B2B Marketing: Content Marketing Not A Campaign

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Widely-read scholar and Vice President of Global Marketing Adele Sweetwood once wrote: “Content has become an especially critical component of the modern approach to marketing. Everything we do as marketers now involves some kind of content that has to be designed as channel-appropriate.”

According to a survey carried out by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 89 per cent of Business-to-business (B2B) marketers now use content marketing to generate leads and convert prospects. It is more interesting that “73 per cent of B2B marketers include a plan to operate content marketing as a business process and not a campaign”.

This information is contained in the 2017 Report on B2B Content Marketing published by the US-based institute. The report also highlighted that only 41 per cent of organisations are “clear on what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like”.

B2B Content Marketing is not as pedestrian as social media marketing for small businesses. Success factors include quality and efficiency of content; strategy development and adjustment; targeting the right people and at the right time; managerial decisions such as new content marketing roles; and content measurement.

B2B organisations that are successful with content marketing operate it as an ongoing business process and not a campaign. It is a continuous business process of aggregating analytics about prospects and analysing trends. Strategy is involved, and it is more about promoting the contents to generate leads. No focus on fluffy metrics such as likes, shares and new followers.

B2B marketing tactics rely depends on the same 4Ps of marketing: product, place, price and promotion. Unlike consumer marketing, B2B marketing is executed in a unique way, as the target makes buying decision based on imperative needs, cost-effectiveness, and profit potential. The customers here aren’t emotional.

Big corporations such as General Electric are said to be spending an estimated N21 billion a day on products and logistics, which aid operations of the business. At this level, a lot of analysis goes into buying decisions. However, social media provides an opportunity for businesses to connect with businesses. IT companies with large portfolio of B2B products, such as Accenture and Cisco are using content marketing to build trust and generate corporate leads.

Of the organisations surveyed by CMI, 24% has centralised content marketing team that works with multiple brands within their organisations. 5 per cent of the organisations has content marketing teams focusing on specific brands. Even as organisations are now employing content marketers, some of these personnel have complained that they have not been given enough time to focus on content marketing.

In most cases, social media personnel are being given extra responsibilities to justify their enumeration instead of appraising their performance against some certain key performance indicators (KPIs). According to the 2017 B2B Content Marketing report, 52 per cent of B2B Marketers attributed stagnant success to “not enough time devoted to content marketing”. Fifty-seven per cent of them attributed decreased success to the same reason.


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