned his car and ran away from the scene when he collapsed a few meters away.

Early on Monday August 30 that news of the death broke in Germany, all gathering of Africans made it the main topic of discussion. It was also banner headlines for German newspapers.
Meetings were called to deliberate on the death by civil rights organizations and NGOs as Africans felt that this was another case of police brutality. Africans wondered why Chima would just die after an encounter with the police. It created a feeling of angst amongst Berliners, both immigrants and natives especially when German newspapers reported that a German Nigerian man died of heart attack after being controlled by the police.

The agitation led to calls for higher inquiry into the death to know what or who killed him.
Another source alleged that: ?The story that Stanley just died of heart attack when he did not have any history of such is not plausible at all. It is hard to believe that a man who had lived in Germany for over 18 years should be running from police check and abandon his car and then had heart attack and died.?
Another said: ?There are questions to answer in the death and these questions include: why did the police not allow the family to see the body of the deceased until several days after? I also wonder how many Germans also die in such circumstances.?

At the thanksgiving service held for the late Chima, his elder brother Keirian told Saturday Sun he thinks his brother?s death is yet unexplained. ?We lost a very dear brother and a serious minded person who never meddled with frivolities. He never lived anywhere else since he went to Germany. If he was a bad guy, he would have changed location severally in the past 18 years he has lived in that country. He was never a troublemaker. Stanley had a large heart that accommodated all and my parents had visited him severally just like he has invited most of my family members on holidays with him. I was the one who sent him to Germany when it became the vogue for Nigerians to travel out. He attended Tolu Secondary School, Olodi Apapa. We still feel bad that no family representative was at the autopsy. We never also saw the body until 36 hours after.

The deceased?s younger sister Mrs. Scholastica Onyeyiri lamented the sad loss of her brother and said: ?We didn?t expect him to die in that manner and at this time with all the promises he held for the family and his relatives and friends. He was a man that was there for all. He was a man of great wisdom and had answers to every question.

At the thanksgiving organized for the late Chima at St. Agnes Catholic Church Maryland, Lagos close associates praised his noble character and influence. The Information Officer of the Embassy of Germany in Nigeria, Dr. Burkard Weth said he had no information about the death. He wrote in an email ?actually we don?t have any information on the death of Chima in Germany. As soon as I have more information on this matter I will inform you.

Kind regards? He linked us to some website where the story was published in German.
Also in a telephone chat with Mr. Patrick Okoye, a minister of the Embassy of Nigeria in Berlin, he said ?it is very unfortunate that Stanley had to die that way. Stanley met his death in such puzzling circumstances. I attended same church with him.

The Nigerian envoy said Chima was a German who didn?t have a Nigerian passport, so, there is nothing Nigeria could do about his death in terms of enforcing rights because in the real sense he was no longer a Nigerian since he became a German by naturalization. Our hands are tied. We advised for another independent autopsy but the family didn?t want further controversy.?
With these unanswered questions the lines of celebrated crime fiction writer James Hadley Chase come handy: The dead stay dumb. Only Stanley Chima knows what happened to him on that Sunday night of August.
Post by: Prince on November 20, 2010, 01:10:39 PM
What a sad end, RIP.