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Running a standard beauty salon
By Nike Popoola
Wednesday, 6 Apr 2011

A standard beauty salonNew Post

Today, people of different cadres in the society are appreciating beauty and will go the extra mile to pay any amount to improve on their looks.

Students, working class people, celebrities, single and married ladies including men, are not left out in the quest to find the best beauty treatment that will bring out their best looks and enhance their self confidence every time.

This is because good looks help to boost an individual’s confidence to express himself and enhance his acceptability in the public.

The art of beauty includes getting a fitting hairstyle, having nice make-ups, manicure and pedicure, skin and hair treatments among others.

To satisfy this desire, many look for the best places in town and spend fortunes to get the professional touch that will bring out the beauty in them.

The Chief Executive Officer, Stylistic Unisex, Mrs. Ayodele Ladipo-Ajayi, is one of the entrepreneurs making professional beauty services available in the country.

At Stylistic Unisex, she specialises in providing her customers with different types of hairstyles, manicure and pedicure, make-up, different beauty treatments and trainings among others.

She says, “I discovered that often times, people look for a decent place where they can get satisfactory hairstyles, do their nails, make- up and get the necessary treatment for their beauty challenges.”

For this reason, she explains that at her beauty office, she ensures that the customers are provided with the complete beauty services and treatments and do not have to go too far to get what they want.

According to her, a beauty shop should be able to turn a rough-looking person around and bring out the best in him or her through the right touch.

She says that to start this kind of business, an intending entrepreneur could start with the available capital he has.

The beauty expert, however, points out that customers of high status will always patronise beauty shops where they can get the best satisfaction and enjoy a pleasant and conducive environment.

To attract this set of people, Ladipo-Ajayi says that an entrepreneur will need more capital to acquire an office, get the best equipment, and get experienced stylists who can help to attend to many customers.

The Stylistic boss, who notes that the business is not the kind that anyone could jump into, stresses the need for professionalism.

She notes that hairdressing goes beyond just making hairstyles, but that there are some people whose hairs are falling and need the right type of treatment to give them a healthy hair growth.

While emphasising professionalism, she says that an entrepreneur needs to have training with some length of experience to be able to run a successful beauty shop.

Again, she notes that to bring out the beauty of both the fingers and toe nails, it goes beyond applying just anything on them but that an appropriate and clean equipment should be used to protect the nails.

She says that the beauty business requires personal contact with the customers which further stresses the need to attend to customers politely and ensure their satisfaction.

She also stresses the need to have a conducive environment where the customer can relax and enjoy better services.

The Chief Executive Officer, Chimax Salon, Mrs. Chidinma Ovie, is also a Lagos-based hairdresser.

According to her, a person needs to always look good because this will help him to be appreciated better anywhere he is.

She says, “There are different types of hairstyles that a lady can make that will fit her looks because it is not all types of hairstyles that anybody can do.”

She explains that hairdressing is an art that requires constant training because many innovations come into the business and a hairdresser needs to be up to date with the styles and new equipment in place.

According to her, a hairdresser also needs to be innovative and come up with different ideas.

She says that if a person does not have capital, she could start with what she has by offering some services which will not necessarily need major equipment to render.

With time, she explains, when the entrepreneur has been able to make some capital, she will have some money to expand the business.


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