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From success to failure is one step; from failure to success is a long road.  Yiddish Proverb

this is from the table of the No 1 business consultant in nigeria and a strong supporter of the self employment initiative.  To get the full detail to set up all of the following business, pls contact oyelami for the comprehensive manual on how to set up and all you need to get started together with the marketing strategies you need to make use of in order to suceed.  walballs2000@yahoo. ca

You will remember that a successful entrepreneur is one who carefully researches, take risk and plans every aspect of a new business venture, including financial needed to achieve positive cash flow.  The business idea corner is to inform you of various business opportunities that are available that you can tap into.  The information here is not to replace business plan that you need to start any particular business.  Any business that fit into your talents and skill need to be carefully research and thorough business plan needs to be conducted to start such business.

About Startup Costs

The startup costs provided in this post include an approximate financial investment that will be needed to start the business.  This is generalized information and should only be used as a yardstick to determine business startup costs.  Your investment will vary based on factors such as equipment, transportation, licensing and permits, operating location, working capital and initial marketing and advertising entrepreneur is one who carefully researches and plans every aspect of a new business venture, including the financial investment needed to start a business and the working capital required to achieve positive cash flow.


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startup cost: 9,400- 20,000
* Home Based: Can be operated from home.
* Part Time: Can be operated part-time.

business overview and needed equipment:
What you need now to start up this lucrative business is the necessary information which I have prepared in my manual.  The manual is so simple that it explains what is required to start up, and most importantly, you will know the numerous companies you will be dealing with.

All you need for recharge card printing business are:

1.  Computer system with internet (optional as you can do everything in a cybercaf? within 10 minutes)
2.  Printer (optional as you can go to a nearest business center to print)
3.  Your email address (compulsory)

For an average startup, you would need a minimum startup capital of at least N9,400.  Which would guarantee of earning between N4,000 ? N5,500 daily.

The key to your earning much in this business is that the more capital involved, the more income you earn daily.

* Business At A Glance
Party Entertainment Service
* Startup Costs: Under N20,000 About
*Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Are you always the life of the party? Make it your business.

Business Overview
There is BIG MONEY to be earned operating a party entertainment service and providing live entertainment for parties and special occasions ? clowns, soloists, musical bands, magicians, singing telegrants, public speakers, skoespeople, acrobats, jugglers, comedians, adulthemed entertainers, and lots more.  Kids parties, corporate events, social events, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, trade shows, conventions, and Christmas parties are a lot more fun when there is live entertainment to keep guests entertained and in high spirits.  Entertainers can be employed as contractors working on an on-call basic, and can be paid by way of revenue-sharing: the range of 60/40 in the entertainer?s favour is the industry standard.  Promote the service by running advertisements in your local newspaper and in the Yellow Pages, as well as by contacting wedding planners and event planners in your community and explaining the various types of entertainers your service provides, as well as rates.  This service can easily be managed from home, and start-up costs are modest, with the bulk of the budget being spent on business setup and marketing to get the telephones ringing with eager customers wanting to book acts for their special occasions and events.

* Business at a Glance
Interior designer or decorator
* Startup Costs: Under N20,000 About
* Home Base: Can be operated from home.

Did you have flair with furniture and a knack for cool colour combinations? You might want to think about putting your design talents to work.  From private homes and commercial and government buildings, interior decorators and designers dress up the inside spaces of just about any place you can think of.  They work with all kinds all kinds of furnishings, fabrics and building materials, increasingly use computer-aided design software to design settings that give a new place its character and bring new life to existing residences, workplaces and public settings.  Both decorators and designers need to have a sense a color and balance or proportion, an ability to communicate through graphic presentations, and a positive attitude toward change so they can keep up with design trends while still being responsive to their clients? desires.
Interior decorators can?and often?do their work without formal credentials, but to call yourself an interior designer, you may have to have formal certification and training.  Decorators and designers charge for their services in several ways.  Some request a flat fee for design work.  Others bill by the hour, at rates ranging up to N2000.  Still others add a service charge of approximately 20 percent to the cost of items they but for clients, such as furniture, fabrics and floor coverings.
Someone wanting to start a business decorating interiors can enter the field without the formal education required for certification by pursuing one of these paths:
* Taking a correspondence or learning program from well established decorator designer.
* Buying a franchise though a company like Interiors by Decorating Den.  Initial and ongoing training are both provided as part of the franchise package.
Marketing a decorating or design practice is not unlike marketing other local services businesses?networking in organizations where there are potential clients or sources of referrals, gaining recognition through publicity and speaking engagements, generating referrals from satisfied customers and having a web site.

* Business at a Glance
Independent Sales Consultant
* Startup Costs: N50,000-N100,000 About
* Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Years of sales experience could make you a great sales consultant.

