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Title: Abuja Wife Earns ₦356,559,417 Working From Home, Hides It From Her Husband
Post by: stanall4luv on June 11, 2019, 08:31:48 AM
(Channel 7 Abuja) - Imagine hiding a ₦356,559,417 secret from your spouse for over 3 years.   Could you do it? Michelle, a Abuja mother of 2, risked her marriage and her family to hide a shocking secret from her husband of 13 years. 
David and Michelle, residents of the Parktown neighborhood of Abuja, married in 2004 after years of dating.   David worked as an engineer in the city and Michelle took a job as a receptionist at a local clinic.   After their first child, Josh, was born in 2008, they decided that Michelle would quit her job to stay home with their children. 
The manufacturing industry was hit hard during the financial crisis of 2008.   Thankfully, David did not lose his job, but he had to work more hours and take a heavy pay cut to help his company survive. 
David was providing for our needs, but I noticed how tired he became.   We tried to save all the money we could but it never seemed like enough" Michelle shared.   ?We really were not sure what was going to happen.   The market did pick up, but it dropped again.   And by that point, I was pregnant with Emma, so we just prayed to God for the best.  ?
?We really were not sure what was going to happen financially.   We just prayed to God for the best?. 
Michelle Walker
Soon after Josh was born, Michelle was browsing Facebook one afternoon and saw an advertisement saying she could earn ₦388,555 from home.   

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