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Post by: foster04 on September 11, 2018, 06:29:45 PM
I remember a few years ago, when you tell someone that you want to become a photographer they will laugh at you and probably tell you that you going to end up taking pictures for students in the university.  That used to be through then but now things has changed as the photography business is a very lucrative business to venture into.

I guess you have been to a wedding where you see photographer?s standing outside and taking shots of people and the maximum you pay to get your picture is ₦200 this made people think that the photography business is not profitable but have you ever imagined how much the main photographer that was contracted by the couples to cover the event really gets paid? In recent time, the minimum a photographer is paid to cover an event is not less than ₦250,000-₦300,000.  I am not stating this figures to deceive you but is a confirm figure as my elder brother is into the business.

In Nigeria, there is absolutely no weekend that an event does not take place, as we know that Saturdays are for weddings, Get together, events, seminars,  shows, church programs etc.  and all these events needs a photographer to take photos.  No matter your phone camera quality everybody still needs a photographer to take them pictures and print hardcopy so they can keep for future purpose.

Believe it or not, Nigeria is a great place to start a photography business no matter the state you reside if you position yourself well and take advantage of every situation you can be successful in this business.

Being a professional photographer comes with advantage as it can be done on a full time or part time basis, allows you earn money while doing your hubby, travel, meet new people etc.  though there are some disadvantages as it takes time to build if you just starting out, your income will vary as the amount you charge Mr A might be different from the amount you charge another person.

This article will be directed to those that have little or no idea about this business and would like to get into the business.

Here are what you would need to start a photography business

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