7 Social Media Marketing Lessons From 2015 Presidential Election

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social-buhariThe 2015 Presidential elections proved, without a doubt, that social media campaigns can no longer be excluded from overall political campaigns. Here are some lessons from the 2015 Presidential elections.

*Create Awareness:

A large number of young persons knew little about General Buhari’s track record before the 2015 presidential elections. They got to know his past exploits through Facebook status updates and Tweets. Having a Facebook page and Twitter handle for your business and engaging followers will heighten your business same way.

*More money does not equal more engagement:

General Buhari probably didn’t have more money than the opposition. He banked more on his creativity and track record. Don’t assume that spending more money on offline advertising will increase your monthly turnover. According to experts, the time spent to reach 50 million users are-Radio:

38 years, TV: 13 years, Internet: 4 years, iPod: 3 years, Facebook: 2 years. Facebook ads display your products/services to a potential audience of 1 billion people and you can choose the demographics of your target audience.

* Use the 80/20 Rule:

President elect, Buhari won about eighty percent of the votes from the Northern part of Nigeria, which has a total of 17 states. That feat made him win. Study your followers on social media to know what they shared, liked and retweeted and focus 80% of your time creating similar contents.

* Let charity begin at Home:

On Facebook I saw several pictures of General Buhari and his wife and children signifying his love and leadership at home. Your social media fans and followers want to feel loved and want you to carry them along. Nigerian artiste, Don Jazzy showers his Tweeter followers with gifts from time to time.

* Harmonize to Conquer:

APC, formed in February 2013, is an harmonization of Nigeria’s three biggest opposition parties – the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP). In social media marketing, don’t bank only on one medium. Use a combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon and PinInterest for reaching out, communicating and engaging your fans.

* Master the Art of Timing:

APC knew the perfect time to strike. At a time people lost faith in PDP’s government, it is logical to bring a strong opposition from APC. Learn the timing for engagements on Social media. The best time to tweet is on weekends. The best time to tweet in the weekdays is in the evening.

* Plan to the End:

Leave no stone unturned. What if at the eleventh hour things spiral out of order? You must plan your social media marketing and campaign thoroughly. Start with the end on mind.


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