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Our parents in-law are untamed
Sunday, 9 Jan 2011

Taiwo and Kehinde are identical twin brothers and the only children of their parents. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs Ogunjobi had waited for nine years before they got blessed with the two bundles of joy. They dotted on them so much like there was no tomorrow. They hardly ever let them out of their sight, preferring to spend time with them rather than be out of their sight except when it was absolutely necessary. Mrs Ogunjobi had to quit her job in other to raise them properly and be there for them at all times especially knowing that they would be a handful coping with. She reasoned that her husband and herself could not possibly be out of the twins sight at the same time all in the name of trying to earn a living, a fact Mr. Ogunjobi agreed with. Their fear was understandable; their family doctor had warned them against trying to make another baby as Mrs Ogunjobi who was not only advanced in age but was also battling with fibroid. That she was able to sustain her pregnancy despite tissues of fibroid was in itself a miracle that her doctor and other specialist couldn‘t explain. And so each time anyone made a comment about how they were showering the twins with so much love, they easily took offence.

The twins grew very rapidly and finally graduated from an Ivy league University. They quickly got employment in very good firms. While Taiwo opted for the financial world, Kehinde decided he would excel better in the arts and went on to became a house hold name not long after, as one of the most sought after actors in the movie industry. Marriage soon came calling and after courting their girlfriends who were incidentally best of friends, the twins and their brides exchanged wedding vows on the same day together. Their marital bliss was something most people craved for as the twins and their wives did everything within their power to make their marriage work. But this wasn‘t to be as the twins parents succeeded in shattering the blissful peace that their children enjoyed in their various matrimonial homes. Barely six months into their marriage, the twins parents decided to visit their children and in-laws. While Mr Ogunjobi opted to visit Taiwo and his wife first, and later visit Kehinde, Mrs Ogunjobi accepted to visit Kehinde first and then switch to Taiwo‘s place after her husband was done visiting Taiwo. They each spent a month each in the twin‘s homes before they made the switch and spent another month each.

All through their stay in their children‘s home, they succeeded in making life unbearable for both the twins and their spouses but out of respect for the aged parents, the wives kept their cool hoping it would be a passing phase but how wrong they were. Shortly after the Ogunjobis left, three months to be precise, they were back at their children‘s home but this time to live with them. According to them, they suddenly found the village very boring, being ex-civil servants. They decided to take turns to spend together, six months in each twin‘s home and then making a switch to the other‘s when the six months elapses. Just two months into Taiwo‘s home, his wife, Bisola had a shouting match with Taiwo‘s parents for not coming back home early enough to prepare their supper. Taiwo‘s parents had deliberately refused to eat the meal served them by the house help insisting that their son‘s wife should have made it top priority to leave office in good time to serve their meal. After pleading endlessly with them with no response, she turned to leave and that was when the tirade of insults began, extending even to her mother. Bisola didn‘t let that pass as she told them off and stormed out of her home with an overnight bag.

The Onabanjo‘s seeing that their son Taiwo took sides with his wife rather than with them, took offence and left for Kehinde‘s home. Of course having heard what happened in Taiwo‘s home, Kike, Kehinde‘s wife got prepared to take on her in laws if they over stepped their boundaries. And as was expected, the Onabanjo‘s didn‘t disappoint, they took on Kike who got home at 8pm from a friend‘s niece‘s wedding. They found it very disrespectful not only to themselves but to their son whom they were so sure must have been tolerating unbecoming behaviours from Kike. Kike didn‘t hesitate to give them a piece of her mind and also threatened to leave her matrimonial home if Kehinde didn‘t call his parents to order. She in fact resolved to leave her home the way Bisola did until sanity was restored in their home and this she believed could be achieved if her parents in-law were promptly sent back to the village. The is now cast.

Responses and advice on last weeks‘s piece, ‘What do I do? He has suddenly developed cold feet over our union‘

Roseline was naive and Tara‘s father cashed in on her naivety. Roseline should accept her fate and make no fuss. Let her keep what she already got from the relationship and move on with her life. She should also make herself available to potential suitor that would understand her situation.

Rev Lekan Alawode

Roseline should know that it isn‘t proper to share a woman‘s husband with her. It is disgusting when the man you wish to share is the father of your friend whose benevolence you have enjoyed . Rosaline should see Tara‘s father‘s withdrawal as the right thing to do- retracing his steps from a wrong course. Rosaline should get herself a man from the suitors seeking her hand in marriage, she should not invite trouble by marrying another woman‘s husband.

Nath Ozuronye

My advice to Roselineis to leave Tara‘s father to avoid regrets in future and look for another man to marry.

Pastor Dele Ajiboye

Rosaline should forget about the marriage to Tara‘s father and apologise to Tara and her mum. She should also ask God for forgiveness. Tara helped her to where she got to today and to pay her back this way is very bad. She should remember that whatever she sows is what she would reap.


I think Roseline is a very wicked and ungrateful girl. What kind of love could she have for Tara‘s father who is old enough to be her father after being helped by Tara. Tara‘s father is not different either as he is a shameless man. It is a shameful thing to want to marry you own daughter‘s friend.


Roseline should not bite the finger that fed her, the end result would be disastrous. She should wait for her own man. She is very ungrateful.


Roseline should forget about the marriage and apologise to Tara since the husband to be has developed cold feet for fear of what his wife and daughter can do. Rosaline should know that life has no duplicate. Why sacrifice your life for a man old enough to be your father?


It is stupidity on the part of Rosaline to have agreed to marry her friend‘s father when there are young men of her age out there. She should quit the relationship and look for a man that they can have a happy marital life if she loves herself.


This is an act of ingratitude from Roseline to Tara and her mum. Men are always like this; selfish and self centred, they only give in anticipation of something. Roseline should stay away from him and find a man of her age to marry.



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