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Post by: furtune on June 14, 2008, 07:07:16 PM
The Incredible Hulk, complete with digitally enhanced biceps and some old anger management issues, returns to the big screen this weekend.

It is only five years since the green Goliath's last cinematic outing in the 2003 film, Hulk. Director Ang Lee's movie suffered a mauling at the hands of critics and did only moderate business at the box office.

But Hollywood knows a good story when it sees one and the French director Louis Leterrier, who made the Transporter films, accepted an offer to remake or re-imagine the tale of the monster with elasticated pants.

"I loved the first one so I didn't want to do the same thing, exactly," says Leterrier.

"It's the beginning of a story but it's not Ang's movie.

"So you can see Ang's movie and see my movie and like both of them differently. It's not a continuation - it's a different cast and everything."

Liv Tyler talks about playing Betty Ross

The idea of another Hulk movie took many in Hollywood by surprise - including Liv Tyler, who plays Betty Ross, the Hulk or rather, Bruce Banner's love interest.

"I was actually really shocked," she said.

"I think I had the reaction that most people had, 'Didn't they just do that?' And then they just explained to me that they were not making a sequel or picking up where they left off - they were doing it again in some kind of way so I was very intrigued."


Tim Roth, who appears as the Hulk's arch-nemesis, was not perturbed by the concept of a remake.

"That didn't even cross my mind - I just assumed that they keep making films anyway," he said.

"We've done Shakespeare stuff over and over again and none of it really matters - as long as it's fun.

"These films have got to be fun. They've got to scare you, they've got to make you jump and they've got to be fun."

But the project does appear to have been something of a gamble for Marvel and Universal Pictures.