Author Topic: Discover The Secret Of Exporting Garri,okro,egusi,ogbono with An Empty Bank Acct  (Read 322 times)

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Do you like the idea of running your own business? How would you like a tax deductible trip to foreign places a couple of times a year? the advantages of an export business are

Do you know that you can start and operate your own highly lucrative export business with little or no capital at your spare time and right from home?

You don't need to be highly skilled to do that I'll show you the way.
You donít need capital Iíll show you how it works
You don't need to register with Nigeria export promotion council before you get started, I'll show you the way round it.

Iíll show you where to find the agricultural product you don't need to start looking for them.
You don't need several days before you start seeing result because I'm presenting you my result.

I'll take you to buyers where they are looking for supplier.

All you need is ability to follow simple instruction, that's all.

In the 1960s Agricultural product export was the major source of income to Nigeria government so you donít need to be skeptical.

I've prepared a guide for you on "HOW TO EXPORT AGRICULTURAL PRODUCT TO ALL PART of the WORLD "

I decided to share this information to the public as my little way of encouraging Nigerian graduates/youths to learn how to create jobs for themselves.  I can guarantee you that you'll make money because so many buyers are waiting for you and you can be sure of 5 to 10 buyers in less than 7days as long as you will follow the step by step simple instructions I will show you.

You will be making OVER #200,000 on a monthly basis.  $9 is the international export price for 1kg of fresh okro and you can get it locally here in Nigeria for just $2 (400naira) or less.  Now calculate for 50kg of okro.

Iíll show you how your buyers will gladly pay for transportation.  I know you were like hmmm! How possible donít worry I will show you how.  If you exported the above goods at $8/kg you still have cool cash.  Two buyers a month is all you need on any farm products of your choice and you'll be smiling.

Enough of my stories, I guess you can't wait to get started and sincerely, I suggest you take a positive action.

This information worth over #50,000 but donít worry I'll be charging you a small fee to have 100% access to this information.  Not even #25,000, #15,000? Non, #5,000 I know how hard things are in Nigeria, so I'm giving you access for an incredible amount

Oh! You said it's too cheap? I made it so cheap because of you so that you'll have no excuse. 

Remember, the future belongs to those who take action.  Never forget, right action at the right time is the difference between success and failure.  Opportunity appears to many but very few access it and finally possess it, you've access to this opportunity, go ahead to possess it.

If you are interested in this pay N5000 to get the simple guide that will put you through pay into.
                     BAMIDELE VICTOR, WEMA BANK,
                     ACCOUNT NO - 0231287690


Note this that the value of this material is more than N25,000 but I made it cheap so that you will not have excuse.

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