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Slimming Ayodele, Quincy Herbal boss’
verdict: Has no side effects on fertility
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
• Ayodele

Over the years, herbal slimmers expert, Dr (Mrs) Quincy Sumbo Ayodele, has maintained her status as an icon in the herbal slimming industry. Recently, she made some discoveries on herbal slimming which include slimming ring, slimming water and slimming aroma, which according to her, have instant slimming results on users.

She told Daily Sun that with her mindset to deliver quality service to prospective clients at affordable prices, she had set aside a Saturday for a bonanza to enable prospective clients access all Herbal medical services available at Quincy Herbal Slimmers’ clinic. Excerpts:

Latest herbal discoveries
The latest discovery Quincy Herbal Slimmers has made in herbal medicine is slimming ring. We embarked on the research about three years ago, but came up with an impressive result last year. It is a scientific discovery whereby we have to embed latest slimming technology into the ring. To use slimming ring, all you need to do is fix the ring on your finger, depending, however, on the part of the body you want to slim down and you get result, at least four days later. For instance, if it is your tummy you want to slim down, then you fix the ring on your index finger. Also, there is a particular finger it can be worn to slim down the entire body. But it is instructive that slimming ring is not applied at random.

Quincy Herbal Slimmers maintains the tradition, of examining the medical conditions of patients before embarking on any slimming programme. So, before any prospective clients is placed on any slimming programmes, we first of all examine their health conditions to confirm any possible implications. For instance, we first of all have to check their weight before the ring is applied. After the application, of the ring, you discover that four days later, you will begin to slim down.

Basically, we use the concept of acupressure. Scientifically, there is a certain part of the body that can be pressed to trigger metabolism which makes weight loss possible. If you put on the ring on a particular finger, it will get in contact with the finger, press it and trigger metabolism. The result is that it effects weight loss. Other discoveries we have made include slimming aroma and slimming water which are all very effective for slimming when applied.

Slimming ring not magic
Quincy slimming ring is not spiritual and does not have fetish inclination, neither is it mystical or magical. The concept is purely traditional medicine and it is scientifically proven and fit for human use. Other wonders of slimming ring are that, it reduces appetite, boosts energy for daily activities and gives you the will power to keep losing weight according to requirement.

We have most of these herbs in our clinic here such as alana, our 2001 power, among others. We have up to four different kinds of herbs. They are parts of Quincy Herbal Slimmers numerous herbs. They are our latest discoveries from our research. If you focus on a particular field, you will be able to make a lot of discoveries in that field. Our ability to make fresh discoveries in herbal medicine is a function of our determination to focus on slimming. This gave us an insight that there are new things to be done to boost the health benefits of mankind.

Side effects
At Quincy Herbal Slimmers, as I stressed earlier, we insist on check-ups for our clients before we embark on any slimming programmes to ascertain their medical condition and fitness for the exercise. We don’t offer any service at random. We embark on normal medical procedures to guide against any possible side effects. Human beings are made up of different body systems. What is good for one person may not be good for the other. So, we examine our clients medically before they are allowed to use the slimming ring or any of our slimming products.

The slimming rings are not just on the counter for sale whereby people would just come in and buy and go ahead to use it. You must first of all be examined medically to see if you are fit enough to wear it and get the desired result without any side effects. It has been medically established that slimming ring does not elicit high blood pressure, rather they are mostly calming or sometimes enhance fat-burning that can make one to lose weight because it removes excess fats from the system. There are no stimulants in them as some stimulants can trigger high blood pressure. At Quincy Herbal Slimmers, we are very mindful of the kinds of herbs we use. This is because, we are very conversant with different kinds of herbs, based on their particular functions. Inasmuch as we examine our clients clinically before any slimming exercises, there are no cases of complications or side effects.

Scope of operations
Quincy Herbal Slimmers deals with cases of overweight and obese patients. We don’t do weight enhancement. We encourage people with normal weight to maintain their weight. For instance, if you come and ask us to add to your weight and we examine you clinically and discovered that you are ok, we don’t have to add to your weight. We only work on overweight and obesity and ensure that normal weight is achieved and maintained. We only do bust enhancement and skin treatment. If you lose weight, your breasts can sag but can be firmed up with traditional medicine. Your skin can also be treated to look normal, using our skin complexion backed up with traditional medicine.

Quincy’s Super Saturday
Quincy’s Super Saturday is an annual event at Quincy Herbal Slimmers. It is a bonanza day for our clients whereby they have to come to our clinic for all our clinical services such as slimming, skin treatment, bust enhancement among others. This year’s edition is coming up on May 14 to mark the first official event at our new (permanent) site. It’s going to be a unique slimming programme whereby any clients that undergo slimming would go back, losing not less than 4kg. It is the day we shall kick-start our instant weight loss programme. On that day we shall also unveil our slimming aroma which is the first stage of our research. All you need to do is put it on and with its aroma, you lose some weight. Our slimming water will also be on display and when you drink it, you slim down accordingly.

