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Stepping out in shorts
April 14, 2012 by ’Nonye Ben-Nwankwo

Once upon a time, a pair of shorts was meant to be worn only indoors. But, now they have become fashionable among trendy ladies.

Shorts are worn to night clubs, parties, and to other semi-formal or informal occasions.

No longer too shy to show off their beautiful legs, most ladies jump at the slightest opportunity to put on a pair of shorts.

If you are bold and endowed with great legs, it is show-off time.


-Don’t you dare put on a pair of shorts if your legs are not great to look at.

-If your butt cheek is seen, then it is no longer a pair of shorts but a pair of underpants. Don’t wear such as a pair of shorts.

-Cover up your body a little bit more if you are wearing shorts. Let the attention be on your legs only.

-If you are wearing a tank top on your shorts, a simple belt will not be a bad idea.

-A nice footwear will also be a combination.


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