Business Overview
Some of the highest earning professionals in any industry are independent sales consultants working on a freelance basis for clients.  Freelance sales consultants represent companies that sell products and services ranging from manufactured goods to home improvement services, and just about everything in between.  Securing clients to represent is easy, simply because freelance sales consultants generally supply all the tools of the trade such as transportation, communications requirements, and computer equipment that may be needed to acquire customers and conduct business ? not to mention the fact that any freelance sales consultants also generate their own sales leads.  Or, put differently, clients have little, if anything, to lose by having freelance sales consultants representing their business.  Remuneration for products or services sold is always by way of commission, which will range between 10 and 25 percent of the total sales value.

* Business at a Glance
Import/Export Spe...t
* Startup Costs: N200,000 ? N500,000 and above
* Home Based: Can be operated from home.
* Part Time: Can be operated part-time
Know a lot about the import/export world? Use that knowledge to help others.

Business Overview
Considering the many red-tape barriers and all the issues surrounding importing products into this country, or exporting products out of this country, it?s not wonder that so many businesses don?t know where to start and just plain give up out of frustration.  Of course, the smart business owners who don?t want to miss a single opportunity to grow their business and revenues don?t give up.  Instead, they hire an import/export spe...t to guide them through the complex issues of the import/export business-legal, transportation, warehousing, distribution, and marketing, employment, environmental, political and financial.  Starting an import/export consulting business will require experience in the industry, or the willingness to learn about the industry.  One simple way to market your services is to develop and host a free informational seminar on importing and exporting and use the event to sign up business and individuals who want to get started in import and export.

Related Business Ideas
* Distribution Warehouse
* Exporting

Startup Costs:
* Home Based: Can be operated from home.
* Part Time: Can be Operated part-time.

business overview
there are over 250 online survey companies that are genuine, accept Nigerians and send about 5 jobs a day with a minimum payout of $0. 50.  Which means just 5 of this company sending you a 12 minutes job a day will make over $525 for you every month?what if you decide to work with ten of them, what about 20, 30?? there are simple methods of receiving your foreign checks right here in Nigeria, without any hassle into your GTBank account.

* Business at a Glance
Extras Only Agency
* Startup Costs: N50,000 ? N200,000 About
Home Base: Can be operated from home.  Some people just want to be seen.  An extras only agency clients they?ll get their 15 minutes of fame.

Business Overview
The film and TV production industry is booming, and starting an extras-only casting agency can potentially secure you a portion of this multibillion-dollar industry.  Extras casting is simply supplying people to act as background performers in a film production.  Typically extras or background performers represent every walk of life in terms of race, age, gender, size and appearance.  The key to successfully competing in this very competitive industry is without question to build and maintain a good contact base and working relationship with film producers, directors and other casting agencies.  These are the people and companies that?ll call upon your service to supply extras for film work.  In terms of revenue generation for the business, an extras agent retains 10 percent of a background performer?s wage in the form of a commission, so it?s important to work in volume, as extras are generally only pad N1550 or more per scene.

The Market
Actors who are trying to break into the entertainment industry

* Business at a Glance:
Holiday and Event Decoration
* Startup Costs: N20,000 ? N100,000
* Home Based: Can be operated from home.
* Part Time: Can be operated part-time.

Business Overview
One of hottest new services to sell is holiday and event decoration services.  Not only is there the potential to earn BIG MONEY and have a lot of fun investment and skill requirements.  Holiday and event decorators offer clients a wide variety of services ? everything from installing Christmas lights, to decorating banquet halls for wedding receptions, to ?creeping-out? a house, business, or office for Halloween celebrations.  Establishing working relationships with wedding planners, event planners and retailers can go a long way toward gaining valuable referrals.  In addition to Christmas and special occasions, you can also help decorate customers? homes, stores and offices for anniversaries, Halloween, Easter, New Year?s Day, and Sallah celebrations.  Decorations may be purchased wholesale and marked up for retail, providing an additional revenue source.  Ultimately, your work will be your greatest adverstiment, so be sure to use site signs promoting your service, hand out lots of business cards and send press releases to the media when you have done a bang-up job on a house, office or business.

Needed Equipment
To provide clients with holiday and special event decorating services, you will need basic tools like ladders, a cordless drill, and hand tools, along with a creative flair and suitable transportation.

Startup Costs: N100,000 ? N200,000 About Create a great hangout for sports fans that?ll keep them coming back for every game.

Business Overview
Depending on the establishment?s capacity, sports bars can be a specific version of the neighborhood tavern, or they can take on a life as big as a nightclub.  You may have the latter in mind, but your market research may point to the former.  It?s important to do your homework! Generally, sports bars offer some kind of menu options such as burgers, pies, sandwiches, and appetizers.  Since the main attraction is sporting events, sports bars have televisions in view of every seat, sometimes all tuned to different channels.  Audio and video technology comes into play, with some owners spending a large percentage of their revenue on keeping up with the latest in technology?from satellites to big-screen TVSs.  The startup costs and revenue potential reflect basically the same numbers as a neighborhood bar.  Sports bars benefits from having built-in events to use in their marketing throughout the year, but you need more than just sporting events and drinks to attract customers.  Many sports bars also have video games and other activities to keep customers captivated.