Also, our special slimming ring shall be available for instant result. If you wear it, you slim down instantly then you drop it and go. The costs of all our services on that day shall be very low between 6.00 am and 2.00pm. But a minute after 2 pm, our charges return to normal. Clients shall have the slimming ring, slimming aroma and slimming water at their disposal at Quincy Herbal clinic. You may decide to put on the slimming ring from 6.00 pm to 2.00pm and lose all the weight and drop the ring and go. The event will be holding simultaneously at our Opebi, Abuja and Ikoyi annexes.

After the sliming exercise, you maintain your normal beauty and if your husband or anybody asks you, then you tell him you are just coming back from Quincy Herbal Slimmers. So, you will leave home in the morning fat and return in the evening slim, well trimmed and looking trendy. That is always the signature or portrait of Quincy Herbal Slimmers. We will also carry embark on K4JI herbal skin-lightening series at a drastically reduced price.

Infertility and slimming
Slimming does not have any side effects on fertility, rather, it enhances it. It is unarguable that excess fats inhibit ovarian function in women and sometimes prevent them from becoming pregnant, but slimming ring eliminates excess fats from the system and enhances pregnancy. Some of our clients, after undergoing slimming exercise, come back to share beautiful testimonies with us that they are pregnant unexpectedly. If you put on the slimming ring for instance, it removes excessive fats and you slim down and even make you healthier. It naturally cures other diseases related to obesity such as headache, high blood pressure, sometimes arthritis and ulcer. It also helps you to overcome some other negative health conditions. As for fibroid, if it is not massive, we have herbs that can reduce the symptoms, but if it is massive, then we advise you to go to a hospital and remove it through surgical operations, then come back to Quincy Herbal Slimmers to administer drugs that will make it never to come back. We have drugs that can shrink fibroids.

Career advancement
Since I made a debut in herbal slimming over a decade ago and shot into limelight due to my professional dexterity and wonderful results, I have not rested on my oars to remain the best in the industry. But I owe all the glory to God Almighty. Owing to the continued advancement in the profession, I got noticed both at the local and international levels. For instance, I recently attended a conference of African ministers of health representing World Health Organisation (WHO) Expert Committee Members in Traditional Medicine in Africa, where various members from African countries converged to discuss the theme: Impact of Climate Change on Health and Development in Africa” especially as it affects the continent in the past one decade to proffer a recipe to curb all the numerous health issues for the next decade.

The initial challenges we had was when we went into herbal medicine many years ago at Awolowo Way, Ikeja. The major challenge was poor acceptability because most people believe that herbal medicine was fetish and that herbal practitioners are babalawos. But we were determined and focused because we knew that herbs are blessings from God and meant for human consumption as sources of meals and medicine. So, we exploited and maximised the potentials and were getting the expected results.

When people discovered the effectiveness of our herbs and the new discoveries we were able to make and the relative wonderful results we were getting, especially in our own peculiar field which include slimming, skin treatment, bust enhancement among others, the level of acceptability increased. So, we were able to set the pace in herbal slimming and here we are today still making a great difference. We enjoin government to keep on encouraging traditional medicine and make it an integral part of the nation’s medical industry.

Sourcing for herbs
I travel to foreign countries a lot for research, but I source my herbs mostly within Nigeria because we have a lot of relevant herbs here . I have a village where I can always run to fetch my herbs. Also, we have a factory here in Nigeria where we produce our herbs.
Success secrets

Whatever you are doing, do it well. That is the secret of success. At Quincy Herbal Slimmers we do our jobs well. We are focused and determined to make a difference in the industry. We have a team of professionals who deliver accurate services and the great results are always there for people to see. That is why we have been able to consolidate ourselves as pacesetters in the herbal slimming industry. Our new site has been departmentalised into three phases. We shall have a centre where we will admit patients. Also, there shall be a slimming kitchen as an alternative to fast food.

Those who were overweight and have slimmed down need this kitchen to maintain their weight and keep fit because if you go back to the diets that made you fat, chances are that you would get fat again. Also, when those who have normal weight use the kitchen, they can’t become overweight or obese. We plan to keep our dishes delicious. We will continue to make discoveries into herbal medicine to keep on maximising their potentials with a view to helping the growth of the nation’s health sector.


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    Good day,
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    This is urgent am 24 and am badly in need of a breath enlargement. I hav lost confidence cos my bust is too small and saggy. Awaiting ur response. Thanks.

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