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Title: Think First Technologies Unveils E-Payment Platform
Post by: cooljoe on February 01, 2018, 06:01:30 AM
Think First Technologies has unveiled Ogaranya, an e-payment platform that enables banks complete orders for customers. Its Founder, Akinyele Olubodun, said the product was developed after years of careful research.

?After a careful research, we have cracked the solution to commerce and seamless payment. We have bridged the gap of internet, commerce and payment in Africa through Short Messaging Service (SMS).    We have created an assistance to help complete orders and payment in four to five steps of SMS conversation. No need of Internet, no registration, no password, no convoluted process,? he said.

Olubodun said he has experience in telecommunications, commerce and payments. ?I have worked with the biggest and best of these companies in Nigeria. Knowing the pain point for users has made me better informed to create a solution to the long time Africa problem. My Co-Founder has worked all his life as an operations person and we understand how critical business operations are to a business success,? he said.

Speaking further, he said  Ogaranya is a 24/7 virtual assistance that helps you buy products, book event tickets, donates to a cause and makes payment without the internet.

He said Ogaranya Beta was launched in 2015, solving the founder?s challenge of not having access to the Internet for online purchase due to an on- going strike action in response to the announcement of subsidy removal in January 2012 .

He said Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, Web chat, Skype bots available for users who can?t do without them and orders are synced across all channels. ?Payment does not need internet too? Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) handles it. Real time reporting/monitoring interface for merchants. No special knowledge is needed to carry out a transaction. All a user needs is the knowledge of sending SMS or chats,? he said.
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