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Drogba confident of beating Senegal
October 13, 2012 by Agency Reporter

Didier Drogba

The captain of the Ivoirian national team Didier Drogba thinks that the Elephants will qualify for the 2013 Nations Cup because of their experience. Ivory Coast have a 4-2 advantage over Senegal from the first leg.

At the end of the team’s last training session in Abidjan on Wednesday, he hailed the great concentration that his teammates have shown during their period of preparation, before affirming his optimism with respect to their qualification for the tournament.

“The group is ready for a battle that promises to be a difficult one in Dakar.  Everybody is focused on the subject and we are heading out committed to return home with the qualification.  We have a lot of experience, which allows us to control these types of matches.  I think that the key to the match will come from experience and at this level, I can say that we have plenty of it,” stated the Shanghai Shenhua of China striker.

Another aspect which Drogba is counting on for his team to secure qualification in Senegal is the fierce desire of the group to go to South Africa in January 2013.

“The group really value this qualification.  It is the last one for a great number of us and we don’t want to miss it.  We will do everything to win a ticket to South Africa,” the former Chelsea striker pointed out.

While Drogba might admit that Senegal will be even stronger at home with the backup of their supporters, he believes that the offensive efficiency of the Elephants will be an enormous asset in the match.

“Senegal caused us quite a few problems in Abidjan by scoring two goals.  They are a team that deserve a lot of respect, but there is also our efficiency which will make the difference.  We have players who are capable of scoring at any moment.  It really is an asset to be taken advantage of,” the former Marseille player made clear before calling for more concentration throughout the entire match, where they will no doubt experience some distractions and provocations.

to this. We have the rulings of the religious law and we have the individual’s choice and decision on how they want to follow or not follow that rule.

“The idea is to protect the vulnerable and the needy from exploitation by the rich and powerful. When they are lending and are charging large amounts of interest, it means the poor will have short-term benefit from the loan but long-term difficulty in paying it back because the rate of interest is not something they can keep up with. The Islamic system is based on a non-interest-based system of transaction.”

Frédéric Kanouté, the former Spurs striker, refused to wear the 888.com logo of the gambling website when he was with Seville in La Liga because of his religious beliefs. He was allowed to play games for Seville with an unbranded shirt but had to wear the logo on his training equipment.

“Freddie was allowed to wear a top without the 888.com and that is a reasonable request to be made by the player,” added Mogra. “Assuming all four are on the pitch at the same time, if you have seven out of 11 (who have the advertising on their shirts) you have sufficient coverage. It is not asking too much, I believe.”

The Football Association entered the debate when its general secretary, Alex Horne, expressed his reservations about Newcastle’s deal. “The Football Supporters’ Federation of Britain told us in no uncertain terms it’s not appropriate, (Sunderland non-executive vice-president) David Miliband has told us he does not think it is appropriate,” Horne said.

While Blackpool and Hearts have already signed sponsorship deals with Wonga, the issue of insolvency appears more acute on Tyneside.


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