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Title: Re: Forex News from InstaForex part V
Post by: IFX Yvonne on September 06, 2019, 07:08:04 AM
Enrich your account in New Year

(http://https://forex-images. ifxdb. com/company_news/userfiles/Happy_deposit_510x350_2. png)

Christmas and New Year is a period of miracles for both adults and children! On the eve of these holidays InstaForex will raffle $8,000 within the https://www. instaforex. com/contest_chancy_deposit]Chancy Deposit campaign!

Chancy Deposit is a monthly campaign held by InstaForex that enables traders regardless of their experience and trading results to enlarge their account balance.

Now we will tell you how to participate in the campaign.  You need to https://secure. instaforex. com/en/deposits]deposit at least $3,000 to your InstaForex account.  Thus, you will automatically become one of the contenders for the main prize.

The month has already begun so hurry to take part in the campaign.  Just log in Client Cabinet and  make a deposit. The winner will be determined randomly. *

*You can find all information on the monthly Chancy Deposit campaign on the company's website.