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Title: The Greedy Stock Buyers
Post by: bumajj on November 16, 2008, 02:44:26 PM
The stock market, as we all grew up to know it, is a save haven for those who truly and genuinely desired to invest their hard-earned money (stockbrokers) into performing quoted companies, with formidable fundamentals, in order to earn extra income in the form of paid-out dividends and bonuses, aside from watching such money grow into a solid investment that could guarantee a rosy retirement from active service.  But sadly, such a noble desire has suddenly turned into a get-rich scam, by a few who thought they could upturn the augean stable.

As a result of these few 'know-it-all' individuals, who were fortunate to witness a quicker and higher Return On Investment, and turned themselves into stock analysts, the ignorant and greed investors are now licking their wounds. . .  Read more ;D
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