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Title: Getting profits from mobile construction station
Post by: penoyzhcn on December 21, 2018, 02:55:35 AM
Nowadays, energy saving and environmental protection has become the theme of national development, which provides opportunities for industrial development of garbage disposal.  The whole world can produce 490 million tons of waste each year, and China produces nearly 150 million tons of municipal solid waste each year.  Under the pressure of garbage, recycling of construction waste resource is an effective way to solve the problem.  Therefore, construction waste crusher came into being.
In order to better serve the city construction waste, China construction waste processing equipment manufacturers, on the basis of research and development of crushing and sand making production line equipment, launched mobile crushing machine or mobile construction station.  mobile construction station is based on the integrated units, which can conveniently and quickly realize the processing of building waste, greatly reduce the costs of transport materials, as well as improve production efficiency.  From the perspective of clients, mobile construction station is more in line with customers wishes.
The mobile crusher produced by our company is the most popular and welcomed construction waste crushing plant in Central China, with the handling capacity more than 4 million tons/year.  The recycled aggregate produced by mobile construction station from construction waste can be processed into a variety of eco-friendly building materials after being processed by sand maker , which can greatly reduce the removal costs of construction waste and reduce environmental pollution.  According to reports, the advantage of fixed maximum reuse of construction waste resource is that a great deal of environmental work has been done, and large amounts of harmful substances in construction waste can be removed after several stages of screening.