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Review your beauty routine
By Anna Okon
Sunday, 13 Mar 2011

Review your beauty routine

The Issue: Skimpy Lashes

The Solution: Lash extensions

Think of lash extensions as falsies that don’t come off with the rest of your make-up.

How they work: A beautician applies individual hairs to your lashes one by one, giving you dramatically fuller fringe and negating the need for mascara.

Where and how much: Lash extensions are available in hair salons and spas.

Results last: Four to eight weeks. Your add-ons will shed naturally with your lashes; they’ll last longer if they’re touched up by a professional (who can also remove them).

A word to the wise: To avoid a shoddy look, ask for just a few pieces at the outermost corners of your lashes instead of getting a full set. Lashes are thickest in the middle of your lash line, so emphasizing only the outer corners can enhance your eyes in a more natural way.

The Issue: Chipped polish

The solution: A Gel Manicure

Yes, you can stay perfectly polished without spending half your waking hours in a salon. A gel manicure dries quickly and can resist chipping two to three times as long as a traditional manicure.

How it works: A technician preps your nails as usual, but when the colour is applied, it’s cured under a UV light for a few minutes after each coat. This yields a hard, dry finish. The colour can be taken off with pure acetone polish remover, found at drugstores.

The Issue: Hair that’s too short or too flat

The Solution: Extensions

Whether your concern is slight thinning post-childbirth or a regrettable cut, or if you simply want to go all out for a special event, extensions can do for your hair what no amount of styling or product can: which will instantly render your woes null and void for months.

How they work: A stylist attaches hair to the under layers of your own (typically with glue or needle) to give it extra inches or fullness.

Where and how much: Extensions are available in salons everywhere. Human-hair add-ons (which most stylists consider the best choice because they look so real) can run into the thousand.

Beauty shortcuts of the professionals

One way to simplify your beauty regimen is to cut out steps. That sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t always play out. The best way to achieve results is to let go of the following:

A complicated evening skin-care routine

You could use a retinol cream with an antioxidant in it so you won’t need to layer products. Keep it right next to your bed so that you won’t be tempted to skip it.


All that steam, coupled with the trauma of squeezing the skin for extractions, can weaken your blood vessels. This can be a recipe for broken capillaries. If you consider the relaxation reason enough to indulge, your money would be better spent on a massage.


In the past, much facial soap were alkaline, so you may have needed an acidic toner to bring your skin back to a neutral PH. Now cleansers are typically formulated to be near the PH of the skin, so you rarely need toner.


Wiggle the mascara wand into the base of your lashes so it looks like you have lined them when you haven’t.


I buff your fingers and polish only your toes.


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