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Why Enugu Catholic Diocese began University –Prof. Anieke, V. C
From Peter Agba Kalu
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On 27th of October 2009, the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission in a formal communication, informed the proprietor of Godfrey Okoye University that they have satisfied the requirements needed to be accorded provisional approval to take – off as a private University, in Nigerian. The pioneer Vice Chancellor, the very Rev. FR. Professor Christian Anieke (Honorary citizen of Milterkirchen, Austria) sat down with the sun for this interview.

What is the ideal behind the establishment of Godfrey Okoye University, by the Catholic Diocese of Enugu?
You know, the problem of university education in Nigeria is a very serious one, coupled with the issue of indiscipline among the members of staff and the students. And private institution like the Godfrey Okoye University intends to solves this problem.

Every private University knows that in order to succeed, in order for it to make progress and continue to increase it have to tackle the problem of indiscipline. So the idea behind the establishment of this university is to tackle this problem from the root.
We have gone a little further in this direction by insisting that when we establish a university-of course we have got one- that the students will live on campus.

That is the only way you can make sure that you take care of their life, their moral life, their academic life and of course their social and spiritual life. It is also a way of checking movement because indiscipline among students won’t decay when you monitor their movement. We don’t want a situation were some don’t attend lectures, while some travel out from school while their parents think that they are busy studying in school. Girls will go to men and stay for months and come back to campus and of course, because you did not prepare for exams the intension will be to cheat. So we actually decided from day one that when we get a university it is going to be hundred per cent residential. So that it will help us in checkmating this very element of indiscipline and help the students to bend down and read. And of course, it is the serious minded ones who will agree to come to such university.

Of course, it was and it is still our intension that all members of the staff will be totally screened. Because if we don’t have good teachers, discipline teachers, good and discipline workers what ever you are doing among students will not have an effects. It is important that you have discipline teachers and discipline students. It is this basic fact that motivated us to get a university that understands the word ‘discipline’ we applied for it and worked towards its maturity.

What type of curriculum do you run; I mean is it religious or is it open – ended. Again is it open to individuals who are not member of the Catholic Church?
The university belongs to the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, it is a university for all Nigerians it is not restricted to the Catholic Church or to the Christians. It is open to every Nigeria from all work of life, and we emphasis dialogue as the very important element of this university. In fact, dialogue is the basic philosophy of this university. And this dialogue is not restricted, dialogue for everything, dialogue among teachers, dialogue among students, cultural dialogue and dialogue along religious line. So our philosophy of dialogue implies that the university is open for all.

We have two faculties, the faculty of Natural and Applied Science and Management Departments. We try to emphasis this philosophy of dialogue and what ever we are teaching here should have something to do with what others are teaching. We run courses were lecturers are expected to bring exerts from different field. So, it is not about specialization in the sense because whatever we have here is also what is obtainable in other universities. It is all about our way of life which is like an Igbo traditional setting where everybody has an opportunity to express his or her own view on issues concerning the community.

There is lamentation all round about the fall of our educational standard. Do you have a solution?
The educational standard has fallen because we do not have good teachers. The standard has fallen because we don’t have good secondary schools. The standard has fallen because we don’t have good primary schools. All these contributed to fall in standard of education in the country. If we want to move forward, then we have to start from scrach. We have to start from our nursery schools to our secondary schools, to ensure that those who are teaching are those who are qualified to teach, that’s where we should begin. We have to emphasis seriousness in the class room from the beginning because once the basic foundation of education is bad, it can affect everything. So we should get back to nursery, primary and secondary schools. That is were we should begin and then we proceed to higher institution of learning.

I don’t know…I don’t know how a tout should become a lecturer, I don’t know, it doesn’t happen any where in the world. A lecturer is some one who is convinced that knowledge is very important for the survival of the society. So when a tout has access to run and teach in the university, it is in deed the end of qualitative education and will bring about ruin to the educational system. What is society? It is about knowledge and dissemination of knowledge. Tell me the quality of knowledge in a society and I will tell you the quality of life you have in that society. So we have to go back to roots. We have to be first of all convinced that we need education in this country.

I don’t think that we are convinced, that is my worry, we are not quiet convinced that education is important in this country. Look at our politician what is their emphasis on education? What is the budget for education? What is the Salaries of teachers and that of politicians? If you go to places like Abia, Imo and all that, you hear that teachers are being owned six months. What is it? Why? Why must it be teachers all the time? That will tell you the value our teachers palace for education.

Are we convinced that education is necessary for our society?
In countries like Finland, you can’t imagine how much is invested in education, that it. So it is about being convinced, and once we are convinced, then we go back to the root. Once we clean the root, then every other thing will fall in place.


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  1. sunday ezugwu says:

    having taken a wholistic and an indept view of the mission of the university,am left with no opinion than that it for re-birth of academic execellence.i thereby urge u to be guided by the attitude of overcomers.intently focus on your goal despite side attractions which will try to hinder your noble vision.be careful ofsheeps in goat’s skin.don’t be misled even if it demands the last drop of your blood.prosterity will reward you.

    please father do something about our nysc.some are doing nothing and am afraid of us being used by “devil”igraduated 2010.i remain grateful for the trainig received in iece.kudos to the team of your workers

  2. emeka udeani says:

    its hard to believe that it hascome to stay, a university with much zeal todevelop scholar who will be able to compete with there counterparts in the open society. the university where i am presently been formed is one wit the best of focus in every ramifiction, a place where excellence is rewarded, a university on the GO.
    carry on DADDY you are our hero in this part of the world.

  3. opara and azu says:

    We really thank the lord for this our noble institution a place where there’s epistemic joy in the heart of man, a place where there’s fulfillment of dreams we are so proud of having you as our Vice chancellor BRAVO! BRAVO!

  4. ani chukwuemeka innocent says:

    it is high time for people to believe that God is using the Gods own University
    So people should come and be with us………………………

  5. Ezera Ezinne says:

    The Lord is doing a grea job here;what a co-ordination. May our Lord be praised. Prof. ride on.

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