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Title: SDIL Training Courses for the month of June&July 2019
Post by: seyidekol on June 06, 2019, 02:03:26 PM

Please see below some affordable courses for this new Month 
Effective Performance Management for HR professionals, Administrators& Managers
Date : June 7th
Course fee:N45,000
CPD certification option
Effective Potent Leadership and Efficient Management training for Managers
Date : June 14th
Course fee:N40,000
CPD certification option
Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity 
Date : June 19th
Course fee:N40,000
CPD certification option
Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership skills in Managers at workplace
Date : June 20th
Course fee:N45,000 
Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making
Date : June 25th
Course fee:N40,000
Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business
Date : June 28th
Course fee:N45,000
Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.
Date : July 3th&July 4th

Course fee:N60,000
Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership skills in Managers
at workplace
Date : July 9th
Course fee:N40,000
CPD certification option
Train the Trainer Course
Date :July11th&July12th
Course fee:N85,000
Fundamentals of Risk Analysis and Management for Managers
 Date : July 16th
Course fee:N50,000
CPD certification option
Effective Negotiable skills for Top executives and Senior managers
 Date : July 18th
Course fee:N50,000
CPD certification option
Fundamentals of Business Process improvement 
Date : July23th&24th
Course fee:N90,000 

Highlights/ Benefits
? Breakfast/Lunch Served
? Online media /PR presence in strategic social networks for up to two weeks .
? Free Advert placement of company?s product/services in the newspapers based on volume 
? Discount on Business Performance Auditing on your company?s Processes ,People and Technology
? Up to 20 percent discount on our Recruitment exercise and training courses
U Free Life /Executive/Business coaching session available
We will happy to help in your recruitment exercise ,improve your business processes ,Business modelling, work on your HR /Business strategy in order to reduce cost , improve sales and optimize performance in workplace .
Take advantage of our  International  Executive and leadership training with our partner Business schools in Spain , Geneva , Germany and U.K 

For booking and registration
Register here :
Call SDIL 08125549322 ,08033549151 now

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