Agila Carnival Gets New Name

Filed in News by on September 14, 2017

Agila Carvival of the Idoma tribe in Benue State, an annual event, has taken on a new name.

The annual event will now be known as the Idoma International Carnival.

The Carnival, which started five years ago and holds between December 22 and 25 draws participants from the state, Nigeria and across the world.

The President of the Carnival, Prince Edwin Ochai, disclosed this in a statement in Abuja.

Ochai said all the attractions which ac­company the events and made the carnival a sought after by people who love culture, tourism, trends and fashion are still intact.

He said carnival draws no­table Nigerian industries, organizations, corporate bodies, arts and social per­sonalities.

According to him, the annual event is a money generating prod­uct and a youth empowerment platform and an innovative entrepreneurship project for everybody.

He disclosed that prizes for winners include gift of cars, international schol­arship, tour innovation development awards and community peace building networking programmes.

Ochai said: “Today, we are transiting the phenomenon from Agila Carnival to Idoma International Carnival with its accompaniments holding forth in Otukpo, Benue State, otherwise called TEXAS!

“The transition to Idoma International Carnival takes certain responsibilities. The new identity would carry an overall Idoma unity drive and initiative. The Idoma people have long been in­volved in the transforma­tion of the Nigerian proj­ect to its present level.”


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