How To Be A Good Leader, By Aspirant

Filed in Politics by on November 9, 2017

Oyo State All Progressive Congress (APC) governorship aspirant Prof. Adeolu Akande has said only those with compassionate heart can provide purposeful leadership.

He said the manifestations of bad leadership in the country meant that the people in leadership positions lack compassion.

Akande, who, spoke at a leadership summit for Christian youths in the ancient Oyo, Oyo State said leaders must think of the people.

He said every society have vulnerable members, which he identified as children, aged, disabled and the poor who live below poverty level.

He said the attitude of the leadership to these people in the design and implementation of government policies would determine whether those policies are pro-people or not.

Akande said leaders who are compassionate would support education policies that guarantee that children of the very poor in society have access to education.

He said: “A compassionate leader will be bothered that some children would be denied education if school fees or levies are beyond the reach of the very poor in society.

“Such a leader will support free education or policies that will make children of the very poor to access education. A leader who is not compassionate will see nothing wrong in such children not having access to education.”

Akande explained that the disposition that detetmines whether government gives priorities to social services or focus on protects that would impact directly on the people depended on leader who are compassionate.

Akande identified other ingredients of purposeful leadership to include vision, integrity, courage and communication skills.

He explained that a leader without vision will either lead the people astray or stagnant in their development aspirations.

“A visionary leader must know where he is taking the people. He must see ahead of the people he leads and have clear ideas on how to take them to the desired destination,” he said.

Akande said a leader must have integrity and his leadership must tell stories that guarantees the admiration and support of the people.”A leader must walk his talk. He must mean what he says.The people he leads must trust his judgement and pronouncements. His story must inspire and be assuring.”

He said a leader must be courageous to lead the people to actualise his vision because many atimes,the people do not agree with where the leader is leading them.

He added: ”The leader needs courage to walk his talk, having given proper thought to his vision for the society.”

Akande cited the example of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who introduced free education in Western Nigeria in 1955, despite widespread opposition and blackmail of political opponents. He said Awolowo stood his ground on free education, despite the electoral threat it posed to his party and political career.

He added: “Today, Papa Awolowo is acknowledged for the transformation free education brought to the people of western Nigeria.He is known today for free education more than anything else.


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