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Title: Mr worry.
Post by: uchkochi on May 05, 2019, 05:29:58 PM

Beloved we live in a world that is worry driven, people worry about jobs, businesses, money, children, spouses, marriages, missing things, progress. This world has the potential of making you to worry even in the most happiest situation. Worries don't end, you cannot afford to lose your joy because of it.

The bible says in Philippians 4:6; that you should be anxious or worry over nothing... God is very much aware that that in this world worries will come that was why He said we should worry over nothing. John 16:33.

Naturally and spiritually; things become better when you are not anxious. If you are thinking so much on a thing that you need it may not come, but the moment you remove your mind from it, it shows up most of the time when you least expected it to. This is the law of faith at work. Isaiah 28:16. Those issues that are bothering you may keep bothering you if you keep thinking about them. Think of the word of God instead. All you need is rest of mind and peace of heart for that expectation to manifest. The devil is not responsible for the delay most of the time, worries and anxiety causes delays most of the time.

Anxiety is most times confused for expectation. God is committed to bringing your expectations to pass and not your anxieties. Anxieties or worries will delay the manifestation of your expectations, it is on when you stop allowing your heart to be troubled over that issue that it will come to pass. Make up your mind not to be moved whether it happens or not, and you will see it happen. Today your expectations shall not be cut off as you let worries go and let faith come. Give thanks to God because this message will produce positive results in your life today. Be blessed in Jesus name.

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