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Nature rode rough shod over the Lagos Bar Beach yesterday, when the elements defied the multi-billion naira shoreline protection barriers constructed last year by the Lagos State government, in the process, flooding almost the entire stretch of Ahmadu Bello Way, in Victoria Island.
The flooding resulting from the surging Atlantic Ocean, followed a slight rainfall at about midday on the Lagos Island.
Hundreds of motorists who use Ahmadu Bello Way, had to battle through the flood and resultant traffic jam to get to their various destinations.
The traffic crisis was compounded by the huge quantity of sharp sand deposited on the road after the flood waters receded into the ocean.
The sand left behind practically covered all the rock boulders constructed to protect the shoreline, including the walkway on Ahmadu Bello Way and the road itself.
“This caught us unawares. We thought it would never happen again after the government completed the shoreline protection work. We are really disappointed,” remarked a taxi driver caught in the traffic jam.
As at press time, officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Water Front Development were not available for comments.
But the director general of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Dr Anthony Anuforo said yesterday’s flooding might have been due to global warming.
“Ice has been melting in the seas and causing a general rise in sea level. Nigeria’s coastline is predominantly low level and because of rising sea levels, more and more areas are getting flooded and submerged.
“Another factor is the waves that are getting more violent due to the Green House Gas effect,” Anuforo said.
On how it can be curbed, he said reducing Green House Gas emissions is an important factor, adding that planting trees should be encouraged, “since they absorb carbon dioxide thus reducing the volume of green house gases emitted into the atmosphere.”


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