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At Nembe, its a new, peaceful dawn
From Femi Folaranmi, Yenagoa
Wednesday, May 05, 2010

They are from the same stock yet they hardly see eye to eye. They speak the same language but they refuse to talk to each other. They intermarry, yet they go to great heights to pull one another down. For the people of Nembe Bassambiri and Nembe Ogbolomabiri, their relationship has always been like that of the proverbial cat and mouse.

The age long difference between the peoples of both communities which is rooted in the fear of domination has been passed from one generation to another. It has defied all solutions and has continued to ignite crisis of devastating effects in the two communities.
But peace appears in the horizon with Governor Timipre Sylva, who is also from the area, initiating a peace process between the two communities.

Sylva recently invited the monarchs of the two communities to the Government House, Yenagoa for a meeting where the age-long differences were laid on the table for a final resolution.

According to Sylva, the time is ripe for the Nembe people to re-invent themselves as they cannot continue to live in crisis.

Reminding the people that they are of the same stock, he disclosed that there would be series of meetings among the various communities in the area so that they can resolve whatever that have been causing the unending crises between both communities.
Sylva, who appealed to the two parties to pour out their minds, admitted that he is conscious of the fact that there are traditional issues which cannot be wished away, adding however that the people need to move forward.

It is high time we put the crisis behind us. Communities re-invent themselves, because that is the only way for sustenance. I believe the time has come for Nembe as a whole to re-invent itself. This is one of the first meetings in the series. My attention is to start from here. I have also informed the Amanayanbo of Town Brass of a meeting between Town Brass and Okpoama and Egwuama and Liama communities. This has also been discussed at the security meeting of the state. The idea is to bring peace. I have told the local government chairman that I am not expecting roads, uninterrupted electricity from him but a local government that is united and peaceful.

We cannot continue to talk about insecurity in Nembe when from history we know we are from the same stock, whether we like it or not. I know there are traditional issues but there is a point we need to say, we need to move forward.

The meeting was held behind closed doors. But Daily Sun investigations revealed that there were frank discussions about fears of domination which has been a source of worry between the two communities.

The Amanayanbo of Nembe and Mingi XII, Dr. Edmund Daukoru who commended the peace initiatives of Sylva disclosed that a wide range of issues which in the past had been difficult to resolve were discussed.

We have covered a long range of issues that defied solutions for decades and which have been a source of misunderstanding between the two communities. We want to show exceptional gratitude to the governor for finding time to attend to issues of peace. It goes to show his concern and peace and harmony among Bayelsa communities. We are going away with a positive attitude that peace is on the way, he said.

King Ralph Iwowari Mein VII, Amanayanbo of Nembe Bassambiri expressed optimism that peace was on the horizon as the meeting had taken far reaching decisions to resolve the crisis between the feuding communities.
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Good to know