The Market
When creating your sports bar concept, keep in mind the people you?d like as customers.  Contact the local chamber of commerce to get information on age, gender, income level, marital status, and political and religious affiliations of your target market.  You?ll also want to investigate any favorite sports or teams in your community.  Once you?ve established your bar, how can you get the neighborhood to come? Generate word-of-mouth buzz through direct-mail campaigns, developing a Web site or getting involved in community events charity functions.

Needed Equipment
Once you have your location selected and have gotten the necessary licenses, you will need to decide how to layout your bar and what equipment you?ll need, including: glassware, compartment sinks, glass racks, taps and dispending systems for beer and soft drinks, cooler for beer kegs, freezer, ice bins, ice machine, ice pick, ice scoops, dishwasher, storage cabinets and display shelves.  You will also need kitchen equipment for the snacks and sandwiches you?re offering, and machines for making coffee drinks.  For a sports bar, TVs are a must, and there is cable or satellite service to consider as well.  And don?t forget the beer, wine and liquor!.

* Business at a Glance:
Jewelry Business
* Startup Costs: N20,000 ? N50,000 minimum
* Home Based: Can be operated form home.
* Part Time: Can be operated from home.
Love all things that sparkle? Start a jewelry business

Business Overview
If you love the art of making jewelry, then you?ll have a ball as a professional jewelry and accessories designer.  Jewelry and accessories are always popular, especially today when all those ?60-style beads are back in style in a big way.  You can work silver, with glass, fabrics, feathers, clays-whatever suits your talents and fancies.  And you can specialize in earrings, rings, pins or pendants, or in handcrafted handbags or hats.  The advantages to this business are that you get to be creative as a career, you meet lots of interesting people while selling your art, and you can start part-time if you like.  You?ll need the talent and skills to design and turn out jewelry or accessories others will want to be seen in.  And in addition to all that artistic sensibility, you?ll need plenty of marketing creativity and drive-you?ll need to sell your products as well as make them.

The Market
You can host home parties or sell directly to local merchants, at flea markets, arts and crafts fairs, and through wholesalers and sales reps.  If you plan to go the wholesale route, hook up with reps at gift shows, which you can locate by calling local and regional chambers of commerce and convention centres.

Your equipment will depend on what jewelry and accessories you?ll design.  Goldsmith requires a different set of tools than beadwork, and leatherworking is not the same as quilting.  If you?re already working with your chosen medium, you probably have your tools at hand.  But now that you?ll be designing professionally, take an equipment inventory and decide if newer or additional tools or equipment could make your work faster and easier?remember, the more pieces you turn out, the higher your income will be.

? Belt Buckles
? Candle Buttons
? Custom Picture Frames
? Hand-Painted Storage Boxes
? Lamp Shades
? Online Fabric Shop
? Seashell Jewelry
? Wine Rack Manufacturing

* Business at a Glance
Mobile Art Gallery
Startup Costs:
N10,000 ? N30,000
* Home Based: Can be operated from home.
* Part Time: Can be Operated part-time.
Take art right to its ideal audience with a mobile gallery.

Business Overview
Art is big business, and starting a mobile art gallery can put you on the road to riches.  Take a traditional art gallery; place wheels on it and you have this business opportunity in a nutshell.  Maybe it is not that simple, but pretty close.  In this enterprise you will want to work with perhaps a hundred artists or more.  This is a volume-based operation.  Once you have selected the artists, begin to establish locations where the artworks will be featured.  Good locations include doctor office waiting rooms, office lobbies, restaurants, hospitals and all other high-traffic gathering places.  The art can be displayed in these locations with a small card on each piece, which reads, ?this art is for sale, for further information call (your business name and a telephone no). ? When a potential customer calls to inquire about a particular piece of art for sale, you simply sell the art over the phone and arrange delivery to the purchaser.  If a piece sells for N1000 then you would give the artist N500, the host location N100 and keep N400 for yourself.  As you can see, on a volume basis there is enormous potential for profit.  Imagine if you had 100 locations selling just two pieces of art per month at an average sale price of N15,000 ? you would stand to make more than N60,000 every month.

Operating a mobile art gallery business requires excellent cold calling, presentation, organization and negotiation skills.  You will also need reliable transportation and a computer system to track and maintain customer files and inventory lists.

Start-up costs: The investment to set this business enterprise in motion is minimal: N10,000 to N30,000 there about will be sufficient to purchase any required equipment and leave enough working capital to operate on for a few months while the business is being established.

Profit potential:
Charging a flat commission of 40 percent for you and generating gross sales of N2,500,000 per year will generate business revenues of N1,000,000.  Once again, I stress that you must secure as many art installation locations or ?silent salespeople? as you possibly can.

Related Business Ideas
* Art Supplies Store
* Christmas Ornaments
* Costume Rentals
* Craft Supply Store
* Gift Basket
* Jewelry Business
* Matting and Framing Shop
* Painter
* Portrait Photography
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