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Range Rover puts Evoque to all-terrain test
September 19, 2012 by Rasheed Bisiriyu

2012 Evoque

Range Rover Evoque has not seized to dazzle enthusiasts of sport utility vehicles since its introduction into the automobile market in 2011.

The Evoque stands out from the crowd. Its exterior design is exotic and captivating; just as the inside offers a display of innovative technology.

Land Rover says the new Evoque provides potential buyers and loyal customers an exceptional terrain response system.

But unlike the visible unique design of the vehicle, the all-surface performance will require taking the Evogue through both on-road and off-road terrains.

That was exactly what Jaguar Land Rover Sub Sahara did last week when it lined up six units of the new Evoque and invited motoring journalists from several African countries, including Nigeria, to feel the vehicle on many Johannesburg roads as well as drive it through different rough terrains.

Two units of all-new Range Rover were also presented for the about eight hour drive, which commenced from the Sun Square Hotel, Monte Casino.


The off-road capability of the vehicle was truly tested at the Kyalami region, where the Evoque was made to climb hilly and rocky terrain.

It was also exposed to other rough terrain, which suspended the rear of the vehicle and brought it down to the even path to continue the journey with ease.

The vehicle had little or no trouble in driving through flooded and slippery path, a typical road condition in the rural area or poorly maintained road, after a heavy downpour. It was able to achieve this with its terrain response system.

Land Rover said, in a statement, “The Evoque delivers the all-weather, all-surface capability that is a hallmark of the Land Rover brand, enhanced by the latest version of the company’s signature, Terrain Response System.”

On road display

Its on-road response was understandably superb during the drive.

Having had no difficulty in pulling through a rough road, the Evoque on the road offered smooth, dynamic and sporty handling.

The cabin is delightful. Its glistening switches combine well with the beautifully upholstered and supportive seats and the adjustable steering column to give the vehicle a perfect driving position.

Mr. Liam Wilson of the Land Rover group, who spoke on the features of the vehicle, said the Evoque was unique because of its capability to adapt to any situation.

The vehicle, according to him, comes in two variants for the African market: the Dynamics and the Prestige variants.

Evoque is considered the smallest, lightest and most fuel efficient Range Rover ever produced.

Representative of Jaguar Land Rover in Nigeria, Cosharis Motors, says the Evoque has further distinguished the company as one of the foremost dealers of premium brands. It is sold for N17m.

The vehicle is currenly being sold in 159 other countries.

Engine performance

According to Land Rover, the Evoque provides a smooth and responsive turbocharged powertrain line-up with the choice of state-of-the-art diesel or petrol engines.

It said, “The comprehensively updated 2.2-litre turbodiesel has 190PS or 150PS derivatives. The front-wheel-drive coupé version combined with the 150PS 2.2-litre engine achieves sub 130g/km CO2.

“The state-of-the-art new 240PS, 2.0-litre Si4 petrol engine combines direct fuel injection, turbocharging and twin variable valve timing for exceptional driveability and fuel efficiency, delivering 0-60 mph in 7.1 seconds.”

It quoted the Director of Land Rover programmes, Murray Dietsch, as saying, “We have focused on ensuring that the car is agile and fun to drive, so that customers have a rewarding experience, even in day-to-day urban driving. Advanced technologies such as MagneRide mean we can ensure that this dynamic prowess does not come at the cost of top-quality refinement or comfort.”

He also said drivers who could take their Range Rover Evoque off-road would find that in addition to generous ground clearance, the car had a significantly better break-over angle, approach angle and departure angle than other premium compact SUVs.


Land Rover notes that the Evoque stands out from the crowd.

It says the xenon headlamps, first to catch the eye, is the powerful signature graphic in the front running lights, created by innovative LED light-blade technology.

It says, “A similar graphic is repeated in the LED rear lights, with their jewel-like 3D petal design.

“Approach the car at night and you will also see a bold Range Rover graphic alongside the front doors, illuminated by the ‘puddle lights’ that shine from the mirrors.”


Inside the car, it says the interior displays come to life with a choreographed animated start-up sequence, while the rotary auto shifter completes the ‘greeting’ as it rises silently into the driver’s hand.

The vehicle is equipped with an eight-inch, high-definition touch-screen display with its crisp graphics and simple, intuitive menu structure.

The display is available with the innovative dual-view technology, so that driver and passenger can view completely independent content.

Its other features are Park Assist for automated parallel parking; Blind Spot Monitoring system; Surround Camera System with five digital cameras, including a reversing system; full dual-zone automatic climate control, featuring a Park Heater timer facility.

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