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In the Lord’s temple (2)
By Segun Durowaiye
Sunday, 5 Dec 2010
”You know, I told you my destination this morning before leaving. My mission, if you could recall, was to see my doctor-friend Rotimi about our plight and to find out if he would help me financially. He opened up that the secret behind his wealth was voodoo or juju; that if I wanted to be rich, I had to perform certain fetish rituals, then wealth would come my way. What do you think, should I do it? I just don‘t know what to do.”

”En! Enn! What are you saying, darling? You, a pastor! God‘s minister and servant! Don‘t you ever try it!” She concluded without hesitation.

”I thought as much, dear,” Austin replied, ”There‘s no going back. I serve the living God. No matter my travails or problems, I can‘t and will never look back. My God is holy and awesome; I believe I‘ll overcome my plight very soon. The storm will soon be over. I won‘t taint or smear the Holy Spirit with mud.”

Some few minutes later, Austin called for his lunch. His wife stood up and headed for the kitchen to bring it. She appeared the next moment with the food and placed it on the table. Austin was ready to eat his meal. There was actually no inkling that something bad and disheartening was about to happen. He continued eating his food and washing it down once in a while with a glass of water in his front. Just then, as Austin took a morsel in his mouth, he began to laugh uproariously. It was a very strange laughter.

”What‘s the matter, dear?” his wife asked.

”He! Hee!! Heee!!! You mean you don‘t know the matter? How can you know? Can‘t you see I‘m dining with the president? Heh, I want to visit the moon. I heard that life in the moon is better and sweeter! He! Hee!! Heee!!!” he ranted loony words.

”God! Good God, what‘s wrong with you?” Hannah asked, with tears gathering in her eyes. Instantly, before Hannah could say another word, Austin took off his shirt and flung it at her. The next minute, he unzipped his trousers and took it off too. Then it dawned on Hannah that her loving husband had gone mad. She rushed towards the door and closed it to prevent her husband from running out into the street in nude. She wondered what caused the strange illness. That particular moment, Austin had started dancing on the couch and singing strange and bizarre songs that made no sense.

Hannah didn‘t know what to do about the strange development. She was just shedding heart-breaking tears as the time went by. She was in a state of panic. Then an idea struck her. She locked the door behind her husband and went out to seek help from neighbours. She explained the sad development to sympathetic neighbours and they followed her to their apartment in a twinkling of an eye. It was a most touching and melancholic situation. When they entered the living room and saw the pathetic condition of Austin, the neighbours empathised with her. One of them suggested that Austin be rushed to the psychiatric hospital for treatment immediately. So, instantly, they organised for a private cab and cleverly took Austin to a popular psychiatric hospital located in the heart of Lagos.

It was a most trying moment for Hannah. She started taking her husband from one psychiatric hospital to the other. She spent all her life savings to take care of her sick husband. His condition seemed to defy all medical explanations as he continued to grow from bad to worse. She became a really sad and frustrated woman. She fell ill in the fifth month and was diagnosed with typhoid fever. She was admitted in the hospital. Her family spent several thousands of Naira for her medical treatment before Hannah‘s health improved for the better.

Her elder sister, Helen, warned her to tread softly with regard to her husband‘s problem or she might lose her life. But Hannah was undaunted. She had made up her mind to support her ailing husband, and fight the battle for her own life and the life of her husband. She loved him too much. It‘s a rare feat for most women to stand by their husband during difficult times. A lot of modern-day wives would definitely abscond when their husband faces terrible challenges in their lives. With tears in her eyes, Hannah would feed her husband with food and water. Austin was now gaunt and really lean. He would not take food from anybody but Hannah.

About three years later, all hope seemed lost; it looked as if Austin would die after all. He had become as lean and thin as a broom stick. Hannah had exhausted all her life savings on her ailing husband and she was left with nothing.

One day, Austin called her from the depth of his soul. He remembered her name.

”Hannah, I don‘t think I can overcome this problem… I see demons everyday. Let me die…” he said.

”Oh no, you won‘t die…” she replied. ”God will sustain you,” she added, with tears dripping from her eyes. Then she looked up at the sky and remembered that she has God, the creator of heaven and earth. She reasoned that she‘d take Austin from the psychiatric hospital and take him to the church of God and leave him there. If God wishes, he‘d live; and if not, he‘d die. She concluded that God, who is the author and finisher of our faith, should decide the fate of her mad husband.

She started a seven-day prayer and fasting period for him. On the seventh day, Austin started getting better and in control of his mental faculties. The prayer warriors in the church began a powerful prayer session in the church for him. Amazingly, Austin‘s health improved, to the surprise of his wife. Austin spent exactly six months in the church under the care of the whole pastorate. He was now back on his feet again, mentally sound and healthy. It was all smiles and giggles from Hannah and Austin as they left the church premises for their house.

Austin started all over again and, with God‘s divine hand, things got better for him financially within one year that he began his school business again. The Federal Government Educational Fund loaned him N4m to pursue his school project. Two years later, Austin had about three private schools he personally owned. One of his schools was named Austin International College. After setting up the AIC, he entered a school of theology to study and know more about God. He went back to his pastoral calling after graduating from the theological college and he set up a church all by himself.

He became the head of Mustard Seed Church, which was a church he founded to the glory of God. It was learnt that a couple of years later, his doctor friend went mad on the very day Austin graduated from the theology school. This shows that he had a hand in the problem that rocked Austin‘s life and made him insane.

Till now, Rotimi remains mad. The good Lord has been so merciful and kind to Austin that he became very rich and had three lovely children from his loving wife Hannah.

No one in life is above trials and problems, but with God by one‘s side, one would surely overcome his or her travails. The almighty God knows what every human being faces in their day-to-day lives. It pays to get closer to God who has the sole power to put smiles on our faces.

At the moment, Austin and his amiable wife are a successful couple with worthwhile investments running into billions of Naira all over Nigeria. To God be the glory.



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