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THE attack unleashed on Warri Wolves last weekend at Nnewi, Anambra State, by persons suspected to be Rangers’ supporters, may have resulted in the death of the team’s number one goalkeeper, Adun Orobosa, yesterday morning at Oleh, Delta State.

The Week 36 match between host, Rangers, and Warri Wolves, could not hold on Sunday because thugs said to be from Rangers’ camp unleashed mayhem on Wolves at the Nnewi Stadium just after the two teams had finished warming up and were returning to the dressing room in readiness for the kick-off.

Wolves’ Media Officer, Azuka Chiemeka, broke the sad news of the goalkeeper’s death yesterday morning. He told The Guardian from the team’s camp in Oleh: “Our number one goalkeeper, Orobosa Adun, has just dropped dead in training.

“He was one of those attacked by Rangers’ thugs at Nnewi at the weekend. The thugs used an object to hit him on the chest while he was trying to rescue our keepers’ trainer (Segun Oguns) from them (the thugs).

“Oguns was stabbed in the process and when we managed to escape, Orobosa and Oguns were taken to the General Hospital in Oleh, where the doctors examined them. They (doctors) told Orobosa to return to the camp while Oguns was admitted.

“This morning (yesterday), all the players assembled at the Oleh Stadium and just as some of them were kicking the ball around, Orobosa just went down slowly. We quickly rushed him into an ambulance but before we could reach the General Hospital, he died. We are holding the management of Rangers and the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) responsible for the death of our keeper.”

Speaking with The Guardian yesterday, Chairman of Delta State Sports Commission, Amaju Pinnick, called for the immediate resignation of the NPL Chairman, Oyuki Obaseki, stating that the Benin high chief was destroying Nigeria’s football. He said: “I am calling for the immediate resignation of Obaseki from the NPL because he is doing more harm to our football.

“This is the same Obaseki who said that he is following what the English are doing with their premier league in England. We called him to report that our players and officials were subjected to Rangers thugs at Nnewi and his immediate response was that ‘it was not enough for my team to run away from the match venue.

“Will that happen in England? If our football must move forward, people like Obaseki must not be allowed to deceive us.”

He continued: “At Nnewi, the thugs were brandishing all sorts of dangerous weapons and attacking my players and officials in the presence of Rangers, saying that they are the ‘Biafrans’ and that (Warri Wolves) are the ‘militants’. They said they would show us the difference between a Biafran and a militant.

“Even when my team managed to escape to the hotel, the thugs still followed them. So you can imagine what could have happened if we had played the game and defeated Rangers at Nnewi. We told Obaseki all these and the only thing he could say was that we shouldn’t have run away. Is that how to run football?”

However, NPL Spokesman, Isaac Ibafindon, told The Guardian on phone yesterday that the situation does not warrant calling for the resignation of his boss. According to him, “whoever that is accusing my oga in this matter does not mean well for Nigerian football.

“Warri Wolves had been playing some tricks in the past and getting away with it. They never told us that their player was involved in the attack. So, how come they are looking for a way to push the blame on Obaseki and the NPL?

“If it is true that the goalkeeper is dead, then it is very sad but like I said, the NPL won’t tolerate this nonsense from officials of Warri Wolves.”


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