Fayose Has Right To Run For President, Says Aide

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Hon. Lanre Ogunsuyi, a member of the old Ondo State House of Assembly, is the Commissioner for Information in Ekiti State. In this interview with ODUNAYO OGUNMOLA, he speaks on why his boss, Governor Ayo Fayose, is the best material for the presidency in 2019.

What is your take on the deduction of $1billion from the Excess Crude oil Account?

What the Governors Forum is an informal body, not constitutionally constituted. It can have advisory role but it has no powers to make Laws.

It is that forum that allegedly gave the Presidency. The nod to perpetrate an illegal action. So, if you do not derive your powers from the constitution to such things it becomes absolutely Illegal.


They said they would soon amend the constitution to such that such illegality can be accommodated in the future, but until done, don’t think that it can be justified n today it is on Boko. Haram, tomorrow,if the Governors Forum is. Not checked, it would pass such illegality again which would be implemented.

The APC has said that Governor Fayose would account for alleged loan of N56 billion he allegedly borrowed. What is your reaction?

Somebody quoted APC’s DMO, on that allegation, It is not the Nigeria DMO that said Ekiti or Fayose is doing N56 billion. The issue is that as at the time Fayose came in, Ekiti State can no longer borrow money from the money market. We have borrowed too much. The previous government has signed an ISPO that money should continue to be deducted from our. Pulse and that is been done since we have been here. Over N1 billion is being deducted from our allocation on monthly basis and that is because we had taken a 20 billion bond, so if we go ahead to take another N56 billion, we will be left with nothing.

So, the talk about borrowing N56 billion is in the imagination of those saying it. Nobody is asking us to refund any money from DMO. We have told the APC propagandists that such lies would not hold. We know they are saying that because of the outcome of the just concluded Judicial Panel of Inquiry on the misappropriation of funds under Fayemi, which they failed to stop at the court.

Very soon, we will have Ekiti State version of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. It has been established that the Federal Government itself has no oversight function over funds in the state.

It is only the House of Assembly that has oversight function over the state finances. It is only the National Assembly that can take over the oversight functions in a state in an emergency.


The Federal Government is to take oversight of its own funds which is being stolen everyday and nothing is done about it.

But, how can we prevent corruption?

We are having our own anti-graft agency because we have zero tolerance for corruption.Dr Kayode Fayemi is advised to adhere to the letters of law to avoid being jailed. He has been given ample opportunity to defend himself against the shady deals he allegedly did when he was governor, but he didn’t show up. It is laughable that at the Federal level, Fayemi is made the chairman of on Anti-corruption. And due process, that is somebody who refused to come and give account of how he managed finances of his state. For four years.

Some have said that Fayose may gain from the loss of chairmanship seat of the PDP by the Southwest as a result of his presidential ambition. But, they fear the north may not support him. What do you say?

Everybody involved in politics has their own interest. If Governor Fayose is interested in the presidency and not interested in chairmanship of the PDP from South west, why should he support the chairmanship agenda?

Governor Fayose is a leader in the PDP and moreso a leader in Nigeria even as the chairman of the PDP Governors Forum. If you wanted to be chairman and you are from the zone he comes from, then you need his support. But you didn’t even seek for his support. Governor Fayose’s constituency now is Nigeria. It has gone beyond Ekiti. We are showcasing him to the Nigeria and the whole world that this is a man fit and proper to be President of Nigeria.

He has run the state creditably well even despite the lean resources.

In his first term, he left N10.4 billion and didn’t borrow a dime. He rather paid all the debts his predecessor owed. Even now that things are very bad, you can see great strides he has done in infrastructural developments. That shows Fayose as a prudent manager of resources.

As for PDP convention, the election was free and fair and has been widely accepted by all members. Some few people who were shocked by the margin which they were defeated are being reconciled with a just concluded reconciliation committee. Those initially aggrieved have turned round to. Congratulate the winners. Now that the chairmanship has gone to Secondus, we should now be angling for other positions that would be available.

Governor Fayose is the most respected governor in Nigeria today; he remains the longest serving governor. He is the only governor who defeated the incumbent at different attempts for two times. He has the largest followership he is not even been idolised in Ekiti, but in Abuja, northern parts, I was shocked when I got to Kaduna to represent the government once people saw the plate number of Ekiti on the vehicle they hailed you Oshoko!. You remember when he went to court to show solidarity with the IPOB leader, how the Igbo people crowded round his vehicle and even forgot their leader.


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