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Title: In your little way
Post by: Vickson64 on September 07, 2014, 02:11:08 PM
As a God fearing person, i have promise not to steal.  I am a graduate but job is not forth coming.  Now i have a business idea but require a capital of NGN250,000.
I am therefore pleading to everyone and anyone who has compassion in their hearts to help me by donating #1000 each so i can start this business.  Please i did not give it to you so its not a right, its a cry for help.
If 250 persons can be kind to me, it will be possible to achieve. 
I am not a lazy fellow as some of you might think in your heart but before you judge me, know that i cant say all i have gone tru and still going tru here online.
If you are touched to be a blessing to me, know that God in heaven is the only one that can pay you back.  All i can say is thank you.
Acct no: 0109730982
Acct name: egbor victor.
You can call me if you desire 07084020314.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL